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  • Server:PC North America
  • Name:Alveri Solman
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  • Race:Altmer
  • Class:Sorcerer
  • Role:Damage

Alveri’s Story

As a young girl growing up in Cloudrest seemed an easy life at the time, but certain events can influence the story of somebodies life. When Alveri was five her mother was taken by the Veiled Heiratence while they were at the coast together admiring the sunset. This made her father pack up and leave with her heading out to the sea.

Together they traveled far and wide, but sailing the inner sea of Vvardenfell can be dangerous. While they passed the city of Vivec they encountered a House Dres slaver’s ship which bordered with theirs. Alveri was told to hide as her father was taken from her mother. The ship she was on started to sink and so she thought that she must escape. Alveri cast a spell on herself which her mother had taught her along with a few other spells. The spell let her breath underwater and as she jumped into the water she fainted.

Later that day or week she ended up on the shore of Windhelm. Later being found by a widow of the name Braior Crow. She brought Alveri to her house giving her new clothes and food. Alveri explained what had happened and Braior took Alveri to the Palace of Kings to tell the Jarl. The Jarl told Braior that she could either raise this young Altmer girl or put her up for adoption.

Braior ended up raising Alveri until she was sixteen. Learning about the Nord culture Alveri felt excited to leave Skyrim and set out on an adventure. Leaving Skyrim she headed to Valenwood to learn more about them. She learned of the Bosmer pantheon and their festivals. Excited to learn even more she set out for Elsweyr next.

Alveri traveled all across Tamriel learning about the various Pantheons until she’d had enough. She eventually came to Auridon and joined the Aldmeri Dominion as a citizen but secretly completed a couple of missions from Queen Ayrenn herself.

In Auridon Alveri was recruited for the Mages Guild as she had started to catch their attention with her various magic feats across Tamriel. On the day that she joined a ceremony was commenced for the new recruits and she met with Vanus Galerion founder of the Mages Guild. Vanus noticed something in her that reminded her of himself. He finally asked for her name and was excited to reveal that they were related. Yes, Alveri was indeed Vanus’ second cousin. He had her test her magic skill and taught her many useful tricks.

Eventually, she joined became a Scholar for the Mages Guild doing jobs for Arche-Mage Shalidor. These included jobs working with important people teaching them knowledge. King Fahara’jad Worked a lot with Alveri and became a good friend with her.

Alveri had also sparked a Dwemer interest and started delving into Dwemer ruins at the age of twenty-eight. Collecting Dwemer items for the Mages Guild helped her pay a lot and so she continued not just because of the income of course.

Coming back to Skyrim to live with the Mages Guild traveling the holds is what she does now. Although Skyrim is not the most hospitable for Altmer she gets along just fine. It’s good to be back to a home again!

*Still adding more as I rp more with this character in game*