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I am a longtime TES fan who has played and modded Morrowind, Oblivion, and SKyrim for a good 2000+ hours as well as having dabbled in Daggerfall a little. I also have played the MMO genre fairly extensively, primarily in Regnum Online, Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2 – to the tune of several thousand hours. I enjoy both single player and co-operative game play in a variety of game types, ranging from FPS, to RTS, to RPG, to Sports, to MMOs and beyond. I usually don’t enjoy PvP unless it is team based (such as TF2) or large scale faction warfare like ESO is purporting to offer.

In MMOs I enjoy leveling different characters, trying new and unusual builds, doing dungeons, helping newbs, collecting things that I like the look of and playing with my wife and friends/guildmates. I am not a social RolePlayer. I tend to have a backstory and code of conduct in my head for each of my characters and try to play them in a way that matches that code and backstory, but it’s something I do in my own head and for my own enjoyment. I don’t begrudge anyone else their social RolePlaying, but I generally prefer to do something with my game time rather then sit around in a tavern typing in emotes or fake dialogue.

I plan to create a Redguard Templar as my ”Main” character, but I will be making at least one of each Class, with at least one character in each Alliance. I hope to see you all in ESO and good luck!

*I have a Guild, we just are not registered on T.F. at this time.

**I do not use these forums as a sort of Facebook where I friend anyone and everyone.  I don’t mind if other people do that, but I do not.  I friend people that I have had some specific involvement with and no others.  Please don’t take it personally if I refuse your Friend Request… it’s just because I don’t know you. ;)