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Daydreaming on the distant clashing of sword & shield from the bloody carnage of the battle for Cyrodiils' Ruby Throne. I know you all cannot wait to join me!

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As of now, I have played ESO since beta and I am still in love with the game. As most folks are in search for ’perfection’ in this game, I, on the other hand simply look for pure enjoyment ’collectively’ in playing this game; from the PvE, Trials, Undaunted pledges, and yes…even PvP along with IC. 

This game will progress hopefully for a very long time, so I am sure most of the things that irritate most folks will be quelled as ZoS find appropriate means for resolution. 

In the meantime, hey…just enjoy the game my friends and everything else will be alright.


Elder Council – Brotherhood of Redemption