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  • Server:PC North America
  • Alliance:Ebonheart Pact
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  • Style:moderate
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Guild site: ravenguard.guildlaunch

The Ravenguard is back brothers and sisters of the guild In recent months the guild has become very quiet but now we have returned to a more formal management and new officers have also been assigned and we intend to keep the Ravenguard community alive. If your a true Ravenguard message RavenLord Boromir WolfsBane or the guild officers to inform them that you wish to be updated on any changes

To join the guild in game, send a PM to @Harlock, @chaosstull or @Furiant and an invitation will be sent as soon as possible.

Our Cyrodiil campaign is currently Wabbajack. It is advised that members who wish to play with Ravenguard join said campaign.

It is now compulsory to sign up on the forums by sending in an application form under the Recruiting tab. The character form has also been incorporated into the application
process. If you have already sent in a character form, and have already signed up on the website, then the aforementioned does not apply to you – only new members.

Ravenguard is primarily a Cyrodiil strike-force guild consisting of the most elite and capable warriors and smiths in all of Tamriel. Its goal is to aid Jorunn the Skald-King himself in the war by defending and attacking important strategical points of interest that are absolutely crucial to the war. If a place of importance is under attack, and needs support urgently, Ravenguard are the ones who are called in. We operate with the needed speed, strength and structure to smite down thy foes, leaving nothing but blood on our blades, and victory in our hearts.

Ravenguard is a social guild as much as it is a PvP or PvE guild. Anyone is welcome (as long as you are in the Ebonheart Pact and will be playing on the North American server) and everyone is appreciated, so bring your friends, your family friends, or even your friends’ family! In not too much time, we will host events and competitions that will be run depending on how the game does, making sure that day-to-day life in the guild isn’t your same-old same-old guild stuff. We plan on having contracts that can be shared around the group, and potentially even awards and prizes too. Suggestions are highly appreciated too, so we will be eager to hear from you, whatever you might have to say! We promise that this guild will be different from others, and everyone will be treated judged on maturity, not age. As long as you are serious enough about gaming that you will play on a regular basis and know that you will contribute to the team and help other members, you are welcome to join and play in the one and only, Ravenguard.

The roots of Ravenguard go back far and deep, many many years ago, with a hard working man known as Valdomus Angelos. The long story of his hard work, triumph, courage and purity goes as follows:

Valdomus Angelos, the Dunmer, was a simple hard working man, who payed his taxes and lived about life like any other would have. This man lived near a small town near the coastline of South-Western Vvardenfell. Although life was easy enough for him, it was a chore, and there was nothing interesting to take a break on. Though he didn’t mind too much, at least he wasn’t being thrown around like the Argonian slaves he had seen heaving saltrice in town. He often felt pity for them, but then again the townspeople would say that they were terrible beasts, and that they deserved it and nothing less. He often threw a needed coin to some of the slaves, to relieve some of the anguish he felt for them, but after a guard saw him do so he spat at Valdomus, shouting “Don’t pity these fools, they have brought this upon themselves!”. After that, Valdomus didn’t even look at the slaves, as he knew that all he would bring upon himself were the feelings of pity and the judgement of the guards.

Whenever he wasn’t at town gathering supplies, or making the 3 hour long trek into town, he was either hunting game or mining for precious gemstones that he could later sell at the town markets, with a trusty pick he had forged himself as a young smithy, named “Steadfast”. Years ago, when he was planning the first preparations for his shack, and where it should be built, he stumbled across a mighty cave, glimmering with gems and precious metals, hidden away from the blind eye’s view by swamp plants knotting the entrance. This is where and why he decided to set up camp there, seeing great opportunity in the land and its surrounding fauna and flora. An average day for Valdomus consisted of rising up from his bedroll early in the morning, tired as ever, to catch Slaughterfish in the nearby saltwater streams, and the odd Guar that he encountered. After he had fetched a good amount of food, hide and scales, he would make breakfast and go straight to mining, which is where the real importance was. He would mine for hours upon hours upon hours to gather up the sufficient gems needed to buy vegetables and other staples, and later sell the gems at the markets in town, only to come home late to a cooking stew and a nice warm bed-roll. His life was simple and plain, without any fluctuation, until one day he came across a huge fortune in the mine that would make him richer than most men he knew.

