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( Biography is a work in progress, It was originally a mixed biography between my character and my late friends.. So i’m having to fill in the gaps! )

Cael ”The Younger” Faera, Dunmer of House Redoran.

Age: 30

Affiliations: Morag-Tong,  House Redoran.

The sounds of a fiery explosion echoes throughout the halls of Tel Rokadif and smoke pours out of an open door in the top level of the tower. Out stumbles a figure coughing and gagging on the immense cloud of smoke. ”I dare say I may have miscalculated the power of that soul.” The smoke slowly clearing and into view appears a tall and scrawny Dunmer, it looks as if he is relatively young, at least for a Dunmer. The sun glares off of his bright red hair as he begins brushing off the ash from his bright purple robe. ”Maybe I need to try a scamp or a mudcrab..”

Noticing his bedroom would take a while to vent, due to having no windows on the Telvanni mushroom tower, he casts a spell to levitate himself down to the balcony to the main tower. See in one of these Telvanni grown towers, the wizards usually make it difficult for guests to visit them by having the only means to reach them a levitation spell or potion. It was a rather large tower, but unlike most Wizards of Telvanni, there was no town here in Tel Rokadif, simply a tower off in the middle of the Ashlands. No town could possibly thrive here and most likely no permits were issued for it to be built. The young Dunmer who was now making his way to the washroom was Thadas Rokadif, a well known enchanter and conjurer or House Telvanni. Thadas has no claim to fame, no bid in house politics, he simply made enough friends to have a nice spot to himself to practice his experiments.

There are no other Dunmer living here, simply Thadas and his Telvanni guards that the House provided him with to help assure he wouldn’t be bothered while doing his experiments. Thadas was being funded by the house not because they believed in his experiments, they could care less about his seemingly eccentric wonderment with conjuring things from oblivion, as long as it didn’t kill him. The wizard lords were merely after his enchantments which were very sought after in the house to battle the other houses and sometimes to even gain an advantage during in house fighting Thadas didn’t care for this much, he was happy to supply them the means to kill whoever they wanted as long as he could be left alone to his studies, without the pesky citizenry to bother him with warnings that necromancy is evil or that he would steal people’s souls at night while they slept.

As Thadas enters the washroom he thinks to himself how can a powerful spell explode when given a powerful soul, was the spell simply overcharged or was the soul not as powerful as he thought it was? ”I guess I will see” he chuckles as he splashes water on his face. Thadas had been attempting to enchant a pair of boots which would make the wearer walk on water, he had received an order from the Arch mage himself, it seemed he has a reason to walk on water or give someone else the ability. Thadas assumed the arch mage would be able to cast a mere water walking spell, so it must have been for someone else. ”bah” Thadas groaned as he dried his face with a nearby cloth. He didn’t care what they used his items for as long as he was funded and can live in solitude with his thoughts.

 Morag Tong Headquarters, Vivec

”Cael Faera,” called the Master, ”Here is your contract, bind them to the Webspinner and you shall be forever blessed by Mephala.” Cael Faera nodded, giving the Master his signature devilish grin. Cael Faera, albeit quiet about his views, found it foolish to sanctify murder by praying to the Gods. He did not murder for the Morag Tong or Mephala’s blessing, Cael Faera murdered for the payload. ”May Mephala guide me,” Cael Faera replied.

Taking his writ, Cael Faera departed the grand city of Vivec aboard the grotesque-looking silt-strider, which he loathed riding. Inserting his littlest finger into the folds of the note, tearing open the seal. The note read;

Honorable Writ of Execution: Thadas Rokadif

The afore-mentioned personage has been marked for honorable execution in accordance to the lawful tradition and practice of the Morag Tong Guild. The Bearer of this non-disputable document has official sanctioned license to kill the afore-mentioned personage.

Grinning, Cael Faera murmured to himself, ”Ah, nonchalant as always, I wonder what political figure I’m assassinating this time.” He tucked away the writ into his robes. Cael Faera looked over the hump of the silt-strider, watching the breath taking landscape of Vvardenfell, pass him bye. Dawn faded into Dusk, and Cael Faera nodded off into the dream world as the silt-strider flickered toward his destination..

Upon levitating back to his chambers, it seemed all of the smoke was out of the room, however it was a complete mess. Potions broken, books scattered about and ash from the explosion on the enchanting table and around the floor. He immediately starts to pick up the books making sure they aren’t ruined and placing them on the dresser next to the hallway leading into the bed area. It was a medium sized chambers, he had a living area where he kept his enchanting table and alchemy lab along with a few bookshelves of recipes and notes. In the other room was a bed, a wardrobe a few more dressers, bookshelves and a lone desk. It wasn’t as extravagant as the robes he wore but he rarely ever had visitors, in fact he has only has one constant visitor and they don’t even stop by his chambers.

