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Ebonheart Pact

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  • Alliance:Ebonheart Pact
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:hardcore
  • Focus:pve | pvp | rp | crafting
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Welcome to the legion.  Welcome to the Blood Oath. As a Knight of the Blood Oath, you swear yourself to your guild and to the glory of the Ebonheart Pact.  We serve Jorunn above all others, and strive to bring victory and honor to our kin. If interested in making the pact and taking the oath, fear not and make no hesitation.  Boundless opportunity awaits all who join, and with the honor of our name comes respect; from our enemies and our allies. We stand ready to fight, and keep Cyrodill in our pact’s name.  We will dispatch the legions of the wilds. We will supply our great pact with any and all supplies it needs.  Swear now, and become the force that leads the Ebonheart Pact to glory!

The Knights of the Blood Oath is a hardcore guild, based on all aspects of ESO.  We will be active in PvE, PvP, crafting, and will support any and all aspects of role-play (however, this aspect is not required to be a member of KoBO).  I plan on structuring the guild into different divisions, based on individual member’s desires and game-play orientation. This being said, I will personally lead the PvE element of the guild, along with officers to organize our group. I am looking for dedicated co-leaders to run the PvP and Crafting oriented players, and guide them on their path. All members will select a main category, but will be allowed to play however they like within all of the categories. This will help create a core team for each group, while allowing for every member to play as they desire. If you choose to switch groups, it will be allowed at any time. There will be multiple PvE groups, PvP groups, and Crafting teams as we grow in size, each headed up by an officer/appointed official. All members will be encouraged to craft, but for any players that wish to focus on crafting alone, teams will be divided by profession to help facilitate the trade and growth between those players and their craft.  As more information comes out about the game, these aspects may change, but will hold to a rigid structure regardless.  For now, membership will be open to all players, but will close at a later date, becoming application only.

I am looking forward to seeing each of you on ESO,