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Name: Ava Blackthorne.

Titles: The Manslayer.

Sex: Female.

Race: Breton.

Age: Was in her late twenty’s when she was turned into a vampire, her real age is over a few hundred years old.

Place of birth: Daggerfall.

Home: The City of Southpoint in Valenwood.

Religion: Worships The Daedric Prince Molag Bal.

Vampire bloodline: Keerilth.

Profession: Assassin.

Class: Necromage.

Specialization: Magic.

Attributes: Willpower, Intelligence.

Birthsign: The Lady.

Main Skills: Blade, Block, Destruction, Conjuration, Illusion, Light Armor, Sneak.

Appearance:  Pale skinned due to vampirism, black medium length hair somewhat messy, strikingly beautiful for a vampire, tends to use seduction whenever an opportunity arises. As for gear she dresses in a light weight black and red leather armor, allowing to be remain protected, but also very quick while in combat. She prefers to avoid taking hits, instead of being able to absorb them with heavy armor.

Equipment: Her main weapon is a one handed sword know as The Blackthorn, forged for her in honor of her family name, the blade is as purely black in color, with it’s named engraved into the very blade itself. The sword is much designed like that of a blade used by a knight of royalty, but was created with the sharpest metals in order to cause those on the receiving end of this vicious blade to suffer large amounts of bleeding. The Blackthorn has one enchantment in attention to it’s extraordinary ability to quickly inflict bleed damage, with this being an absorb health enchantment. She also carries a pair of twin blades on her back that, where also created for her with the intention of causing her victims to bleed out very quickly during combat. Both twin blades are curved weapons opposed to her strait sword The Blackthorn, as well as being forged from the very same sharp metals that make her sword so effective. She also carries a fair amount of poisons with the rest of her gear, but also a assortment of potions should her situation become dire, as well as some throwing knives for sticky situations.

Spells: Ava is a skilled mage, both with standard spells such as fire, shock and ice. But mostly takes interest in dark magic spells, using spells such as dark orbs, life drain patches, and conjuration spells summoning deadly creatures from the depths of Oblivion to aid her in battle. She also takes interest in Illusion magic, should she be in a fitting situation she will gladly use an illusion spell to turn the tide of battle to her favor. Perhaps the most sinister of her interests is her obsession with Necromancy, and that of summoning the undead.

Personality: Ava is a cold character, she has no care for the lives of mortals, seeing most of them either as food, or a means to an end. She has been known to interact with those she considers worthy, but by no means would she trust a mortal being with her life. Her true loyalty’s remain to her coven, she always places the goals of her family first, seeking out anything that would benefit them in there efforts in there home deep in the woods of Valenwood. During her life time she has gained a fair amount of enemy’s, most notably among them being vampire hunters. But also many were wolf have long sought after her death, mostly due to her cruelty towards there kind. She holds a deep hatred for anyone infected with lycanthropy, and will often go to great lengths to bring about the death of any, and all were wolves she comes across during her travels in Tamriel. While she often uses thralls as a steady supply of blood, she is generous to those she keeps in her service, even rewarding those who obey her loyally with the gift of vampirism. She is an overall villain type character.