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If anyone intends on playing ESO on PC/Mac you are welcome to join the Ravenguard we are an accepting guild open to all those who support the Pact. Any questions about the guild can be sent directly to me and i will inform anyone to the best of my abilities for the Ravenguard FOR THE PACT! you can find our guild site at or our facebook page Elder Scrolls Ravenguard note however the more active of the pages is our facebook page.

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A warrior from Skyrim both trained in Weapons and Magic. Fights strongly with allied friends and will help lead the Ebonheart Pact to Glory. I show no mercy and will destroy all who oppose me. i will send my enemies to the deepest depths of Oblivion with the tip of my sword at their throat. they will never again see the light of day and they will always remember the name Boromir WolfsBane as there sole moves endlessly through Oblivion.               

  My character is a Nord of Skyrim who is a medium/light armor user, he also is trained in the categories of Archery, One handed,Destruction, Sneak, and Smithing. he will carry dual swords, as well as a bow and staff.

Back story

Boromir was accustomed already to the feeling of war he had fought along side his 2 other brothers and their father in the Akiviri Invasion. Boromir loved his family dearly but at the end of the invasion he had received word of his fathers death. Boromir and his brothers mourned dearly over the death of their father and they all knew that their fathers sole would make it to the halls of Sovengarde. Not to long after the Akaverian’s were defeated word had come to Boromir’s family of the call to arms for there was another war just beginning Boromir and his brothers were drafted to leave to Windhelm to receive their order’s from the High King. Being that Boromir was the eldest of the three son’s the High King appointed him to the position that his father had this brought back many memories much that were filled with sorrow. Jorunn took Boromir to his quarters and talked with him to express his apologies for his fathers death and how he was a good soldier and friend to him during the war with the Akiviri. Once Jorunn and Boromir were done talking Jorunn gave Boromir his orders and list of men to fight along side him. Boromir’s brothers were assigned to protect the Black Marsh and the Western boarder of Skyrim from any invaders and at that time Boromir thought to himself he might not see his brothers ever again but he could not afford to think like that so he pushed on.

When Boromir read the letter of the men in his company he knew their families would be upset and praying for their sons return but this was something that could not promise. That night Boromir road out to give the drafts to his soldiers in his companies and it was heartbreaking to see them go from their families and kids but it had to be done for Skyrim and for the Pact. When all his men were assembled Jorunn gave them a week in the capital city of Winhelm to prepare themselves for battle many of them which had to go to the shops and forges to buy supplies and forge weapons and armor. That next mourning Boromir awoke and was planning on going to the forge when he stumbled along side of a local women from the city the two at first sight fell into each others eyes. Boromir knew he was already falling in love with this Nord women, he knew not her name but that she looked at him the same way he looked at her. The first thing muttered Boromir muttered was what is your name she looked at him in the eyes and said Kate and Boromir replied with his name back and for most of that week the two were inseparable. On the 4th day of that week Kate found Boromir at the forge making his armor and weapons for battle when Boromir noticed her she looked upset and Boromir knew why she seemed upset she was upset that Boromir was going to leave for war soon and she did not want him to leave. After the day went by that night Boromir took Kate with him to the inn and at that point Boromir proposed to Kate and she had accepted his offer. Boromir was thrilled and know he thought to himself he had a reason to fight with all his heart so that he could return to his wife. On the 5th day of the week the two were married right outside the gates of Windhelm and Kate looked right at Boromir and made him promise his return to her and he said he would. That next night Boromir and Kate decided to try have kids and to start their own family and Boromir prayed to the divines that they would allow him to come back to see his child’s birth for there was nothing more important to him now then his family.

 It was the 7th an final day and it was the day that Boromir and his troops had to leave Windhelm and it was a day of good byes for all of the men. The stable men had gathered together all of the soldiers horses and when each one mounted their horse Boromir looked back to see Kate at the front gate in tears and Boromir yelled i will return then Boromir mounted his horse and road off with his troops on their way to Morrowind. Within half a day Boromir and his troops had reached Riften when a courier had stopped them a delivered a message to Boromir stating that one of the troops were going to hook onto Boromir’s troops and form a legion and when he asked of who was in charge of the troops coming to link with them the courier stated it was General Gederic and when i heard the name i asked again who when he restated the name Boromir could not believe it one of his brothers were coming and forming a legion this had been the only good news Boromir had heard all day. Boromir did not realize that his brother shared the same rank as he did so the two of them were requested to lead the legion. Boromir looked at the letter to see where it was that the groups would meet up and it had stated that it was the Northern boarder of Morrowind where the troops would meet up.

