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So I just found out this was a feature.

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During the first days, there where only the Elves the Khajiit and the Dwemer on Tamriel. But then the early race of Men came down from the island of Atmora to the province of Skyrim, we the Nords came to get away from a bloody civil war. We came for a new life for our People. After a perilous journey across the Sea of Ghosts our ships landed on the shores of Skyrim. We called the land Mereth, and the people living there called themselves Falmer but we called them Snow Elves. We lived in peace for many years, this would not last. They came to one of our villages and pillaged and slaughtered all of them. That Night an entire city burned its people dead without mourning without mercy. The Snow Elves decided that the race of men were growing to quickly for their comfort. Feeling threatened the Snow Elves turned to genocide. A sin they would one day pay greatly for. Not every Nord was killed that night out of the ashes came one visionary and his two sons went back to Atmora to tell what the merciless Snow Elves had done. His name Ysgramor he was joined by five hundred companions. City by city settlement by settlement Ysgramor and his companions took back what was taken from them. Driving the Snow Elves out of Skyrim and to near extinction. The Elves had learned a great lesson, the race of men were here to stay. After many years a great war was occurring between three factions during these war many Heroes emerged one of the greatest Ulfgard Fjolfrin.

The day Ysgramor defeated the Mer the world knew that the race of Men was here to stay. Ysgramor lead five-hundred companions to victory in Skyrim, two of those were his sons Yngol, and Ylgar they may have not amounted to much after their father’s death but they themselves had children. Yngol died before he could have any, but Yngar did have children and his children had children and so on until it came down to the last of the line of Ysgramor, Ulfgard Fjolfrin.

Ulfgard himself was very accomplished as a child. He grew to be 5’10” by the time he was 12! He grew to be taller and stronger than anyone for hundreds of miles. He killed his first troll by the time a normal man would have learned to ride a horse. This great strength came to all of Ysgramor’s children; it was believed that he was blessed by Akatosh himself. Hailing from Windhelm ,the city Ysgramor built for his lost son, he couldn’t wait to leave and explore the world. But as he explored the lands of Skyrim he still craved more. He had heard of a place called Morrowind and that a ship was going to sail from Solitude, a city northwest of Windhelm, to Morrowind. He quickly got on the nearest horse and left. He rode for ten hours straight without a stop. The horse finally gave out and died near Dawnstar where there was man recruiting people for something. Ulfgard came up and asked the man what he was recruiting for the man said he was recruiting for the King Jorunn’s war. Craving excitement and the ability to travel the world on a free ticket, Ulfgard quickly signed—no questions asked. Soon he realized he had gotten into something much bigger than a war between two groups. He had gotten into a war with everyone on Tamriel.