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Aldmeri Dominion

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  • Server:PC North America
  • Alliance:Aldmeri Dominion
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:moderate
  • Focus:pve | pvp | crafting
  • Website:Radiance


We are the light of justice that cut’s through the darkness. We the Radiants will consist of all Aldmeri races. We set aside our differences and fight as one. A pact consisting of the greatest warriors, mages and hunters alike. As we grow so shall our Empire. The opposing factions will know our name and we will strike great fear into their hearts. We will purge the darkness from this world with our shining blades and claim what is rightfully ours. Let us take the throne!


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What makes us Radiant?

-We each play our individual way, thus welcoming all members whether [b]EVIL/GOOD/NEUTRAL[/b]
-We will be helping all new member’s and be accepting anyone from Aldmeri
-Focused on an engaging community where we share experiences, tips and knowledge with each other
-Requirement’s for now are none, but as we grow and develop into a strong guild we will establish rules
-Will have raid events, Cyrodiil wars, Obtaining keeps and get togethers to help improve weapons/armor or create potions.
-Specialized titles for guild members
-A hierarchy to control and maintain order

Laws of Luster

1. You will respect the Radiance community and our alliance alike.
2. We will help one another in a time of need
3. One shall not give away guild secrets

Break these rules repeatedly and you enter a trial which will decide your fate within Radiance.




Forum Guild Positions
-Forum Moderator

In-game Guild Positions
(Listed Below) – There is no order of power except for the Guild Leader and Captains. Captains will obtain power throughout the guild and anyone from any branch will have the opportunity to become one.
-Captains: Second in command. Will mainly consist of leading the lower branch of officers. Must be extremely intelligent about the land of Tamriel. The Captain’s should know a great deal of the skills, perks, game play, training area’s and dungeons. Be updated regularly on all TESO announcements. Plays regularly and is highly confident in his skills as he is kind.

-Knights: The Force of our guild. As a player you must comprehend battle techniques and be skillful in all battle art’s. Knowing how to successfully raid a Dungeon, tactics and leading a group of soldiers into battles. 

-Hunters: Skilled in assassination and know’s the land of Tamriel. Should consist adventurers who generally venture out into the wilderness and harvest any materials they can find. Help other’s by finding certain materials in the wilderness. Some examples would be good places to obtain leather, specific ingredients, ores from mines.

-Archaists: Masters of the Arcane arts. With your boundless power of Magicka you end up being both support and warriors for the Guild. You’ll assist in creating synergy effect’s for other soldiers. You will wreak havoc through the grounds with AOE spells and other uses of destruction and deception.

-Recruiters: As the name suggest you will help in recruiting and training the newest member’s. Help point them in the right direction and make sure they fit our guild. Don’t go and choose random people and invite them. As this may sound like a boring field, it’s simple and you still have a chance of a captain. A couple of add on’s to our guild is appreciated

-Tycoon: You my friend are the money maker. Takes control of income from our guild. Makes money by buying and selling items or enchanting and then making profit for the Guild. Will control the items within our guild bank. If anything the Tycoon’s will continuously add money to our bank. Myself and the Captains will control which items are bought for our guild.

Special Skill Positions (Predictions on Game play if these become relevant)
These positions will be given to the highest levels in the field as well as trustworthiness and activity.


- Arch Alchemist (AA) – skilled in alchemy knowing many combinations and can help supply players by making potions for them.

- Blade (Blacksmith/Crafter) – Specializes in creating new and more powerful weapons, armor. Helps other’s in upgrading their armor. As I’m not sure how the equipment levels in this game is gonna work but hopefully they keep it simple as in all other ESO games.

- Shiner (Enchanter) – Must be skilled in enchanting with high levels. As every enchanter must obtain every enchantment possible. The goal of enchanters are to help guild members to increase their armors and weapons for those who can’t