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I have sworn loyalty to the Aldmeri Dominion… The very first Elder Scrolls installment that I played was Daggerfall… (circa 1996?) and have played through every installment since then. Morrowind is my favorite of the last 3. Oblivion’s leveling system was awful. Skyrim provided more enjoyable game play but overall I had the most fun with Morrowind. I’m not a huge gaming nut but usually find time to play several times a week. Computers & tech have been a steady hobby ever since my father brought home our first computer which at the time was about the size of a modern, commercial copy machine.

My MMO playing style is casual. I will participate in group pvp but I’m not a hardcore pvp’er. I simply don’t have the time to put into practicing key-bound attack sequences. I am very efficient however with my mouse & keypad so I could be a borderline hardcore pve player. Leveling is never a problem. I currently play Aion and Vindictus, usually solo since I don’t have many rl friends who mmo… and those that do, aren’t playing what I am playing. That may change with TESO.

Irl, I am a self employed residential builder & general contractor in Michigan, US.