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William Wallace was born to a poor Reachman family in Western Skyrim. When William was young, his father (William Wallace II) was killed in a raid against Orc mercenaries along with William’s older brother. This was what began William’s deep hatred for Elvenkind. This hatred escalated when he became a traveling merchant, due to the Nords forcing him and his aging mother off of their farm in the Reach.  Wallace moved to Wayrest to become a merchant, which luckily he was hired unto a shipping company as a merchant’s apprentice and as a sell-sword. This allowed the teenage Wallace a chance to see the world. He first saw the grand city of Sentinel and various parts of the Alik’r Desert. The warriors of the desert won his respect due to their strong stance on tradition and their endurance they display living and fighting in the harsh desert. For months he traveled the Alik’r with his master, Louis, and the Redguard caravans. Finally, he returned to High Rock months after he had departed from Wayrest and helped to buy a small farm outside of Evermor for his mother and siblings.

After spending a week with his family, he returned to Wayrest and headed for the Summerset Isles. William was so appalled by hostility the Altmer displayed toward him and his ”half-breed” Breton companions that he got his shipmates together the night they were to depart and mugged a couple drunken Altmer who had insulted them the whole time they had been there. They departed with the elves’ jewelry and clothing and headed for the huge elven city of Alinor. Here, they experienced discrimination on a whole new level. One of William’s shipmates was beaten to death for ”inappropriately looking at a Altmer female.” William used his personal wages to buy a couple of spell books so he would not only be good with a blade and bow, but also the arcane arts. He took special interest in the summoning of creators and in Illusion spells which could bend the will and mind of his enemies. He had been buying spell books ever since his trip to Sentinel. One night after departing Alinor, a group of racist Altmer bandits/pirates tried storming Louis’s boat. William and his mates fought them  to a stalemate with many of his friends being slain and himself being wounded. The raiders were beaten off, with many of them being killed and two being captured. Against the approval of his master, Wallace tortured his captives with Illusion magic, tearing their minds apart and go insane. When they finally arrived in the port of Daggerfall, the men who had been captured we deemed to mad and dangerous to be left alive and were executed by the city’s guards. 

The trip to the Isles had changed William. He had lost many friends, had shed blood, and had broken the minds of two mer. This experience drove him to completely despise Elven-Supremacists and Altmer as a whole. When he saw a small group of Altmer were going to go hunt and camp in the forested hills outside of Daggerfall, he followed them with some of his surviving shipmates and when night had fallen upon their camp, they snuck in with swords and axes killing every mer in that camp. This raid was the beginning of the E.E.E, which William at age 22 had founded in honor of his father and friends killed by Elves. The group of Bretons and Redguards that had participated in the raid sold all they could carry from the camp and bought a boat. Louis, using his gold to buy some sell-swords, offered the young organization his boat and himself on the planned voyage to the waters of the Altmer.

The two ships had departed and in about a week, and came across a fishing ship of the Bosmer. This peaceful display showed Wallace that not all elves were evil and despised other races. He saw the Bosmer as a largely friendly race that was being ordered around and dictated by the racist Altmer. This led him to spare the small fishing boat of Wood Elves and he sailed farther west. Within a couple of days, he had ran into a Altmer cargo boat, which was carrying food and ingredients from Valenwood to the Isles. Wallace and Louis then ordered their ships to attack the slow cargo ship. Within an hour, all 40 Elves residing on the ship had been killed or thrown over board. After taking close to 30,000 pounds of food and ingredients off the ship, the E.E.E. then set fire to it and sailed away to find more blood to spill. Not finding any more ships, due to the fact that they had not sailed close enough to the Isles, they decided to return to Highrock. Within hours of them changing their course, they had ran into an Orish Pirate ship. For hours the two human ships and orcish ships battled, until the Orc commander had called off the attack, praised both sides for fighting bravely saluted the humans and sailed in the direction of Anvil. This showed Wallace that the Orcs too are not an entirely evil race. He realized that they may be warlike and aggressive, but those qualities are why they are good allies to the humans. Ever since the formation of the Covenant, William had wanted to exclude the orcs from it. Now he had finally learned that they aren’t out to prove their superiority to humans, they just wanted the thrill of battle. He now completely accepted them and their culture into the covenant.