The news made Boromir’s men glad since there would be less worry of being outnumbered. With the good news of Boromir’s and Gederic’s forces joining up Boromir’s men stayed the night in Riften drinking all the meed they could it was going to be a night to remember. Early that mourning Boromir woke his men and rallied them together to ride to the border of Morrowind no one was yet truly nervous being that Morrowind was friendly territory granted in the past there had been issues between Skyrim and Morrowind but all that was set aside so that we could all fight a common enemy. being that the argonians are also with us helped us out i was there the day that they showed up to aid Skyrim and Morrowind against the Akiviri it was a surprise to see them but we are all bound together. We were about 10 miles out from the boarder and we decided to take a break and let the horses drink their water this was where i decided to get to know some of the men. As many of us talked we heard a strange noise not to far just over the knoll there was a village we decided to march down and gather some supplies and maps of the area, I had decided to buy some arrows for my Nordic bow that was past down to me from my father this way i could take out ranged enemies without a problem and if they got close they would need to make it by my sword. We left that village probably an hour after supplying and had finally made it to the border off in the distant i could see Gederic’s troops riding to our location.

When Gederic finally arrived i welcomed him in arms and a bottle of meed i had saved for him from Riften. We started to discuss with each other about things that had recently happened and i had mentioned to him that I had recently been married. When Boromir looked over he noticed the troops getting along fine talking with one another as well but there was 2 of the men that looked like they wanted to kill each other next things Gederic and I saw was the two of them fist fighting it out. We had jogged over at that point the other men had pulled them a part. Gederic took his man and i took mine we decided to put things strait with them. As we put our foot down on the matter the two men were warned with severe penalties if this was to occur again and from the looks of it it would not be to long until it would occur again. After that many of the men put up their tents and went to sleep it was getting late and there was no way we would make the city of Blacklight at this time at night it was far to dark out to see anything. It was finally daybreak Gederic and I had decided to let the troops sleep in and he and i would go hunting together like in the good old days we had an hour of time to go hunting and we planed to use it effectively. After about a half hour we cam upon a bear den we saw one cave bear at the time so i got Gederic to lure him out as the bear ran at Gederic i quickly drew my bow and had shot it in the eye the best fell down without any trouble but then i heard something in the brushes Gederic heard it to we were curious to see what it was next thing we notice is another bear lunge out at Gederic, lucky for Gederic his sword was drawn and the bear fell on it and on Gederic we had killed two bears and i was still laughing since the bear was still on him i had helped him out we looked at each other and we both had started to laugh. This is what i have been missing i thought to myself i have been missing our past and all the fun as kids we would have then i got wondering how was our other brother no one could tell he was on a totally different front all that Gederic and I could hope for was that he was safe.

 After Gederic and I skinned the two bears we went back to the camp site to wake all the soldiers up we were not to far from our first objective of reaching the city of Blacklight. After 5 hours we had made the city where we could restock or supply from after that i overheard some Dunmer civilians talk about a troubling bandit camp and i looked at Gederic telling him this would be a good time to train a few men and make some coin doing it. I asked the civilian of where the camp is located they just said about a mile south of the city then i looked and Gederic and he nodded for agreeing with the idea. We each took some men to this bandit camp when we had got about 100meters from the encampment i sent some of my men to scout out the surrounding area for a way into the keep and for Gederic’s men to push forward after the first strike. On the outside of the keep there was probably 13 men i have my scout take them out either by sneaking up on them and slitting their throat’s or taking them out with the bow. Once the outside was clear one of the scouts found a hidden passage into the keep and Gederic had his men push forward part of them watching the outside the others coming into the keep with a few of mine as well. With our luck we were having i thought this was a great exercise for our men but the only downside was that the hidden passage led through the sewers that was definably not the highlight of anyone’s day.

We had finally reached the 1st level of the keep it was odd though there was only one bandit guard so i guess it was a good sign since we had not been noticed yet. I looked back at Gederic and gave him a nod he drew his dagger and sneaked up on the bandit and quickly grabbed his mouth and repeatably stabbed the bandit in the back. When he came back i looked at him saying that looked painful and the men had started to chuckle. as we made our way up the stairs to the next level we had two men guard the base level just to be safe. the keep was not all that big from the outside you could tell that there were only three levels. So when we reached the 2nd level we all attacked at once it was not to troubling and only a few men were injured but nothing to serious we had the men take the wounded out and back to the city to the cities healers so they could be healed. At this point the bandit chief knew we were there and he did not have any men to protect him Gederic and I made our way up the stairs and into the last room the bandit chief attacked us as fast as he could but we had kept blocking his attack once Gederic took him out at the legs i looked on his table to see a list of supplies and good he had stolen and people he had killed all summing up his bounty. I looked right into his eyes with so much anger and rage that is when Gederic made the comment to the bandit chief prepare to be equalized i took my two swords and crossed the blades on his throat and slit his head off his body.

Gederic then stated what done is done and he was correct we pact it up and left to go back to the city before we would take off. By the time we returned Gederic went to get the reward and i went to check on the men they were doing much better already so i was glad. Gederic and i decided to use the gold we made for the war effort and we both were glad that our men we took had fair fighting experience. I told Gederic to remember that this was definably not the real thing and these were just simple bandits we both thought training for the men would be most important. I paid some healers to come along with us for medical aid since we were bound to run into trouble at some point. We had just fallen asleep when another courier cam with a letter stating that we had to travel to Vvardenfell the distance did not seem to be that far from us all we really needed to do was to cross the water passage between mainland and there. It was about noon when we reached the water passage i looked at Gederic saying that this doesn’t seem to be what it looks like he agreed. As i looked closely something was stirring the water something probably reptilian and many of them. Gederic and i told the men to prepare themselves, and just then i noticed it was a group or Argonian’s the one in front walked up and said his name was Kaon-Jai i looked at him and asked them what are they doing in Morrowind. He had told me that the group of them are sell swords looking to find a group open for them to join to fight the enemy faction’s.

He had told me of how useful they could be to us since they are one of the greatest guerrilla warfare fighters and many other things but in truth i did not need to know so much any person wanting to help the war effort was welcomed to join. He led a rag tag team of Argonian’s around 18 in their numbers which was impressive to see how well they were doing on their way north. Gederic and I asked Kaon-Jai how the war is going in the Black Marsh and he had replied not so well this was not a good sign for us i said to Gederic and he agreed. Kaon-Jai said that at this point the Argonian army was on the coast of Daggerfall around Farunn by now. There was no possible way for them to get back so quickly even by ship to help their homeland Kaon-Jai also mentioned there are a few cities that they still hold which included Thorn, Stormhold, and Archon this meant that the Black Marsh needed our help the most. Gederic and I sent a letter to Jorunn for our orders and we plan on waiting for those orders in the city of Mournhold. Even though this took us off course of our objective it would get us closer to the Black Marsh. Gederic and I agreed for having Kaon-Jai join us with his team of Argonian’s to await word for our orders to reclaim some of the Black Marsh.

It must have been 3 days until we received word of our new orders and i was both surprised and re-leaved. Our orders stated ”To the legion of the Ebonhart Pact we give you the right to cross into the Black Marsh but in the absence of staying off course and eighth of your men will be sent back to Vvardenfell to complete the previous orders given, these are troubling times but all missions are required to be fulfilled, may the divines bless all of you Sincerely: Jorunn”. Gederic and i could not believe this and we both were frustrated with the orders but we both knew that this was likely to happen. Later that day the eighth of the legion went back to Vvardenfell we said our good byes and they had left in the afternoon around 2:30. After the day had past we had made our way to the coast and set up an encampment. We had spent the time on the coast deciding what our plan of strategy could be and that is when i noticed Kaon-Jai come up behind me with an idea that could get us to the city of Thorn easily. Kaon-Jai mentioned an idea about building a few ships so that we could sail to the northern coast of the black Marsh. There was no time to ride all the way to the city so Gederic and i had agreed to have the men build a few ships to sail to the northern coast of Black Marsh, it would have taken us 3 weeks time to ride into the territory and if we built a few ships quick enough we could be there in 2 weeks time.

A week had finally passed and we were making great progress we were about done and ready to set sail within the next 3 hours that is when a disturbing message came by courier to us. By the look in the eyes of the messenger he was frightened and concerned when he ran off Kaon-Jai, Gederic and I decided to look at the message. The message read that the city of Thorn was under attack by Dominion troops. We had little time to leave for we all knew we had to speed through everything packing our supplies and preparing for war. We had 4 ships built and ready to sail so in no time at all all the ships were already at sea heading to the city of Thorn. With our fleet at sea we had sailed along the coast of the city of Fear near the southern boarder of Morrowind and that is when we noticed 2 Dominion warships sailing right for us this was not going to be good i said. I had drew my war horn that had also belonged to my father and blew into the sound had echoed far enough for the Dominion soldiers to know we were ready for combat but it had also warned our other 3 ships in our fleet that a battle was about to begin. 

