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Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world Bern.

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Name: Maenriel, Oakveil

Race: Bosmer Master Race

Gender: Male

Titles: ’Gladius’, ’The Bosmerknight’, ”Captain Arenthia”.

General Information

Age and birthsign 36 Years Old. The Warrior

> ’At first glimpse…’ A stout and stoic Bosmer, armored in hardened heavy bone and flexible leather plating. He carries a multitude of weapons, including a shield, sword, sometimes a hatchet, and a spit roast that functions as a destruction staff. He is brooding and statuesque, frequently staring you down from behind his helmet with an aura of disdain and smug superiority.



His father was a renown Bosmer pit fighter, using heavy armor and swords, both being uncharacteristic to Bosmer, and rose to the rank of gladiator. He frequented a Bosmer smith in the market district, adept in Bosmer bone, leathers, weaponry and armor. They relied on each other, and both knew they didn’t want a family born in blood, so they settled into the armorer lifestyle – the wife making the equipment, and the husband displaying their use, both bringing a famous name to their storefront.
Gladius grew up in this tradition, but times changed when he was young. The family moved from the Imperial City back to Valenwood, as Anti-Elvish extremisim escalated. Although smithing and dueling were still in his mind, Gladius soon learned the art of hunting and archery like many of his peers. Watching arrows and prey fall made him a very decent archer, but his father still impressed him with his days in the Arena. Impending legions of heavily armored foes would not stop to arrows, and Valenwood had archers enough; so he trained hard to counter the enemies on the horizon. He learned tactics and fighting styles used commonly by gladiators and the Imperial Legion, and he understood enough to use and fight against it. Ultimately however, Maenriel became a steel smith on the borders of Valenwood learning his mother’s trade. It was a high demand occupation, and with destruction magic to superheat metal, and alteration magic to transmute and harden their resources, it was relatively successful and a great tourism venture. When he came of age, his parents left him their forge in Arenthia to better supply Valenwood in its main city Falinesti.

One fateful day, a skirmish with Imperials forced him to use armor originally intended for the Legion against them. He also commandeered a forgotten gladius, originally from his own forge and went forth. Luckily, colovian bandits were not well trained, and with superior allied marksmanship and high ground, several small fights were won. However, he was not prepared for heavily armored two handed Orcish berserkers, who wounded him in battle. After that combat with a dozen bandits, most taken down by friendly archers, and the rest by quick sword strokes, he was forced to retire due to damage to his sword arm, something he blamed on not having a shield, for underestimating his foes. Years later, a travelling Thalmor healer on a trip to Elsweyr due to the escalating Knahaten Flu, cured his wound. With function and purpose, he began reignited in his forge. His first blade he created was partially infused with the healers healing and cauterizing magicka, and was presented as a gift to the Thalmor healer. Impressed by his work and past combat experience, the Aldmeri Dominion recruited him as a logistical smith, to accompany the Aldmeri on their healing missions in Elsweyr, border patrols and skirmishing campaigns.
In the first skirmishes of the campaign near Arenthia, the logistical wing of the army was ambushed by the Imperial Legion. With only a bow and sword, he dispatched several from afar, and dispatched the rest using quick reflex and timely blows. Being prepared with a shield, he managed to defend his comrades from the Imperials. As he further honed his smithing and combat skills, he slowly became known as Gladius, the Bosmerknight. For his uncommon usage of shields, he gained the humorous name of Captain Arenthia. He bears it and his shield with excessive pride.
The next battle he did not expect was when the main force stumbled upon werewolves at the edge of midnight. Although fearsome and forceful, and causing grevious injuries in their surprise attack, ranked combat and superior training gradually started the attrition, and soon, the victory. Although Gladius was not born a Green Pact Bosmer, he still felt it’s importance, and devoted to it while still retaining his modern connections to the Dominion. Thus, the few Bosmer who were present in the fight had a choice; consume the werewolf, or disobey the Green Pact. The decision was hard, with no clear cut answers. Instead of indecision, Gladius immediately began roasting and consuming them, knowing that there were only 3 days to fufill the Green Pact. Those who volunteered for this would become terrible creatures, but their purpose was clear. It was however, no small boon to recieve werewolf pelts and bones, which went towards improving Gladius’ armor.
But he feared for his sanity, and then those around him. He soon felt the urge, as did those around him. He was not aware of a cure, and that knowledge perhaps died with the werewolves. To quarantine their gifted sickness, they retreated into the hidden glades of Valenwood, and for months, their howls ravaged the country side.
They were granted a compromise by Hircine, who had admired their first kills of and as werewolves. His first command was for them to kill between themselves, and victor would be cured. Although temptation was rife, it was a fools errand. One fell to this offer, and the trickster, Clauvicus Vile, retreated from the debacle.
The true Hircine arrived, and damning the action, and presented their ’cure’; a Ring of Hircine to the first who could kill a Basilisk, hiding even deeper within the forests. Again, the group was divided. But Gladius presented a technicality; if they all struck down the Basilisk at the same time, they would all be deemed the first.
They consumed their fallen comrade, and let his death fuel their hunt.
Taking the lead, the group managed to stun and kill the beast, Gladius at the front, and the rest of his damned pack behind him. In a battle of crippling attrition, they each drew the blood of their enemy, taking turns to surround it, attack from behind, and retreat. Finally, when the Basilisk was near death, they all swooped in to take down the beast. Hircine commended their tact, but proclaimed that there was only one ring to claim. Gladius retorted that a Daedric Lord of Hircine’s stature and power was well capable of making several. Giving into his vanity, it was done, and the Bosmer regained their form, for the first time in sleepless months. Gladius would not be wasting the opportunity to drag the beast back to camp, and craft a fine set of Basilisk armor, an upgrade and improvement on the werewolf leather.

