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Breton Templar

The Crimson Order

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Looking to grow The Crimson Order's ESO Chapter!

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  • Server:PC North America
  • Name:Ayzreal
  • Guild:The Crimson Order
  • Race:Breton
  • Class:Templar
  • Role:Healer

Hello all!


I’m the Chapter Leader for The Crimson Order’s ESO Chapter! 

We have a presence in both PvE and PvP. I enjoy destroying our enemies in Tamriel as well as progression Trials. I am an active player who has been playing since beta and did an account transfer to Xbox 1 on ESO’s console release. I continued to play on console for the majority of my eso time. I ended up with 14 toons with 890 cp. I’ve cleared all content in game and even attained Emperorship. Now that i’m back on PC i’m looking to attain the success I had on console. 

However this time I have an amazing guild backing me up!

If your interested in upping your game, contact me or one of TCO’s officers or recruiters on joining TCO!

Looking forward to playing with each one of you!