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Ebor Ҝraft

Born in Falkreath, 14 Last Seed, 2E545, under the birthsign of the Warrior. Ebor was his given name and he was the only child of Hans and Mera.

Ebor’s father was the master smith of the neighborhood and a highly respected person within their society. His mother cared for the family and maintained the clerical duties of the forge. In his youth, Ebor often helped his parents with the daily duties of their trade. It was his father’s will that he should continue the smithing tradition of the Ҝraft family. […]


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Co-leader of the group ’Tamriel Foundry Community’ 10/30/2014 – 9/20/2015

Guildmaster of the Tamriel Foundry guild (the EU one) 8/20/2014 – 9/20/2015