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  • Server:PC North America
  • Alliance:Daggerfall Covenant
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:moderate
  • Focus:pve | pvp | rp | trade
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We are a group intending to monopolize the market of bulk ore using collusive prices among miners.Periodically, we will meet after the game’s launch to discuss and debate prices for ores, armors, and weapons that ALL of the Union’s members will follow. The goal of this is to make sure that everyone within the Union sells as much as they can mine/craft while keeping the price relatively profitable.




Fancy talk aside, this guild is intended for people looking to make some serious septims off of Mining and mining related crafts when ESO launches. We run things fairly liberally here with our policies. We travel in groups to mines, clear and guard the mines, harvest all the ore, craft weapons and armor, and sell our goods. When launch comes, we will debate and negotiate prices on ores, armors, and weaponry. The guild will collect a fee from your sales of around 3-5% of the item’s value (minimum of one septim). We have alliances with 4 other guilds directly, while we are also in a couple of coalitions of Daggerfall Covenant guilds so business will be big, so don’t feel like you may mine or craft too much stuff and won’t be able to make a sell.




To do that, the members of Covenant Crafters will set standardized prices on ores, ingots, weapons, and armors we collect and craft. Assuming there will be an Auction House, members of CC will all sell iron ore for the same price. That way, miners who would normally compete against each other can work together to make the most profit. There will be guild-stores, but they are only for members of that guild. It is possible for the guild to have a store open to the public, but that would require taking a keep in Cyrodiil, which will be pretty easy considering we have our allies with serious man-power. Using the excess profits we hope to make, we can bribe miners who may be less than willing to join the Union into joining or to keep them from mining. In the event that bribery isn’t enough, we can use our large guild to mine faster than they will be able to, effectively cutting them off from their supply. This will make it so they can’t mine, and they will have to charge more than us because they have way less to sell. In the end it will be for the betterment of us suppliers, the miners. CC’s monopoly on one or more kinds of ore will allow us to set high prices and keep competitors and independent miners out of the market. With our monopoly, we can use our influence in resources to gain powerful allies, which we already have, and use those allies to our advantage (like taking a keep to have a public-store)




Using the excess profits we hope to make, we can bribe minors who may be less willing to join the Union into joining. In the end it will be for the betterment of the suppliers, and the miners. CC’s monopoly on one or more kinds of ore will allow us to set high prices and keep competitions and independent minors out of the market.


Oh I see


Right. In a nutshell, our Goal is to have complete control over the prices of ore, especially in large amounts, in the Elder Scrolls Online.


Whats in it for me?


And by ‘me’ I mean ‘you’. The Covenant Crafters hopes offer the benefit of the doubt that the minor/supplier will never get cheated by the consumer. There is a never-ending demand for ores and metals in many different crafts, and you should recieve due compensation for supplying that metal. That is the purpose of the Covenant Crafters: to protect the miner and his/her rights as a supplier of necessary goods.



If you are interested in joining the Covenant Crafters, it is open recruitment so sign right up. If your looking for a little more of a leadership position, send me a message. The following two position carry alot of responsibility and there for carry alot of power. I’d like to have few of the following.



Economic Advisers – might sound kind of silly, but people who understand economics and can explain to anyone who wants to know are more than welcome. Because I’m no expert at economics, I might have some questions for you too.


Organizers – While I’ve played MMORPG’s before, and TSE games for sure, I can’t be on all the time. A few people who can organize “mining raids,” or small parties who can quickly and efficiently travel routes to farm ore are more thean welcome. Alternatively, working together with other Officer positions to keep the Guild running is a must.

List of Departments Available (You May Only Join 2)

Blacksmith                 HeavyArmor/Weapons

Tailor                          Medium/Light Armor

Enchanter                  Weapon and Armor Improvements

Alchemist                   Potions

Provision                   Food

Merchant                   Sells

Security                     Safety

Woodwork                 Shield/Staffs

Smithing: the guys who primarily focus on gather materials and manufacturing goods for the Union.

Merchants: The people who will buy and sell for the guild. How they do their job will be open for discussion and suggestions, but what I’m thinking of is they can buy goods from the crafters and sell them to people outside the guild.

Organization: Individuals that work directly for the guild. These can be planners of raids, foreign representatives to other guilds, record keepers, whips (people who try to get more participation from guild members).

Security: People who primarily focus on combat. They can be used as guards, raiders, or help the guild in PvP.

We will have 8 departments. If you guys have other departments in mind, just let @Elvenhater123 or @Jcknight10 know and we may add it. You guys may join 2 departments (maybe more if more departments are made).

UPDATE: 3/2/13

Welcome to all the people who have joined. I urge you to invite your friends to become a member as well if they’re interested in mining, smelting, etc. Elvenhater123 has volunteered for a leadership position and has an associate’s degree in economical business stuff, so that’s a check for “Economic Advisers.” Again, we’re still looking for people who have been in charge of large and growing guilds in the past, as well as people with website-making know how. Send me a pm if you have any leads.

~ Jorm

UPDATE: 3/7/13

We (myself and the founder) have decided that the guild should also develop combat orientations to helps us clear mines and caves. This will gives us an edge over other purely crafting guilds. In other words, we are expanding into PvE to help make the guild more entertaining and to make our members good at combat. We will set up[ raiding parties to clear mines and strip them of ores. What is suggested is to have a couple of Damage-oriented players, a tank, a healer, and a pack-mule player.

-Elven Hater

UPDATE: 3/24/13

Okay guys, It has come to my attention that we need to expand our jobs. We need to add “Smithing” to the things this guild is about. What will probably (but no totally sure) happen is members (who will be charged a discount price) and other players may use our forges for a fee per weapon/armor they make. This will more than likely be something small like 3-5% (minimum 1 septim per unit) of the piece’s actual value for Union members; probably (but not defiantly) 7-10% for non-guild members. This will be our fee for using our forges (and our mines), but these numbers aren’t final and may change after the game’s launch.

Our mines will also need to be guarded (mainly from non-union players). We will need members who are good at PvP to be guards, as well as many members to volunteer to be guards. I don’t want to “draft” members into being guards, so when the game comes out please volunteer liberally. “Guarding” doesn’t have to be you staying in the mine for several hours doing nothing, but rather you can roam around the mine and even go outside of it to gather alchemy ingredients or find good hiding/stealthy spots. You can smith or mine while you guard.

-Elven Hater

Update: 12/16/2013

We are in two DC guild coalitions. One is the Daggerfall Guild Alliance (DGA) and the other is The Covenant Alliance (TCA). They will provide us with customers and PvP protection. We will not be providing every single person in all guilds within each alliance. When we own a keep or are allowed to set up a public store in a keep in Cyrodiil, then we will sell our goods to any and all members of those two groups. Only guilds with independent, direct alliances with us will have a discount on our weapons, armors, and ores. Guilds we have direct alliances with include The Anti-Dominion Legion, the Wrothgarian Rangers, and Exterminating Elves Everywhere (The E.E.E.). Guilds with direct alliances with us help us clear and defend mines in their territory and let us mine them. If they have no territory of their own, like the E.E.E, they will just provide manpower for us for PvE and PvP. If you are a guild and would like to make a direct alliance/business deal with us, then you should contact Elvenhater and/or Jorm.


Our website is: