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I’ve been a nerd at heart all my life, and gaming has been something I’ve grown up with since I was very young. It started on a Gameboy Classic, playing Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. My first fantasy RPG was The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and I absolutely fell in love the the TES series, and fantasy genre. After spending the better part of 2 years playing Morrowind, I turned to mmorpg’s, and the game I picked up was SWG. SWG completely blew me away, and the fact that I could play an RPG with lots of different people in a massive world was mind blowing, at that point in time I was hooked.

Over the years I played numerous MMO’s, but I finally found what I wanted out of my MMO’s in terms of gameplay, and WoW (prior x-pacs) opened a whole new world to me. I fell in love with open world PvP, and raiding, and never looked back at the sandbox genre. Since WoW I’ve raided and pvp’ed in a large array of games, and look forward to taking the next journey into ESO.

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SWG / GW1 / WoW / EQ2 / WO / LOTRO / AoC / Rift / SWToR / GW2


TES III Morrowind / TES IV Oblivion / TES V Skyrim