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I've uploaded several videos on my Youtube channel! Have a look!

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  • Server:PC Europe
  • Name:Elloa
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  • Race:Breton
  • Class:Dragonknight
  • Role:Healer
  • I love to escape, explore and dream in other worlds
  • I do love the gaming community and want to bring to you Joy, Love and Hope. My little contribution to make the world a better place.
  • I record, edit and publish videos for The Elder Scrolls Online and ASMR- Relaxation videos (and occasionally other games.) > Youtube
  • I work together with my boyfriend on several Youtube Series and a gaming Website mostly focused on ESO – Homestead
  • We stream together every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 09pm to 12pm (CET) > TwitchTV
  • I’m french speaker, from Belgium! Explains the accent!
  • And last but not least, Community Manager of Saga of Lucimia a MMORPG currently in development .