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Name: Crom Grimblade

Age: 22

Height 6ft

weight: 250 pounds

class: Warrior

Birthplace: Windhelm

Bio:        Crom was born into one of the noble clans of Windhelm. His family was of old and proud roots tracing their origin back to Ysgramor’s five hundred Companions. His family made their fortune not only with their  skills in battle but also with their small fleet of trading ships.  Needless to say when the Akaviri  attacked Windhelm , Clan Grimblade was there to defend their beloved city…. With the Sack of Windhelm saw almost the end of  Crom and his kin. The losses where staggering. Crom did survive but many of his family had perished in the terrible battle.  Queen Mabjaarn was dead many of his friends and family had been slain, and his family’s fleet was all but destroyed save one ship.  When  High King Jorunn called for an army Crom was all too eager to join. Since that day  one of the last surviving sons of the Clan Grimblade has known little more than battle.