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Xbox One

Aldmeri Dominion

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  • Server:Xbox One
  • Alliance:Aldmeri Dominion
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:moderate
  • Focus:pve | pvp | rp | trade
  • Website:Order Of Xarxes


Add me for invite. GT is lordsindarin

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-A growing community of active dedicated TES lovers

- Rewards of Gold and Epic or Legendary gear for active members

- Guild bank (Provisions, potions and crafting supplies for all)

- Guild store

- In guild events

- Fun PvE, you’ll never be going solo unless you wish to.

- Thrilling PvP, like everyone, we want Emperor status, and will not rest till it’s ours!


- Active players of any race.

- Creative and open minds.

- Mature souls, who can still have a good time.

- Xbox One owners (or soon to be).

We don’t ask much, just that we share the same goal, and we have fun getting there.


Some of our members are more enthusiastic about RP than others. If this is a more predominate desire of yours, ask around, one of the guild members can point you in the right direction. If not, then that’s fine also.


With many members comes much trade. We encourage all our members to participate in trade. If you no longer need an item or are looking for the best gear, our guild store is the place to be. We also offer access to top level gear from the guild bank. As well as tannins, provisions and resources.

If you are selling items you will be pleased to hear that we’ll hire merchants in prime locations. If there are buyers for your item we’ll find them.

Alternatively you may like to donate some unwanted items to the guild bank. This will benefit your fellow guild mates and all generosity will be note:)

guild bio

The Order Of Xarxes (pronounced Zark-Sees) Is a powerful and ancient guild form by Xarxes (the Aldmeri god of ancestry and ancient knowledge). Xarxes began as a scribe to Auri-El (the chief god of the Aldmeri) and kept track of all Aldmeri accomplishments, large and small, since the beginning of time. 

Xarxes sought all knowledge no matter how corrupted. The Daedric Prince of knowledge and memory – Hermaeus Mora revealed to Xarxes the darker secrets of demon knowledge, in return Xarxes worked together with Prince Hermaeus Mora to create the omnipotent lexicon. 

Knowing the great power of the ancient texts Xarxes formed the Order in secret. We are sworn to protect this knowledge from those who would abuse it, or worse destroy it.

Across the ages we have initiated the most skilled and fearsome champions. Some fight for coin, some for glory, others are faithful worshippers. 

Following a vision during his daily worship to Xarxes and for seeing the misery that would befall the mortal realm, should the Aldmeri fail. The current Grand Overlord and High Priest – Sindarin has sworn allegiance to Queen Ayrenn. Having defended wisdom and learning for countless centuries; We now move to conquer Cyrodiil. We are shall claim the ruby throne under the Aldmeri Dominion banner, destroy the Daedra threat and smite any who stand in our way. Securing peace and promoting reason throughout Tamriel.

‘With the shinning light of knowledge and reason we shall burn away the darkest shadows of ignorance, leaving only peace in our wake’

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 Base of operations

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Under Royal Order from the Queen we have requisitioned the Altmer Embassy in Grahtwood. This will be our base of operations outside of Cyrodiil. The Embassy will continue to function normally so as to cover our secret and vital operations. This will provide us with:

-a social meeting point

-a useful tool for Roleplayers

-Our Chef Sienna will be based in the kitchen here. She will provide the finest food, which offer impressive perks.

-Rewards for active members can be collected from here

- Useful trade, crafting and fencing services nearby.

- a great location for our more light fingered members to hone their skills ;) and no guards!

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Elder Root, Grahtwood photo Screenshot_20150323_120315_zpsgn0ibpu6.png

RANKS & roles

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  • Grand Overlord*****: The high priest of Xarxes and leader of the order. Chairs the high council, main roles are cross guild diplomacy and in guild oversight.
  • High Hand*** (Head Chef, Chief Clothier, Master Blacksmith, Head Apothecary, Master Craftsman, High Enchanter): All sit on the high council. These ranks are offered to members who have level 40 or above in their respective trades. These distinguished members are the most proficient crafters and have superior hireling at their command, who find the finest resources. In turn they create high end gear and provisions  for the guild bank.


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  • Lord Commander****:  These distinguished leaders chair the war council. The Lord Commander considers offensive tactics/strategy and commands our war machine.
  • Lord Protector****: Military leaders charged with leading defense of our keep, assets and scrolls. Leads the Guardians and is in charge of recruiting, vetting and swearing in new Oathmen.
  • Master Shadow****:  Commands our covert division,the Legion of Shadows. Tasked with scouting, assassination of stragglers and filling guild coffers with wealth pillaged from rival alliances.
  • Commander*** (PVP/PVE): These respected officers command sections of our war machine (Groups of 12-24 per commander) and answer directly to the Lord Commander. They also decide tactics on the ground, give direction, advice and lead groups across Cyrodill to engage the enemy, scout, ambush, distract, defend/take territory and capture enemy held elder scrolls. Also they shall lead smaller groups of adventurers on quests and raids throughout Tamriel. 
  • Sergeant**: This rank is held by the skilled and the proven. They shall assist their Commander in directing our forces and leading us to victory. These courageous champions help guide their guild mates on the battlefield and use skills such as ‘War Horn’ and ‘Rapid Maneuver’  to push our force forward. Also have permissions to recruit Oathmen.
  • Guardian*: Selected from the most active and loyal Oathmen. These esteemed members have highly developed Support (‘Barrier’, ‘Purge’) and Healing skills. They will maintain our force on the battle field and quickly repair our defenses following an attack. Guardians report directly to the Lord Protectors.
  • Shadow*: These agents are the backbone of our covert division ‘The Legion of Shadows’. They report directly to the Master Shadow and carry out all of our shady operations. 
  • Oathman: On the battle field these champions fight to maintain and further our supremacy. These initiates must prove themselves worthy of our order before they are allowed access to the guild bank. Although they may ask higher ranks to withdraw on their behalf.


*can withdraw/deposit items from/into guild bank and access guild chat

**all above plus can recruit new Oathmen

***all above plus can demote members and access officer chat

****all above plus can claim resources and hire merchants

***** all above plus can expell/promote members, change guild insignia/info/ message of the day and withdraw gold/make payments

Join us for this epic adventure, together we will build a strong guild and destroy any who stand in our way. 

Open positions

Grand Overlord: Sindarin

Lord Commander: Aenarion Stormbane 

Lord Commander:  Position open

Lord Protector: Edfyrn Gentleroot

Lord Protector: Position open

Master Shadow: Dar’qanar

Commander: Darjo Ja’Kir  Commander: Brutus Domitius  Commander:  x5 positions open

High hand (Cook): Lady Sienna Willowvale (Clothier): Euphrates Stormwatch 

Sergeant: DansGamerTag10

Guardian: Elbarko

Sergeant/Guardian/Shadow positions open

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