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Tamriel’s Sentinels

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Aldmeri Dominion

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  • Server:Xbox One
  • Alliance:Aldmeri Dominion
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:moderate
  • Focus:pve | pvp | rp | trade
  • Website:Tamriel’s Sentinels

Our mission has always been one of peace for all races. All ten races need to band together as one to fight against Molag Bol and his minions of Cold Harbor. However, now that the land of Tamriel has been thrown into chaos, we need more then peasants and soldiers. We are Tamriel’s Sentinels.

We are an organized yet friendly guild. Our members range from general gamers to dedicated role players.

Whether you are looking for an active role within guild society, would like to be part of our war to be rulers of peace or just like to adventure with some loyal guildmates. There is something for everyone to do.

‘Unity is our strength, Discipline our shield and Strategy our sword’

These are the three tenants of Tamriel’s Sentinels. If you choose to join us you must be social and respect other members, you must respect hierarchy and we must all unite in the best interest of the guild.


Guild Rank/Roles



(KN)= Knighted Rank

(TR)=Trusted Rank

(BR)=Beginner Rank

(NM)=New Member Rank



THE SUPREME COUNCIL: Consists of the King, Minister(PvE), Commander(PvP), and Head Quartermaster

THE CIVIL COUNCIL: Made up of the King, Lords and Ladies(no more then 10 members whom will oversee all civil matters) as well as the Overseer and Knighted ranks who deal with guild to guild relations, guild crafting/enchanting, guild income and guild member’s well-being.

THE WAR COUNCIL: Made up of (no more then 10 members whom will oversee all war matters) as well as the Overseer and Knighted ranks who deal with PvP/PvE Raiding, battles and wars.

SHADOW LEGION: Lead by Shadow Master and is made up of skilled stealth soldiers who preform, raids, spy missions, sabotage and ambushes. Little is known of them , aside from the fear their name invokes. They are masters of the dark arts (lock-picking, stealing, stealth, murder). They will do whatever is necessary to maintain supremacy. This includes stealing enemy held Elder Scrolls, loot and other rare items. Sabotaging enemy siege equip in defense of keeps. As well as other tasks requiring their discreet abilities.

ARCHER LEGION: Made up of skilled archers who provide ranged support during sieges, raids or defenses.  Also defend the keep.

 MAGES LEGION: Made up of battle mages and healers who provide ranged and close combat support.

TANKER LEGION: Made up of Tankers who Provide close combat support and Aggro.


Civil Ranks


 (OV)King: Leader of entire guild, what he says goes.  On both councils

 (OV)Minister: Takes orders from king, deals with guild to guild relations and the guilds “economy”.  Head of the Civil Council

(KN) Lord or Lady: Takes orders from the Minister.

(KN)RECRUITERS: Takes orders from Lord or Lady, tasked with finding people in the world of tamriel who might join the guild. 9 Recruiters in total. Vote on a Head Recruiter.

(KN)Cartakers: Takes orders from a Lord or Lady, tasked with monitoring the guild and making sure everybody is doing what they supposed to do.  Also answer questions like “How Do I Rank Up?”.


Supply Ranks


(OV) Head Quartermaster: Gives orders to the Quartermasters on what the guild needs from each craft. Comes up with scavenger hunts witch supplies the guild needs and distributes them to each quartermaster. Takes orders from the Commander and Minister

(KN) Quartermasters: Gives orders to the head of each craft on what to make and when to make it.  Takes orders from Head Quartermaster. Manage keep stores and supply our guild members with wares at a substantial discount. Also they will generate revenue for the guild by selling to other guilds at full price.

(BR)Head CRAFTERS/ENCHANTERS: Takes orders from the Quartermasters. Tasked with distributing to each crafter what the guild needs in their specified craft as well as creating weapons and armor for guild members: do anything asked of them from a higher rank, within their best judgement.

Head Alchemist: provides alchemists with ingredients and potions

Head Blacksmith: provides blacksmiths with ingots as well as weapons and armor

Head Tanner: supplies crafters with leathers as well as armor

Head Enchanter: supplies enchanters with armor and weapons  to enchant

Head Provisioner: supplies cook with food

Head Carpenter: Supplies crafters with wood as well as create weapons and shields

(BR)COOKS: Takes orders from Head Provisioner.  Tasked with making food for the guild members.

(BR)ADVENTURERS: Simply explores and brings back materials for the Blacksmiths, Enchanters, and Carpenters.

(BR)SUPPLIERS: Finds items such as ingredients and materials for the Alchemists, Tanner, and Provisioners.


Military Ranks


(OV)COMMANDER: Takes orders from King.  Gives orders to Generals. Head of War Council.

(KN)Generals: Takes orders from Commander. Gives orders to Captains. Forms and Leads Raiding Legions of 24 players.

 (KN)Captains: Takes orders from Generals and leads soldiers into battle. Forms and Leads Raiding Squads of 12 players.

(KN/BR)Sergeants: Takes orders from Captains. Leads groups on raids and small battles. Forms and Leads Raiding groups of 4 players.

 (KN)Shadow Master: Leads the shadow legion.  Takes orders from commander.

(KN)MASTER ARCHER: Leads archer legion. Takes orders from commander.

(KN)ARCH MAGE: Leads combat mages. Takes orders from commander.

 (KN)ARCH HEALER: Leads healers. Takes orders from commander.

(KN) Melee Master: Leads tanks. Takes orders from commander.

(NM)FOOT SOLDIER: Fights on the battle field.