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Knights of the Alessian Order

PlayStation 4

Daggerfall Covenant

PvE PvP RP Trade

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  • Server:PlayStation 4
  • Alliance:Daggerfall Covenant
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:moderate
  • Focus:pve | pvp | rp | trade
  • Website:Knights of the Alessian Order

Hello all,

The Knights of the Alessian Order are recruiting. We are a well-defined NA, PS4 only, Daggerfall Covenant non-elven Guild that was founded before PC release. Our theme is based upon the Alessian Order. We are looking for players of all walks that have at least one Character that is Non-Elf and Daggerfall Covenant; we require members to be on a Daggerfall Covenant non-elven character for all official guild events.

We are accepting full members as well as people who wish to maintain only a trade relationship with our guild (traders still required to have one Daggerfall Covenant non-elven character).

A little history of our Order.
The Alessian Order was founded in 1E 243. A time when the Aldmer oppressed and enslaved the human races. Alessia the Slave-Queen rose up and fought back, creating alliances with the Nords in Skyrim. They pushed back and fought a brutal war. In the end they won at the White-Gold tower, what is now known as the Imperial City. Alessia was crowned the first Empress of Cyrodiil and created the Eight Divines. Since her death we have lived on through the ages. We die out and rise continuously. But now we plan to rise and stay risen. We plan to put High King Emeric on the Ruby Throne and stop the Aldemri Dominion from taking over Cyrodiil and oppressing the human races again. Help us put a stop to the knife-ears and there would be queen.

All recruits must apply through our Site which you can find here.

Divine Councilman Justice,