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Archmaster of the Dunmer Great House Redoran
( {} Marks non-critical information regarding Eleia Morvayn and her history, only interesting tidbits once might find amusing or interesting)

Eleia was born within the ashland wastes of the Morrowind province to members of House Redoran in 532 of the Second Era. She was born as a named Indoril, her family having ancient ties to House Indoril of the mainland, but belonging to House Redoran. She was raised dutifully by her father, a Redoran councilor of some renown due to his struggles against heretics of the Tribunal and wild ashland beasts. Her mother was born within the ashland tribes of the Urshilaku, daughter of a dead Gulakhan, traded to her father for acts of ’good faith’ amongst the West Gash ashlander tribesman.
{It is said that the Ashkan and Eleia’s father were both wounded terribly in a mistaken skirmish against wild ashlanders, of whom both the Urshilaku and the Redoran were tracking down due to their crimes against both parties. Eleia’s father helped the Ashkan back to the tribe’s land, where he collapsed in dire straights. Nursed back to health after days of wild fevers and delusions, he returned to Ald-ruhn, along with his ’gift’ from the Wise Woman.}
Trained in proper care of duties to ”Tribunal, House, and Family” Eleia grew up studying not only the history of the house, but also the history of her people. She read time and time again the story of Lord Nerevar Indoril’s triumph over the heretical Dwemer upon Red Mountain, of his death at the hands of his once most ’faithful’ companion, Dagoth Ur. She read each night of her people’s faithful glory through the struggles and glories of Lord Vivec, Lady Almalexia, and Sotha Sil. Her mother taught her the ways of the Ashlanders, of their faith and pious duty to Azura and the land of her ancestor’s. Each day, when Eleia would rise she would read books of war and strategy with her father, train with his guard, study with the house’s priests, and follow the examples of her mother in every day duties around hearth and home. Growing quickly, knowing not a frivolous lifestyle but neither one of neglect and hardship, she became a determined woman, hard and strong like bonemold from her father’s teachings, and with a kind heart and open ear through her mother’s stories. Dutiful to Almsivi and one who can be quick to disarm an argument as well as an opponent, she did her father proud and made her mother come to tears with her determination to pilgrimage along side her younger brother Cael to the holy places of Vvardenfell (549 2E).
On this journey she met a fellow member of Redoran journeying back from the Ghostgate, her last stop on the Pilgrim’s Path and her next destination. His name was Endrith Morvayn, a man ten years her senior with she being 17. He was as spry and exuberant as she was and for this she fell madly in love with him. He did not feel the same, being a strong believer in Almsivi and wishing to better himself before thinking of any such thing as marriage. It was some time before she won him over, being very much the enamored bachelorette chasing after a prospective love interest in the heat of her youth. But when she did, not only did it become a grand affair with family but also as a reawakening within the house itself. The two father’s, though partners on good terms, were strong voices on the Redoran council and the uniting of the two families bonded both parties together into a unified front, making them the strongest body in House Redoran. They officially married in 552 2E.
{It is believed that, at that time, Elein was to be married to another Dunmer, of House Indoril, to help restrengthen ties between the two houses again after years of strained negotiations on land and a bitter debate of temple doctrine. When this fell through, though both were still struggling to harbor the other, an uneasy pact formed and peace reigned for a time.}
Their marriage lasted many years, and though to her great sadness they never bore any children of their own they cared for the orphans of the house together, being as much parents to those young kinsman as they would’ve been to their own blood.
When he was 35 Endrith became the new Archmaster of House Redoran, at the behest of his and her fathers after the death of the previous Archmaster (557 2E). Taking up this post after conferring with the Temple and fellow House Fathers, Eleia spent the next eight years as a dutiful wife and caretaker of the Redoran name in his absences from Ald’ruhn.
This pleasant life did not last, however, for in clashes with Akaviri invaders from the north Endrith lost his life. With such a conflict occurring Elein was hurriedly placed as Archmaster (565 2E), being seen not only as a good impermanent replacement for such dire times, but also a permanent one lest the time arose for House Redoran to continue conflicts of another sort. Also, being political for, although she was of name only born an Indoril it was still a strong symbol of potential unity between both of the Great Houses. Well versed and certainly not untested after years of being first the wife of House Father Endrith, then of Archmaster Endrith, it was her time to lead. After the flooding of Morrowind by Lord Vivec she had many things to do, which she quickly and thoroughly accomplished despite the grave news coming from other parts of the Empire. When news came of The Great Moot (572 2E), the binding of Skyrim, Morrowind, and Black Marsh, she traveled as war leader and representative of House Redoran, following alongside the Tribunal, and the other Great Houses.

”So now here we are, amidst such great suffering at the hands of madness, to test steel against those who would try to best us. US. The Dunmer, people born of the ash and fire of the Red Mountain. Well, for Almsivi, and my beloved Endrith, this shall not stand so long as one Redoran still lives upon the battlefield.”

-Archmaster Eleia Morvayn, speaking to her brother Councilor Cael Morvayn upon conclusion of the Great Moot.