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I am the Co-Host of ”The ESO Vodcast” streamed live Tuesday nights on: and live here on TF as well.

I have been involved in MMO’s since early Burning Crusade with WOW.  I lead multiple guilds as a raid leader clearing content all the way through the end of Wrath.  I ran a 500 people guild in SWTOR for three months involving hundreds of members from my stream.  I set up multiple raid groups, participated in 4 different raid groups with multiple different roles (dps, healing, tank), and devised our own unique strats to down content.  We cleared all the content available for us, and had a great time playing.  We did everything from naked Illum raids, to following random people around on the Imperial Fleet dancing around them.

I was also very involved in PvP, streaming 15 hours a day at the time of playing SWTOR I had a lot of time to fill!  I was one of the first War Heroes on The Fatman Server, even being accused of ”key logging” because I was killing people too fast.

I love MMO’s and couldn’t be more excited for ESO.  I am 100% confident that this game will fulfill our expectations and really deliver us a new MMO that is both fresh and familiar.

I am looking forwards to being a involved Tamriel Foundry member and supporter, and sincerely hope you guys enjoy our Vodcast!

Thanks for your time,