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Waiting for my role-play to be acknowledged.

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  • Server:Xbox One
  • Name:Arun-Ja
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Arun-Ja is a Dark Brotherhood Silencer and Shadowscale in service to Sithis, as well as a traveling Bard and Adventurer. He enjoys adventuring with others and slaying innocents in Sithis’ name. He strives to help and protect his fellow Saxhleel from Dunmer slavers and rude Nords, but tolerates both other races all the same. If there is need of adventure, Arun-Ja is ready for action. He can be recognized by his pale skin, his ancient, scarred face, and his blinded left eye and red right eye.

Long ago, Arun-Ja was a simple farmer at his father’s plantation in Black Marsh. This life was destroyed by the forces of Molag Bal as he was taken and sacrificed in his name. When he was freed by a resistance force, he returned to Tamriel, with a vengeance against the Daedric Prince and his minions. Along the way, he learned to summon a Clannfear he named ”Dagon” and a Winged Twilight he named ”Azura”. Together, they scour the land, seeking to destroy the plots of the God of Schemes and unravel the secrets of Tamriel. He took his place in the war in Cyrodiil, losing his left eye and gaining scars that would never heal. He returned to the Shadowscale enclave he was trained at during his earlier years, and found it destroyed by the Xit-Xhat tribe, who were holed up in the ruins of Mazzatun nearby. With the help of the other Shadowscales, the ruins were cleared and the Xit-Xhat tribe was eradicated.

Before this, he became a vampire to lengthen his life and aid him in movement and ability. This led him to a position, along with being a Shadowscale, in the Dark Brotherhood, where he quickly became a Silencer, then a Speaker when the previous Speaker was killed unexpectedly. He also served as the ambassador of Jorunn the Skald-King, helping the other alliances with problems in order to reunite Tamriel as one people again, though his goal was, at the time, all in vain, as the war continued. He now searches for adventure and something to keep him and his friends entertained. He can be found near taverns or his home in Black Marsh, where he seeks for anything to keep him entertained, though he is honest and true in his dealings.