The visitor is a mere envoy who normally delivers his letters from House Telvanni and brings him supplies. Shabae Hansar, is his name. Not a very bright man, which explains why he seems like a mere delivery boy, but he looks quite strong, in fact at one point Thadas wanted to summon a scamp to attack him just to see how strong he was. After all the man leads travels alone with a pack guar that looks like it can barely move it is so loaded down, seems like an easy target. Thadas decided against it since it would probably draw attention to him. ”I should redecorate this place” Thadas says as he starts to sweep the broken glass and dust out the open door. ”maybe even invite some of my old colleagues over..”

Extending his arms above his head, Cael Faera lets out an exhausting yawn. He must’ve been out for a solid hour, and his stomach churned as he woke up to the rhythms of the silt-strider. ”Ahhhoraaaaaaahhhhhghhh,” Cael Faera sighed, ”How much longer on this gods damned over sized flea?” Cael Faera demanded of the silt-strider Master. The Master replied, ”About 3’ ’oer more hour,” with his illiterate dialect.

Cael Faera gazed over the side of the silt-strider, leaning his person against it. He gazed over the horizon at the void of the night, leering his eyes toward the peak of Red Mountain, Cael Faera was near the Ashlands. Then all of a sudden, Cael’s surveying of the landscape was interrupted by a dispute below. The silt-strider skipped away quickly, however Cael Faera caught a glimpse of what looks like a lone man and a pack guar, fighting off a horde of Ashland marauders. Dead meat, Cael Faera thought to himself.

”Hmm.. let’s play a game,” Cael Faera told the silt-strider Master. ”Wot kind o’ sport?” The Master replied. ”If I can hit one of those Marauders with an arrow, in the head. I only pay half the cost for the ride and if I miss, I’ll pay you double,” Cael Faera announced to the Master. ”By Azura! Yoe’ll neva hit ’em!” replied the illiterate.

Cael Faera propped his hand on the top of the bow, sliding it from the holster off of his back and down into his right hand. He motioned his left hand, plucking a steel arrow from his quiver. Cael drew back on the bowstring, lining up the fading marauder within his sight. Cael bit down lightly on his bottom lip, exhaled and let the arrow fly. The arrow darted through the night’s sky like a Cliff Racer diving after it’s prey, the silt-strider Master smacked the telescope causing it to swivel around in the direction of the arrow. He smacked his face against the eye piece, only to see a distant pink mist, a guarantee that Cael Faera’s arrow hit the mark.

”By the nines! I caunt belieb you hit ’em!” the Master exclaimed with a dumbfounded expression on his character. ”Looks like I’m saving some coin,” Cael Faera said with a cunning grin. ”Ah, curse it!” the Master swore, ”Jut sit back an relax a tad moar!” Cael Faera retreated to the backside of the silt-strider, taking inquiry on his arrows and looking over his equipment before his upcoming assassination tonight.


Shabae was busy fighting against the assailants, just when a bolt of fury descended from the heaven’s, casting judgement on the Marauder leader. The Marauders retreated, fearing judgment by the Nine Divines of Nirn. Shabae, with a puzzled expression looked up toward the sky clasping his hands together and thanking the Divines. .. albeit rethinking his sinful ways.

Earlier that day…

As Thadas finishes cleaning up the mess, he looks around and notices it is as clean as it will get. A loud ringing emerges from the bell on the main door as Shabae arrives to drop off the much needed supplies for the month. Thadas pats himself down and makes sure his hair is not out of place and then casts a spell of levitation to float down to the pack guar. As he glided down as if he were a feather he welcomes Shabae ”Hello there” he yells.

As he plops on the ground he smiles and adjusts himself once more to being on the ground, he did so enjoy other people’s expressions as he levitated. Not to mention the experience of levitating itself never gets old. To float in the air, completely weightless was exhilarating and Thadas was always a tad disappointed to land. ”You don’t know how much I actually needed fresh supplies” Thadas explains while peeking in all the packs on the guar ”I just sort of..” Thadas pauses ”well no matter, they are very welcomed. Would you care for a drink?,”

”No thanks sera” he coughs a little ”I am in a bit of a rush, got some messages to deliver to Sadith Mora.”
”ah, maybe next time” Thadas says and seems dissappointed.
”I will next time, promise” Shabae pats Thadas on the back ”I have got all the usual stuff, plus Alora sent a bag of her sweet rolls.” He looks at Thadas noticing he seems different ”is everything okay sera?”
”oh” Thadas chuckles ”yes I am fine, I believe the silence is getting to me, I may visit Sadith Mora soon. Please give my reguards to Alora, and thank you as well, if it weren’t for you I would probably end up starving or end up raiding the ashlander tribes for supplies.”
Shabae smiles ”I will try to make time and come back before next months delivery if I am able.”

