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Live Life To The Fullest You Only Live Once You Never Know What Could Happen To You A Friend Or Even a Loved One Your Life Could Change In An Instant So Live Your Life To The Fullest

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Name: Rivalton Hinnorphen

Height: 6ft

Age: 123

Race: Altmer

His mage parents were killed at the hands of the Necromancer Manamarco when he was just a baby. The mages guild took him in as one of their own, and in time as he grew older he learned the fate of his parents. Through the knowledge he gained from the mages guild he grew to be a great sorcerer, and decided to set off on a journey across Tamriel to hone his skills of Conjuration, Healing and Destruction to search for his parents killer. After decades of traveling all throughout Tamriel and no luck in finding his parents killer he decides to settle down and join Tamriel Sentinels, in hopes one day he will find his parents killer and defeat him.