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  • ESO Account: @EgoRush

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  • Server:PC Europe
  • Name:EgoRush
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My main character is Oriantha, a Templar healer first and foremost, though I’ve branched into magicka DPS builds with him and will happily tank anything that isn’t end-game content.

My first ever alt is a Dragonknight damage dealer, Zelda’s Inferno (yes, I’m a big fan of The Legend of Zelda). She is a stamina build and follows the PowerPuffGirl build that Xantaria perfected.

My second alt is only V2 but will be a stamina Sorcerer as I feel they need some love. His name is The Lumen Sage (Bayonetta reference). And I’m also raising a magicka Nightblade named The Umbra Witch.

I love theorycrafting and I’m always happy to help. Drop me a line in a forum post or send me a personal message if you prefer and I’ll get back to you.