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I am merely a humble alchemist... no need for hostilities. However you do look like you could use a tonic

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Name: Rellicas Bridene of Leyawiin

Nicknames: ’Rell’, ’Lucky’

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Nibenean Imperial

Place of birth: Leyawiin, Cyrodil

Birthsign: The lord

Class: Adventurer

Profession: Wandering Alchemist

Main attribute: Luck

Alignment: Neutral good

At first glimpse: A bright and healthy young man, to a degree stocky. Pleasant and polite to those he encounters, he is clean and possesses a handsomeness to him unlike of most peasants.


Build: 6ft, Mesomorphic body type with fit and healthy muscles, quite husky and taut after much physical labour on farms and travelling around.

Aesthetics:  medium-length, brown hair messy yet still nice and naturally swept to the left, Strong brown eyes with flecks of hazel and dark rings surrounding them. Round head with a strong set jaw and wide cheekbones. Features are more soft then sharp. Young and fresh faced despite his labours, rather handsome but only realised upon thought. Thick eyebrows and an average rounded nose. Small lips and a wide chin. Large feet and long hands, that are rather worn and dry from his daily work. Good hygiene, washing at least every 3 days but when he can, he does so everyday.

Armour: light brown, leather plate armour complete with chest piece, pauldrons, greaves and bracers. underneath his armour he wears a simple linen shirt and jerk trousers, clothes typical of peasants, over the top of a layer of chainmail. On his back he adorns a tan coloured cloak along with a rucksack.

Rucksack: Water sack, assorted trinkets, several books including his alchemical recipe book, various alchemy gear including mortar and pestle, sleeping gear, few days worth of food, assortment of maps,

Jewellery: A plain bronze ring on his ring finger which belonged to his late master and father figure, a boar tusk hangs from a piece of string around his neck and is tucked into his shirt.

Weapons: A beautiful steel short sword, it is a relic of ancient craftsmanship and is uncharacteristically strong and sharp. A wooden shield with a unicorns head carved into it.

Pets: A Large brown horse named Callus which is built for farm work.


Rellicas was born the bastard son of a priestess of Mara and a corrupt noble in the imperial city of Leyawiin. Knowing it to be the best thing she could do for her son, his mother sent him away to a nearby orphanage. There he resided for 12 years, mostly keeping to himself and only interacting with the others if it was necessary. During his time there he spent many of his waking hours reading novels of adventurers and studying tomes of swordplay then putting them into practice. He often pondered about what life would be like free of the orphanage and so on numerous occasions had attempted to escape with no avail. One day however one of his attempts had gone better than usual, he had managed to get outside of the orphanage and out onto the open road before anyone noticed he had escaped. After a few minutes of travelling along the dark road he stumbled upon a mysterious figure riding a horse and cart. Having came from the direction of the orphanage the figure was aware that there was a child missing. After greeting Rell and inviting him upon his cart they began to talk and the figure explained that he was a travelling nord alchemist selling his wares across all of Tamriel. For the duration of their journey the man delighted Rell with stories of his travels and all he had seen. Before long however they came to a stop and Rell realised the alchemist had taken him back to the orphanage.

After marching him inside and alerting the carers the alchemist explained to them about his current situation and how he desired an apprentice to train and help him as he was now becoming rather old. He then offered to adopt Rell should he so choose and take him with him. Eager to rid themselves of the trouble Rell would so frequently cause by his escapes the carers agreed and Rellicas ended up leaving along with the alchemist.

For the next 4 years Rellicas travelled with the alchemist across tamriel and learnt of the various cultures, histories and conflicts alongside his training in alchemy. Finding himself to be a natural in the field of alchemy he surpassed the old nords expectations to his delight. Almost as instantly as their journey began their attachment for one another did, over time growing very close into a father-son relationship. Where one went the other would soon follow. However this happiness was short-lived as on the 9th of Rains hand the old nord passed away leaving Rellicas in ownership of what few belongings he had, including the horse and cart they had travelled on for so long. On a quiet hilltop above bruma Rellicas prepared a small burial mound for the nord in which to bury him and say his goodbyes.

From there Rell continued to travel helping farmers and common folk whenever he came across them in need. He took up his fathers alchemical business and travelled far and wide selling an array of potions and elixirs. As he travelled Rell continued his studies into alchemy becoming better and better with each passing day and more gaining a more refined set of skills. He also conducted independent studies of ruins and lores giving him an extensive knowledge.