They both chat back and forth as they unload the Guar and then say their farewells and just like that, Thadas was once again alone. He didn’t mind the solitude, as mentioned earlier the lack of interruptions and quiet to do his experiments was good, however anyone could be unnerved by complete solitude for too long. His summoned beasts could hardly take the place of another elf or even human, at this point he was considering purchasing some slaves, just to drown out the silence..

”Hault!” Commanded the silt-strider Master. Annoyed by  the sudden stop, Cael Faera shouted at the silt-strider Master, ”Hey! What’s the hold up? We’re not even at the base of the mountain!” The silt-strider Master turned his head to face Cael Faera, replying, ”Tis be’ as far I venture in th’ Ashland.” Cael Faera’s face, blood red with anger, commanded, ”Forget our little bet earlier, just take me to the top of the mountain.” The silt-strider Master could not be bought and left Cael Faera stranded in a sea of Ash, alone with his bow and rucksack.

Cael Faera surveyed his surroundings, seeking a natural landmark in this Ashen hell he was cast into. After what seemed like an eternity, Cael Faera gave up charting the area and began walking in the direction that he felt was North. Sweat trickled down his face as he drudged up the unending slope of the cliff side that lay haven to Tel Rokadif . Cael Faera squinted his eyes, noticing Telvanni architecture in the distance. The massive Telvanni tower acted as a lighthouse in a sea of dust, guiding Cael Faera toward his target.

Cael Faera sprinted toward the tower, then took a sharp left turn, camouflaging himself along the cliff side. He was hidden from view and he strafed a long the cliff’s edge. He looked up, scanning the cliff side of the Tower, noticing a spot he could grapple. Cael Faera drew out his bow, drew a roped arrow from his quiver, and all-in-one-motion, he let the arrow fly, impaling into the thick fungus walls of the Telvanni tower. Cael Faera gripped both hands tightly on the rope and began scaling the wall. He peered into the seemingly endless chasm below his ascent, to be swallowed up if he made error. Cael eventually reached the top of the fungus, where he began to prepare his plan..

Thadas, who is reading a dusty tome that contains some old noted about dweemer schematics, glances up at the empty room with blemishes of past experiments gone awry. Realizing it is time to once again step into the public forum. Thadas had been tucked away for far too long, it was time he re-established contact with all of his former friends. Thadas tossed the old tome on his bed and began shoving stuff into a backpack which was crammed under his desk.

He didn’t care much for much except his experiments in the past few decades, but now he was having a driving urge to be known by everyone and to make a profit while continue doing what he likes. Doing something this spontaneous wasn’t unnatural, Leaving the rat race of politics in Telvanni so suddenly was a bold move, considering all of the plans he had in motion to get his tower and become a prominent member. That however upset no one, considering the Arch Magister considered him a threat to his power at the time.

It was time to get back into politics, but this time on a larger scale, Thadas loved Telvanni but the infighting and isolation kept him from being known in larger circles, despite the septims being very good, they could get much better without his own kin attempting to sabotage him. His treasury would probably afford quite a few associates, but now he needed to go to Sadith Mora to see his old friends and see who else would be willing to invest and not to mention come up with a plausible plan.

Being locked away in a dusty tower this long, keeps one pretty far out of the loop….

Cael Faera plopped down his tattered messenger bag on the cap of the fungus.  He scavenged through his bag in a hurry while cursing the divines. Cael eventually slipped his hand into the side pocket on the interior of his bag, and he pulled out a small vial of a brackish green sort of liquid. Cael opened the vial and poured the molasses thick liquid onto the side of the Telvanni wall. The smell of the liquid rivaled the stomach churning smell of burnt hair.  Cael Faera threw his bag back over his shoulder a long with his bow and drew out his small ebony dagger and within just a few moments the liquid burned a small crawlspace into the side of the Telvanni tower.  The assassin knelt down on his left knee then his right, followed by his hands and elbows and he began prone and attempted to crawl into  the hole.

Luckily, Cael managed to burn his way into what appeared to be some sort of attic or cellar.  He noted long forgotten cobwebs and old broken furniture polluted the room.  Cael stood up, stretching out his arms and legs and he set his bag down on an old corner table. (To be continued 1/14/2014)