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The Wayrest Loyalists

Xbox One

Daggerfall Covenant

PvE PvP RP Trade

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  • Server:Xbox One
  • Alliance:Daggerfall Covenant
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:hardcore
  • Focus:pve | pvp | rp | crafting
  • Website:The Wayrest Loyalists

~The Loyalist Charter~

The Wayrest Loyalists is a guild created in order to unite ESO players that play on Xbox One and claim the Ruby Throne for the Daggerfall Covenant! This guild will have something for everyone, including craftsmen, merchants. diplomats and of course, soldiers.

We will be active in PvP and PvE as well as roleplaying, I wish to have something for everyone in this guild. We will also promote crafting and trading of items because hey, who doesn’t like some extra gold? Members will have to be playing ESO on the Xbox One Console to be apart of this guild. The guild will be divided into different brigades led by different people. Each brigade will specialize in their own things.

Brigade 1: The Blue-Cloaks: Leader undecided. This brigade will focus on a little of everything the guild has to offer and will be the main brigade.

Brigade 2: Malacath Militia: Leader is Scorpio Anubis (A.K.A gamertag “Crypt Scorpion”). This will be a brigade exclusively for Orcs and will mainly be a heavy infantry PvP brigade.

Brigade 3: The Blue Lion Traders: Leader undecided. This will be a brigade mainly for trading and crafting.

Brigade 4: The Overseers of the Lion: Leader undecided. This brigade will focus mainly on PvE and destroying the Daedras influence in our homeland.

Brigade 5: Loyalist Special Forces: Leader undecided. Will focus on more covert and stealth techniques to help or cause. Will be a PvP and PvE brigade.

Special Group: The House of Dominus: A group of high ranking members from other guilds and our guild. The members will discuss alliances with other guilds and plans on the conquering of Cyrodiil.

Quick note: More brigades will be added later on.

UPDATE: We now have a website. Check it out!

UPDATE: We are partnered with the Daggerfall Covenant guild RavenWood.

Thank you for reading the Loyalist Charter!

Sincerely: Guild-Masters Scorpio Anubis and Quel.

One Land! One Emperor!