Just before the alliance war broke out, Rellicas joined the imperial legion to serve as a battlefield medic where his skill in alchemy would no doubt save countless lives. Despite the empires current shortcomings he still believed that the empire was still better for Cyrodiil than any foreign armies who merely wanted the land so that they could rightfully claim the rest of tamriel. He received battlefield training in the imperial city and then was immediately deploid just as the three alliances begun their onslaught alongside the daedric invasion. He served in many battles and skirmishes around the borders of Cyrodiil defending every inche as fiercely as a dragon, healing his comrades in arms whenever they were injured. His martial prowess wasn’t much to be desired but his alchemical skills proved invaluable, being able to whip up a health potion or cure all in a few minutes. Due to the countless lives he saved and his innate ability to survive whatever his thrown at him his fellow soldier taken to calling him ’lucky’ as a nickname. His tremendous effort in the name of the empire gained him and audience with the emperor and his advisors, something that Rell takes pride in. After a brief period of resting from battle he was sent to the frontline once more. When the imperial city was being invaded by the undead forces of Mannimarco and the corrupt government led by the Tharns betrayed the very citizens which had died for them, Rellicas fought as best he could, buying as much time as he could for many citizens and injured soldiers to escape. During the battle he sustained an injury to his shoulder and was forced to retreat to the sewers where he hid for several days. During the days in the sewers he witnessed first hand the cruelty of the worm cult, scrawling down any details of their rituals he could make out. When the opportunity presented itself he fled the city, taking what supplies he could scrounge. After making it free from the city, he took up travelling again. Intent on bringing at least a little bit of good back into the world in order to balance out the bad.


Religions: Open in terms of Religion, he is a devout follower of Mara, when it comes to daedra worship he often finds himself at odds with those who worship the ’evil’ daedra.

Personality: Both friendly and cautious simultaneously, more than aware of the evil that the other people of Nirn can cause, Rell is always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. More than anything, Rellicas upholds his honour with the greatest esteem. He’d sooner face consequence than sacrifice his honour. He has a unique outlook on life and doesn’t believe in the ’greater good’. Instead Rellicas remains always the advocate of the underdog and seeks to protect what he calls true good, in his mind you cant do good by causing another innocent wrong. Hardly patriotic, he cares only for individuals and will align himself with those who most benefit the individuals of Nirn. Possessing a high intellect, there are few topics that he cant hold a conversation in. His heart is always in the right place and will do whatever he can to help people if they need it. On the occasions when he misses his manners it is as a result of his intense curiosity that drives him. His most notable quality would be his loyalty, ever loyal to his friends and loved ones, there is hardly anything he wouldnt do for them. Because of desire not to kill unless necessary he only takes alchemical ingredients from dead creatures and should he be forced to kill a creature he will use as much as possible then bury the rest. He has a strong will and is about as spirited as they come.

At his worst: He can be quick to temper in certain situations, such as when he feels ganged up on or offended in any way. He can be sarcastic and unfriendly to those who purposefully treat him or others badly. When feeling down he can be distant and hardly favour interaction with others. To those who have committed serious wrong against him he is far from likely to ever forgive them, although he isn’t one to seek or enact revenge. Very stubborn in his views, it takes a lot to deter him from a path once he has tread upon it.

Skills: Alchemy, Blade, light armour, athletics, sneak, merchantile

Currently learning: Restoration, enchanting

Strengths: Although he is still young, he has pretty much mastered the art of alchemy and brew near enough any potion imaginable. With his extensive knowledge in the field he is able to boost his combat effectiveness more than it is, with a great many tricks up his sleeves. In Rells case, his intelligence and swiftness are what gives him an advantage, although he is unable to make the most devastating blows, his smarts and speed allow him to find the weakness in any opponent and quickly seize the moment to abuse it. Though not one of his main skills, his extensive vocabulary and speach skills allow for him to escape some sticky situations and come to terms without need for violence. Above all else, Rellicas is endurant, whether its through stubborness or will he will keep getting up, blow after blow until he finally succeeds. All in all the combination of his skills allows him to be nimble and endurant. Always honing his skills, he wont give up until he masters them all. 

Weaknesses: Though he isnt as effective against bigger opponents or mages, his attributes still allow him to combat these things, that being said it doesn’t mean said combat wont last longer. Rell’s real weakness comes in the form of what he prizes most. If his friends and loved ones come under threat then, being unable to contain his anger, Rellicas becomes rash and will rush into things without properly thinking over things. As well as that Rell’s honour could also be used against him as he prefers not to kill, especially an unarmed opponent. Though that sentiment doesn’t extend to daedra and undead.  


Scenarist guild- working for the faction by retrieving old verses and tomes from caves or ruins, over the years he has picked up a few tricks from them in the art of writing and performing.

Order of the lamp- acts as a healer for the guild, giving travelling knights a place to rest. Also acts as a procurer of information regarding the wormcult and other dark magics. During his time working for the guild he has been taught in the art of restoration to assist his healing skills and further bolster his alchemical prowess.

University of Gwylim- acts as a chronicler for the university, making sure their records are up to date. As such he has access to a large archive of information to assist him when he requires.




Name: Bolzog

Race: Orsimer

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Place of Birth: Wrothgarian mountains, Highrock

Class: Necromancer

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance: Bolzog is ugly even for an orc. His skin is a pale ashy colour and his hair a dark, insipid tone. Standing at 6ft9 he towers above the vast majority of people he encounters. Due to a birth defect, the right side of his head and torso are riddled with large benign tumours. To add to his frightening appearance his hair is thick and wiry, pulled back into a braid with his beard shaped into scraggly mutton chops. Crude armour made from iron, protects him against attacks while a tattered black robe shields him from the effects of the elements.

 Equipment: A staff crafted from the charred wood of a hist tree, a ceremonial knife, a stock of varied soul gems and several poisons.

Attributes: willpower and intelligence

Birthsign: The tower

Major skills: Mysticism, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Alchemy, Speechcraft, Blade