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PlayStation 4

Daggerfall Covenant

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  • Server:PlayStation 4
  • Alliance:Daggerfall Covenant
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:casual
  • Focus:pve | pvp | rp | trade
  • Website:Noxophilic Sanguivoria

PS4 / PC | Vampire / Werewolf RP Guild | NA Server

Noxophilic Sanguivoria is a Vampire & Werewolf Coven based on the PC NA server, and the PS4 NA server. Our coven welcomes you to join our midst of children of the night ..

Noxophilic Sanguivoria [Nox – Oh – Filik, San – Gwi – Voria], was formed through the act of a child of Lamae Bal, Mistress Lady Lucifer. After witnessing the pain her fellow kin had suffered through the hands of humans, she formed this sanctuary were they could live out their immortal lives in peace. The sanctuary grew, bringing vampires and werewolves from all over Tamriel in, its numbers growing and becoming well known throughout the lands. The guild has grown a reputation of giving humans, who have proven themselves worthy of recieving, the gift of the night & moonlight. These newly turned beings are taught the ways of the hunt, and are brought into a family, a kin of fellow supernatural beings that accept them.

Currently the guild is based in the Daggerfall Covenant


Elder Scrolls Online Vampire & Werewolf Guild based on the North American Server. We are primarily a PvE, RP, PvP & Crafting Guild, our main goal is to give Vampiric & Werewolf players a place to really enjoy a RP experience. We are a casual, friendly guild welcoming all members, human or not.

If you need, please follow the link to view the Blood Tenets of the clan.

A Brief Description of the Guild Structure, a more detailed version of all aspects of the Guild is on the website.


  • Ranking System
    The following information, has been well thought and planned out by the guild leaders, N’ympth & R’aihe. Members may advance through these ranks provided they meet the requirements and have the correct Guild Points.
    Upon initiation, members are given the rank of either Vampire, Werewolf or Human, N’ympth is the Coven Leader, R’aihe is the Wolf Pack Leader. PvP & PvE are when these two teams really take affect, the leaders may also select a few individual members who have shown strength to become apart of the Coven/Pack War Council.
    The leader and master of the Guild
    Event Planning, Guild Site, Ceremony Biter (Vampire)
    Lady Lucifer (JaeSlayde)
    Recruiting, Event Assistance, Guild Rules Monitoring

    Those Vampires who have trained, and mastered their gifts and can now pass on the gift of Vampirism


    Werewolves who have moved passed the regular pack member and now bite humans


    Members who have been bitten or came to the guild turned
    Members who has been bitten or came to the guild turned

Members who are neither Vampire or Werewolf and have not decided what to be bitten into

    New recruits who are yet to be turned
    These members have shown strength in battle, and passion for the Guild through promoting it, attending regular events and being active in guild chat
    Guild Points
    Guild Points are the currency of guild advancement. To be considered to advance ranks, members must reach a total of 10 Guild Points. Members may earn Guild Points by helping the guild in the following ways;
    Successfully recruiting a new member: 1 Point
    (Ensure they mention your @username upon applying)
    Contributing to the Guild Bank 3 times: 1 Point
    Reporting offensive/rule breaking behaviour: 1 point
    Being active in Guild Chat: 1 Point
    Attending Guild Events: 1 Point


  1. If you are wanting to be Transcended, you must inform a Prince or Mistress
  2. Thou shall not sell the gift of the night to another, that privledge must be earnt through a series of tests & meeting
  3. Thou shall respect fellow Night Brothers & Sisters
  4. Only an Elder may bite a Seeker
  5. Coven events will be frequent, it is expected you attend. However you will not be punished if you are unable to, unless you do not attend multiple, in which case an Elder will contact you.
  6. The Coven Bank is there for our Night Family to use, simply ask an Elder and it will be yours. It is not expected you should replace that item with another, but it is frowned upon if you do not.
  7. If you wish to become higher in the Guild ranks, simple things are always recognised;
    • Regular chat & Guild involvement
    • Becoming Adra, and bringing humans, werewolves or vampires to the Guild
    • Helping out other members, and being a general decent person
    • Contributions to the Guild (Crafting ect)
  8. DO NOT disrespect, or otherwise discriminate on gender, sex, religion, sexual orientation, age ect ect

.:May The Darkness Watch Over You:.