Dark Intentions of the Brotherhood (OOC)

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    Hello, everyone! I’ve always wanted to lead a successful role-play of the Dark Brotherhood. Post your characters here and join my role-play. Be sure to make them as you want them, no godmodding, and I would prefer that no curse words should be used, but it’s your decision whether to do so or not. All races and alliances are allowed, because the Dark Brotherhood is diverse and has assassins from everywhere. Most importantly, have fun with this. This is supposed to be a free forum that allows you to dive into the open struggles that the Dark Brotherhood is facing, namely the antagonist I will introduce in this role-play, and of the troubles they face because of it. I hope you all enjoy this role-play as much as I did creating it. Be creative, and don’t let anything stand in the path of your character. Thanks again. Arun-Ja.

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    Hey, I’ll join. I just have to come up with a character.

    Add me as a friend! I never fail to entertain…

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    This was sorta eight months ago; so …yea….

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