One day, Valdomus went to work in the mines like he normally would, when he found a Raven’s nest at the entrance of the mine. There was a lone, small, defenceless bird, with white tipped feathers, perched in the nest; no mother in sight. Valdomus thought of leaving it, until he saw a Viper slither and hiss towards it. He couldn’t leave it there on its own to just die, he had to save it, so he scooped up the nest and let it rest on a nearby overhanging branch, away from the snakes reach. He just hoped that the mother hadn’t abandoned its child, and decided that if the mother wasn’t back in due time, he would care for the young Raven himself. But for now, he had to mine, as time was precious, so he grabbed his trusty pick and went to work. While working deep in the mine he hit a solid sounding substance of something he hadn’t seen before. Especially since he was working in almost pitch black conditions. He b rang his small, dreary little paper lantern up to the substance, and examined it, to find out that it was a rare and precious material that his master blacksmith used to forge the finest armours and weapons out of; Ebony, pure, rare Ebony. He knew it was Ebony, as his master smith would have it imported in its pure form, so that he could smelt it the “right” way himself. As Valdomus mined away more and more at the wall, he exposed more Ebony, and soon he had a whole wall stretching at least 5 meters long, with a half meter high veil exposed, and he was still going! The realisation came to him suddenly that he could be one of the richest and most important people around, that he wouldn’t have to slave around all day just to get by on tiny gems. Later that day, Valdomus went out and bought the most expensive wine he could find, and indulged himself at the local tavern, buying drinks for all, knowing that soon enough he could pay it off in a flash. On his way home he realised that he would need a workforce to mine all the Ebony he had discovered, and wondered where he would ever find such hard working employees to do such dirty work. As he pondered drunkenly down the street, he saw the town slaves in cages and rags, and it came to him then. He could buy the slaves, and treat them with much more respect than what they got, relieving himself of the pity he had every time he went to town, and at the same time relieving the slaves of the cruel whips and hard blows dealt by the town guards. “Finally something can happen for a change around here, and for the better too” he thought as he stumbled along to the warm embrace of a good night’s sleep, and the visions he saw of wealth.

Seven years later, he had a hard working taskforce of twelve, more Septims than he could imagine, a staggering mansion and a wife and child. His wife’s name was Selda Lisicus, his child’s Varto Angelos, and they lived happily, undisturbed in their mansion, called Ebonheart Manor. He had met Selda while making a trip to town to buy some timber, when he saw her lost and alone. He immediately took a liking to her, and she for him, as he took her back to his house and presented her with nice hot stew and a cosy shelter for the night. One could even say it was true love at first sight! Later they had a child called Varto, and lived happily by the slaves. Valdomus had made the slaves (formally known as the Ebonheart Miners) happy by showing them some respect, giving them shelter, clothes, a warm bed and food, but most importantly, freedom. As long as the workers worked hard in the mines, he would reward them, and very generously as well. Life was great for him and his friends and family, until rumours had gone around that a giant beast had been roaming the swamps where it shouldn’t be. This had scared the miners, but after a quick reassuring speech of promised weapons for all, along with an incoming supply of light armour, the miners were feeling a little better again. That was until one of the miners, Leaves-Do-Hide, went missing while on break. Everyone heard the screams, even those who were still working deep in the mine, and panic spread fast yet again. Valdomus armoured up, but by the time he grabbed his bow, it was silent yet again. When he went to check what happened, all he could find was the miner’s pick, covered in blood. The other miners ended up locking themselves in a room deep in the mines, and after the panic subsided, they found that the door wasn’t opening, so Valdomus ended up having to hire a master Locksmith just to get it open. The miners were scarred by the experience, and Valdomus had to hire bodyguards just to keep them feeling safe. This beast was a big threat to everyone on the estate, and he hoped that it would just go away, but he somehow doubted that.

Two weeks later, no more sightings of the beast had been heard of, so Valdomus was feeling a little better, and put trust in himself that it was safe to go to town. He had just finished packing pots and containers, ready to be filled with various foods from the markets, when he was informed by one of the bodyguards that she had seen a large creature off in the distance. She had thought it was just swamp fever kicking in, but thought she should inform Valdomus anyway. Regardless of whether the beast had actually been sighted, or whether it was just a mirage, he had sounded the bell at the entrance of the mine, which rang down far and deep, calling the miners up to the surface. Everybody had lined up, when Valdomus noticed something was not quite right. There were only 15 people accounted for; 2 bodyguards, 11 miners, himself, his wife and his- The realisation came quick and swift, on who exactly was missing. Valdomus ran off to where he thought he would be, leaving his bow and armour, fearing just how much time he had. Through the river, over the rocks, and fair enough, there he was, his son playing by himself at the base of a tree. His son glanced up upon hearing someone approach, and merely smiled recognising the face. Valdomus ran up and hugged Varto, full of relief that he was safe again. Or so he thought. A Raven had suddenly swooped down, dancing like a fool, jumping up and down in front of the two, like a crazy Sheogorath would at a beheading. Valdomus went to shoo it away, but then recognised it from the strange white tipped feathers as the Raven he had saved many years ago. He wondered why it was acting so hysterical, when it flew away and landed atop a branch. As his eyes followed the Raven, he saw it then. The beast, no more than 15 meters away, watching them, ready to attack. It was a Nix-Hound, and it was starting up a run straight at them. Valdomus’ heart was pounding, and he didn’t know what to do. He was going to die, and so was his son, “At least we will die together, in each others loving embrace” he thought. The beast was almost upon them, when Valdomus remembered a saying his father would say to him, whenever he was scared. “Hush my brother, for I am here, don’t you fear, for I am here,” he said to his screaming son, and closed his eyes, ready for the fate that was death. But they did not die. He slowly opened his eyes to see the Raven attack the beast, one swoop after the other, taking out one of the creature’s eyes, and severely mutilating the other, before the beast intercepted one of its attacks, beating it down to the ground, scampering off. Valdomus couldn’t believe what had just happened. The Raven didn’t only warn him of the attack, but saved him and his son’s life. He quickly crawled to the bird, carefully scooping it up and holding it dear to him. The Raven had returned the favour of saving their life, as he saved its life many years ago. A tear blurred his vision cloudy, and rolled down his cheek onto the rising and falling chest of the dying bird. Never had he ever seen such bravery from such a small creature before in his life.“You were my Raven guard, and I will never forget it”.

