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My name is Mike I’m currently 43.  I have a wife and kids.  I’ve been in the US Navy and served in the Persian Gulf war.

I played from AD&D tabletop to Ultima Online to Everquest to Dark Ages of Camalot to Neverwinters Nights then kinda stopped there and began just playing on my XBOX.

I’ve been an officer of many guilds over the years as well as the leader of my own in UO, EQ and DAoC.  In Neverwinter Nights I’ve scripted my own game and held my own campaign.

As for The Elder Scrolls I began playing Daggerfall when it first came out on my PC then got Morrowind later for the Xbox.  Then made Oblivion the first game for my 360 and got Skyrim as well. 

Now I plan on playing ESO on the X1 (Xbox One or X1 for short) I am in the guild Accursed Legion 

My play style will be casual to Hardcore.  Casual as in I may be logged in and just standing around at times due to my kids needing my attention and playing 10 to 15 min at a time.  Hardcore as I’ll take time after the kids go to bed to make my character the best he can be either late at night or really early in the morning

As for Character:  I’ve always been a support type or healer class.  Hit things from afar and help those in need. I’ve never been much of a tanker.  Not sure yet on race still undecided, but thinking on going with Imperial since that’s the version of the game I plan on getting.