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Octavian Arthas Tarvelan Incendavis Rahl  is a half-breed he is a Nord but also a Imperial.Octavian never knew his father or mother and was raised by his grandfather Septimus Incendavis Rahl the patriarch of the House of Rahl. Octavian never knowing his parents but loved by his grandfather and house was happy and strove to be the perfect Imperial and quickly became the prodigy of the house. His skills with Blades, Stealth, and Marksmanship were unmatched in the house , but he was also a adept leader and never made his peers feel weak and encouraged and helped them even. One evening his grandfather Septimus  went to a meeting with Tharn but Septimus also brought Octavian who had quickly become his second in command, and heir to the houses power. When they arrived Tharn ordered them both executed and  their riches seized and their house destroyed. Septimus was enraged at the idea of this and began to throw spells left and right at the guards and told Octavian to run and save the house to flee and aid the Ebonheart pact which the house of Incendavis had been funding. Arthas baffled by all of this fled to his house and found it under attack by Tharn’s men. Octavian quickly organized a defense and pushed his foes back, ordering all non combatants to flee and take what they needed to survive. falling back he could see his home burning. The house of Rahl quickly fell back to Skyrim and told Skaall what had happened. Octavian became the leader of the House and declared revenge on Tharn.