Gederic who maned his own ship drew his his sword and began to sail to the left of my ship. As the other ships sailed to  sides of our ships i yelled to Kaon-Jai to sail his ship with his Argonian troops to the east preparing their cannons. The other ship sailed by a captain in Gederic’s platoon followed the same orders but he had sailed to the left instead. The Dominion navy ships had shot their first rounds of cannons at Kaon-Jai’s ship but being that he had built his ship in the Argonian fashion the ship was able to slip by the attack without to much serious damage. As Kaon-Jai shot off his first round he had a direct hit on the bow of the 2nd Dominion ship their ship was taking on water at a slow rate but at this time Gederic steered his ship to port side firing his rounds of cannons sinking the 2nd navel ship. Before the captain on our 4th ship had time to react the 1st Dominion warship had fired a round causing serious damage to it. When i looked over many men on the ship had been killed but there were a few still left there was not much that i could do at this point their ship was already half sunken in the matter of 2 minuets. That is when i noticed Kaon-Jai’s ship was missing from my starboard side and when i looked back at our sinking ship it was gone we only had three left. That is when i noticed Kaon-Jai and a few of his men breaching from the water with some of the survivors and that is when i said there is a true soldier. He had taken them to his ship behind Gederic’s ships stern where i knew they would be safe but we still had a bigger problem to handle. 

The last of the ship’s that the Dominion sent was trying to escape from our grasp so i began to sail my ship at full sail to catch the ship and that is when i had my men fire the cannon taking out the sail on the Dominion warship. As our 3 ships sailed to the broken enemy ship many of the soldiers were jumping overboard into the currents we knew that they would not make it to shore safe but it did not seem like any of the men cared. We had then boarded the ship only to find the Captain still on his ship he stated he will not fight but he would go down with his ship. The Captain was an elderly Altmer that knew it was near his end, this is when i offered him to be our prisoner but he shook his head no and all we could do is to respect his choice. We had filled the lower half of the ship with gunpowder barrels and when it was ignited the men ran off the ship as fast as they could and the ship had then exploded with a powerful effect and we had continued to sail to the city of Thorn. We lost 22 good men that day all of them which fought for our country it only caused me more pain to write to their families about their death.

Normally in the early mourning it is silent with the birds chirping but this mourning was not. It was the day after our combat at sea we were about 8 miles out from the city of Thorn and we all could hear the screams echoing through the air the sent of smoke ran through it as well i looked to Gederic and without saying anything we knew they were trying to burn everything to the ground we had our ships go to full sail so we could pick up the speed to get to the city faster.     


Take the Oath for the Ebonhart Pact

I do so swear loyalty to our people and to our King. i shall take up arms against our enemies and  they will tremble at the tip of my blade. i swear to protect my allies and to show no mercy to my enemy as they will not show any for me. i will fight with honer and pride for our people of these distant lands. And if i were to die in battle i know my death will not be in vein. may the tip of my blade send any sole who challenges me to the depths of Oblivion. FOR THE HONER OF THE EBONHART PACT!    


              Boromir WolfsBane 

Race: Nord (Male)

Weapons taken into battle: Bow, Sword and or War Axe with Shield, and a Staff,daggers

Apparel: Heavy Armor / Light Armor

Looks: Male Nord, Muscular Build, Long Hair, Tall, Mainly wearing Heavy Armor and Light Armor, will have a shaved but notable mustache same as goatee (might change to beard in the future), Dark Brown to black hair

Class: Templar

Main Focus: A lot of PvP and PvE and some RP when needed crafting along side everything

Type of Game Character: Mercenary(sell sword), Spy, Assassin, Scout, Smith

Magic: all destruction, Conjuration, possibly illusion

Battle combat: Strategic, will hit hard, plans ideas before the fight before taking action to assure victory.

Goals: To be in Much Combat to earn me the status of the greatest Warrior in Tamriel He will be good at Surviving with little supplies if necessary and will take the fight to the enemy.

Main skill’s of focus: Archery, One handed, destruction, Sneak, Smiting, Heavy/light armor.


I am also very in tuned with the language of the Dova or dragon

Vulom Gron Sil Osos Ru Nuz Osos Unt Krif. Toor Fent Ni Praan.

Darkness binds the soul some run but some try to fight. The Inferno shall not rest.




”I fought for the men i held in my arms dying on foreign soil i fight for their lives and children who’s names i heard whispered in their last breath i fight for we few who did come home only to find their country filled with strangers wearing familiar faces i fight for my people impoverished to pay the debts to an empire to weak to rule and yet grants us criminals just for wanting to rule themselves i fight so all the fighting i already done has not been for nothing i fight because i must”    -Ulfric StormCloak

 Will you answer the call?

and for the Nords