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  • Server:PC North America
  • Name:calia1120
  • Guild:Iron Bank of Bravos
  • Race:Bosmer
  • Class:Nightblade
  • Role:Damage

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I wear many hats, and have a lot of fun. I’ve been playing ESO since closed beta days, and am constantly amazed by how far this game has come. I’ve been a fan of the Elder Scrolls Series since Morrowind. You can usually catch me in game on the PC side of things, North America server, @calia1120 is the name.

I’m GM of Iron Bank of Bravos, a trade guild on the NA server, and an officer/pvp raid leader for the AD guild, Dominion Imperial Guard. Both guilds are part of Elder Scrolls Alliance, which is a collective of guilds (and an amazing resource!). I’m also a member of Council of Nirn, a group of guilds and community members that meets regularly with Zenimax to provide feedback.

I also do quite a bit with addons, and you can find my work on ESOUI here. I’m involved with quite a few popular ones:

  • Wykkyd Addons (there are quite a few)
  • Advanced Member Tooltip
  • Thurisaz Guild Info
  • Combat Reticle
  • Rainbow Reticle
  • GodSend Guild Mail Tool