What is the Roleplaying Corner, and how do I post in it?

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    What is the Roleplaying Corner forum?

    As Tamriel Foundry has grown, it has become a place with a wide variety of people – all here to discuss different parts of ESO. It has become obvious over the last few months that we have a small but growing community of roleplayers here, and we feel it is important to give them their own space to discuss roleplay, and to take part in forum roleplay.

    Why separate it from the Lore forum?

    Although entwined, roleplay discussion and lore discussion are two different things, and not all lore fans are roleplayers – and vice versa. We felt giving these two distinct groups their own places on the forum would make keeping track of threads much easier, and they would both become a lot more useful for those looking for information on either of the subjects.

    Why is this connected to the TF Roleplayers group?…and wait, why can’t I post in this forum?

    The TF Roleplayers group (Formerly the Cloud Ruler Temple) is a place for roleplayers to meet others easily, and also to have a way to ‘mark’ themselves as a roleplayer to others. Depending on how much moderation and quality-control this forum turns out to need, it may have a more important role to play in the future. At the moment, the forum is public and therefore membership of TF Roleplayers does not have to be requested, you can just join. You will need to join this group to be able to post and make threads in the Roleplaying Corner.

    I want to make a new forum roleplay thread. Do I need to ask permission?

    No, everyone is free to make their own open roleplay threads – just try to make sure you are the OP of only one at a time, to make sure we can quality-control well. If you are thinking of joining in or creating an open roleplay thread, definitely read the Roleplay Guide – it will give you a good idea of what we expect.

    Although Tamriel Foundry moderators will not usually directly quality-control roleplay threads, we will keep an eye on how the OP is keeping to the guidelines and how well they keep the thread on track. Sometimes we may step in with advice, or moderate at our discretion, depending on circumstance; such as if the OP has abandoned the roleplay, or the thread has derailed from our guidelines so much that it is no longer suitable for Tamriel Foundry.

    Can I bump old forum roleplay threads?

    If you find an older forum roleplay thread that unfortunately tailed off into oblivion with no real ending, contact the OP if you want to begin a revival. It’s considered polite to ask permission before bumping someone else’s thread.

    What else can I discuss here?

    This forum is for anything roleplay, whether that be discussing characters, ESO roleplay elements, backstories, past roleplay experiences, what you want in-game, etc. If your idea for a thread is completely Lore-related or is an inquiry about Lore, post it in the Lore forum.

    Welp! I’m not sure if my thread is roleplay or lore, it’s a mix of both!

    Feel free to contact a moderator to inquire as to which forum you should post your thread in.

    I love reading these rules! Give me more!

    Remember to read the Tamriel Foundry Code of Conduct as well – those rules apply here just as much as anywhere else on the forum.

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