Factions and loyalties

Gladius fights for the Aldmeri Dominion, for no-one else allies with the Bosmer in their time of need. He is extremely patriotic, and any affront to his land or people is a crime. With the Dominion in force, he fights for the Altmer and Khajiit too, even with the friction between their races.


Beyond his disease and poison resistant blood, ability to disappear into forests, and command of the beast tongue, he inherits the stalwart sword “Glazius”, a Glass gladius. It has been held by several generations of Gladiators, but has never left the reach of his family when they fought and won it.

Prejudice and judgement:

 He holds grudges for extremely long periods of time, as is normal for those with 300 year lifespans. But he is logical and cunning, and despises the stereotype of deadhead warriors. He works towards the greater good, and defeating problems rather than symptoms. He will ally with other factions, but only if his own is distinctly threatened. For the most part however, outsiders have never helped him or his people, so he is forever wary of them. He has a particular prejudice against the races of men, who have done nothing but invade or demand loyalty of Valenwood. Although Khajiit and Altmer are ever-present dangers to his homeland, some select individuals have changed his mind.

Appearance and physique:

Aesthetics: Dark brown hair with ponytail. Small moustache and goatee.

Build: As tall, strong, and muscular as any Bosmer can become. After forging armor and exercising in Heavy armor, his frame is in penultimate athletic condition.

Trinkets and jewelry: He carries a Ring of Hircine, that lets him control his Moon-Blood. His Amulet is from an Altmer enchantress, improving his resilience to his dreaded foe, magic.

In their bag:: Calipers. Seasoning for ’various’ meats. Stock of emergency potions. His sword has the fiery souls enchantment, so various soul gems as well. His destruction staff is actually a spit roast which uses fire magick to cook the internals of the meat. He has a bone carving knife, aptly called a “Steak Knife” which is sheathed on his back waist.

Other details: His shield portrays the Green Pact, so his enemies know what their end is to be. He has a horse called Gladerunner.


Personality: Harsh and critical, but can be jovial, cynical, and sarcastic. He almost borderlines misanthropy, but will not enact it unless provoked. He talks like an Altmer – clever threats hidden within conversations and passive aggression extensively against his enemies and allies. While competent in the art of monologue and banter, he reserves them to quick concise sentences.

Talents…: As a Bosmer, his understanding of marksmanship is better than most and on occassion perform long distance marksmanship. He does not carry a bow, prone to ammunition issues and cluttering his body. His sneaking skills unremarkable, but he put subtlety into consideration when making his boots. However, when stationary in a forest, Bosmer concealment offers decent stealth bonuses. His swordsmanship reflect that of a gladiator, focusing on survival and concise and reflexive swordfighting. He is an adept strategist, commanding forces with an unorthodox but brilliant plan, and using everything to its unlikely potential.
Being a blacksmith in Valenwood is a rare quality, a trade learned from his mother. His use of magic is purely practical. He is familiar with Destruction and Alteration, and uses it defensively. Destruction allows him to roast his foes during and after the battle, conjure a flame cloak for dealing with multiple foes, and use a Destruction spit roast if necessary. Affinity and understanding of fire gives him the ability to absorb or redirect it. Alteration is used within his smithing, allowing him to harden leathers into heavier versions, transmute ores into useful ones, and liquify bones into ingots. He is heavily reliant on his shield, using it to create openings from which to precisely use his gladius and ward off ranged aggressors. Against larger foes or firewood, he uses a hatchet called Justice. To clean himself of guilt, he only kills those who intend to kill him first – otherwise, he uses his shield to non-lethally incapacitates them. Those he kills become the typical Bosmer feast.

… and weaknesses: As a Jack of all trades, his weaknesses are minimal, and his progression reflects this. A low profile, heavily armored shield bearer with an acute awareness of magic makes him an anti-mage with few exploitable weaknesses. His armor improves to cover his weakness, but his defence only extends to it’s weakest point. Bosmer typically do not become swordsman, and for good reason, as shorter stature and reach make the Bosmer unlikely duelists. He is hardly endearing, content on gruffly shacking people off and acting.

Motivations: To defend Valenwood, and exercise justice. Hard justice. Although Aryenn has no hold over him, she respects the Bosmer more than most, and so he will serve her to the bitter end. He will bear a shield when others would carry the weapons of flashy killers. He maintains aspects of Boromir, Batman, Captain America and John Reese. He seeks power, retribution, and knowledge, but ultimately only for the sake of his people and the preservation of life.