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The Burning Persona [PS4] [NA] [DC] is recruiting!

Welcome! We are #TheBurningPersona Guild (Established December 2015) in the PS4 NA Server Daggerfall Covenant Alliance.

Our guild is friendly and fun for new and current players. We currently have 200+ members, so if you’re looking for an active guild to call home, join us! We have lots of active great people that do a mix of everything – PVE, PVP, Trials, guild events with prizes… you name it. Whether you’re an established player or just starting your journey in Tamriel, we’re always happy to assist if you’d like some company/help or even you’d just like to chat, ask questions, etc. We would like to have more members who enjoy playing PVE and Trials. As a Member, you will have access to deposit in the guild bank as well as sell item within our guild store. To become a Member Plus, we must get to know you more, so participate in guild chat, join in on events, game with any Persona, Council, Arbiter, or Guild Master. A high ranking member will then vouch for you to be promoted to Member Plus rank in which Council, Arbiter, or Guild Master puts their trust in you for the greater good of #TBP, with this rank you will be able to withdraw from our guild bank and post in the MOTD.

We are mostly all adults and at times use adult language and humor, but know that we ultimately expect everyone to be civil and respectful to each other. We do not dabble in religious or political discussions since those usually lead to heated, uncomfortable situations. If you want to talk about these, by all means please do so somewhere else – not here in this guild. Let’s just enjoy the game together, have fun, and prosper.

Having a headset is encouraged but not mandatory. If you are shy or not yet ready to chat with #THB members, it’s ok – no worries. Truth be told, we’re kind of a chatty bunch so when you are ready, visit our guild chat channel and say hello!

We also have an active Discord group that you can access/join once you become a Member!

Please send PSN message to any of the following to be added to the guild. Be sure to let us know where you saw this post! :-)

PSN: Baby_Gurl_09


PSN: County_Boyd74

Thank you for looking, and hope to adventure with you soon!