We at Ravenguard believe, strive and fight for all that Valdomus did. If you wish to carry our ancestors’ wishes, then follow us and together we’ll lead!

In cold steel nights,

We black birds soar,

And carry the light,

That conquers all.

In Ravenguard we focus on a wide range of areas, primarily PvP, PvE, Crafting and Roleplay. Our main aim however is to become a Guild that aids those in trouble, a crisis strike-force dispatched to save and help those in need, whether that be in defeating a dungeon and its dwellers, or a Fort in dire need of defending towards the inner depths of Tamriel. Our primary focus differs at times and depending on what is happening in game. Earlier on when players are at a low level, we will guide them to focus on PvE, providing support to level them to lvl 10. If they wish to continue on that path then we will guide them to the PvE sector of the guild where they can join others and quest in groups. If they wish to PvP, then they can join the PvP sector and form groups to quest in Cyrodiil. If they wish to craft, then there is a crafting sector that can also be joined that will be provided with supplies and information to get players started. If you wish to RP, we have a spot on the forums and will likely have RP days where members of Ravenguard can meet together either in game or on our TeamSpeak server and RP the day away as their favourite Elder Scrolls character. If you like a Guild that is filled with fast paced action and a variety consistent events, then Ravenguard is the guild for you!

Ravenguard is open for alliances with other Guilds. Send a PM to Vladimyr Angelos or Boromir WolfsBane if you wish to request a bond to be formed between the allies, in battle, faith, wealth and power. Our current allies are:

Knights Of The Pact

Templar Order



The Keepers

The Outriders

Ebonheart Metalworker’s Union

Knights Of The Dawn

We are eager to join forces with more!

Anyone is able to join Ravenguard, to put it simply. There are no restrictions on age, language or location, and all are welcome! Though we may be more specified to certain regions and players, we still put emphasis on variety so as to provide for a fun playing environment no matter the person. If you wish to join, join the group here on Tamriel Foundry and fill out the application form on the forums. Once that is done, you’re officially in and apart of Ravenguard!

Within Ravenguard, there is a ranking system used to identify and proclaim the prestigious initiates who wish to ascend the ranks and become elite members of the Guild.
Different ranks unlock different positions for members to apply for, such as Officer, Platoon Leader, Treasurer, Tactician etc. to further allow progression of members with the guild.

To rank up in Ravenguard, all you need to do is dedicate and demonstrate. You do not necessarily have to be good at what you do to rank up, so long as you try your best and strive for excellence your actions will be recognized, whether this be on the battlefield or in the smithy. The process of ranking goes through a Recruiting Officer, by earning what we call Renown. There will be at least 1 Recruiting Officer assigned to manage the ranking of members per platoon. At the end of either a biweekly cycle or after contributions are made towards the greater good within Ravenguard, members will either report to or be seen by a Recruiting Officer who will reward them with Renown. This reward will be recorded, as well as the action of which deemed it for future reference. To be certain that all rankings are equal and appropriate, only the most trusted Ravens will be given the opportunity to become Recruiting Officers. Once a certain amount of Renown is achieved, a Raven will be rewarded with the title of whichever rank is reached as well as the included benefits of that rank. Ravens who show particular talent, skill and dedication towards Ravenguard will however be rewarded additionally so their actions are also fairly recognized by their Recruiting Officer. If any signs of favoritism or other unfair means arise, be sure to notify myself and I will get on the case immediately. Thank you for reading, and if you have any suggestions, do say so!

The following are the various ranks in Ravenguard, at this point in time.

If you would like to use a Ravenguard signature, you can click the above picture at the top of the page, which you will send you to its source.

If you have any questions either message the guild leader Vladimyr Angelos, Steward of the Guild Boromir WolfsBane, or any of the Officers of the Guild, Caseron and Gederic.

If you strive for all that is just and full of worth, then join us in our battle against the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall covenant, and any others who stand in our way to a better Tamriel.
For we are Ravenguard!

In cold steel nights,

We black birds soar,

And carry the light,

That conquers all.