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UK-based, ’old fart’ in my late 50’s who got into RPGs about 10 years ago with Morrowind. Through to Oblivion, on into Skyrim. Now a confirmed ES fan.

After 6 months, still not really into the PvP aspects of ESO…have been a solitary Gamer to date. May grow into it as it develops! Becoming the main crafter  for the rest of my 7 builds…fed mats etc by them and feed them crafted materials/sets back. Slow but thorough in game approach. Tend to be 50/50 quests and crafting.

Insomniac also – when else can we play without disrupting family life…? Average 4 hours a night sleep and I did 12 hours continuous gameplay  in the second ESO beta just before it closed, and still went to work that morning after just 2 hour’s slee….zzz