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Currently Putting a build together & collecting gold for the upcoming homestead update.

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About me  (Captain Mustachio)


”I registered to Tamriel foundry because of my fondness for the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, for it brings out ones Imagination in a good way, when I first saw Tamriel Foundry, I figured, what better way to have fun in Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, than to register & keep up to date with a few things related to ESO.”

Do bear in mind, I take the Codes of Conduct & other policies very seriously as it is a way of being part of a good community.

About my in-game character (Bones the Ronin)

there was once an Orc who was not known very much, who travelled far & wide seeking adventure. Little did he know he had walked into a place otherwise known as stillrise village, after helping them by destroying the necromancers below the three huts, they were grateful for the orc & in turn, revealed themselves to be ”Skeletons!!!” It was not the first time this orc had seen an undead skeleton as he once faced the mighty ”Captain Blackheart” with a team of undaunted & Lived to tell the tale, but that story is for another time.

anyway, he had to collect an artifact that housed their very souls within & He had to decide between bringing them peace by destroying it in the Flames of destruction, or by preserving the artifact in the Coldflame to give them eternal life without fear of being used unethically by necromancers, initially the orc decided on the second option & chose to preserve them without fear of being spiritually enslaved by necromancers, some may not see the positivity to it, but the skeletal warriors knew what was best.