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Elven Redemption

Xbox One

Aldmeri Dominion

PvE PvP RP Trade

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  • Server:Xbox One
  • Alliance:Aldmeri Dominion
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:hardcore
  • Focus:pve | pvp | rp | crafting
  • Website:Elven Redemption

Elven Redemption wants to offer a good social experience for the hardcore MMO and TES player. We will be very organized and be very thought out and strategic when it comes to PvP. As for PvE we want to be focused on dungeon crawling and adventure zones. Currently we are allied with CoA and TPB for the Aldmeri Dominion. Right now we are low on members but are always willing to get some more.  We are open to dedicated crafters. We will not be focusing on a specific class or play style so any role will do. We will accept roleplayers but it will not be a focus.


Vengeful leader(loadfuzion) 
Council of five(theunalienablegamergg,Countryboy0226)
Rules and tenets:
1.Never dishonor the dominion or the queen.
2.All ideas and opinions are accepted.
3.You answer to people who are a higher rank than you unless I say otherwise.
4.Absolutely no hate or racism against other players.
5.Respect all members of the guild.
6.Do not do anything that will hurt this guild.
Rules for officers and council members:
1.Don’t abuse your power as a officer.
2.Don’t make decisions that will bring this guild down.  
3.If there is a problem in the guild message me.
4.This has to be your main guild.
Alliance with The Poisoned Blades and Children of Auriel:
1.A 25% discount at the other guild’s store.
2.Military support can be called for aid in PvP.
3.Help at guarding the other guild’s territory.
4.The alliance website is
 We fight because we don’t want the younger races to take over.with the Altmer, Bosmer ,and Khajiit we will surely take the ruby throne by force or, our smarts.No one will stand in our way if they do they have a lot to worry about from our magic to our arrows.We will show them that the elder races are not to, be trifled with and should be, feared.We will not bow down to ignorant fools of the pact and the covenant.

In depth about leader ranks:

Strategic Advisor(none)will offer strategic tactics and routes for the PvP field.

Diplomatic Advisor(none)will consult alliances and terms with other guilds and groups.

Advisor of Internal Guild Affairs(none)will handle internal guild problems and affairs like recruiting and conflicts.

Advisor of Espionage(countryboy0226)this position will handle behind enemy lines and scouting missions for solo to smaller group missions.

Main Advisor(TheUnalienableGamergg)has as much power as the leader and helps decide options with the leader.

In depth about officer ranks:

Commander takes advice and orders from leaders.Depending on the specialty of the member who is being promoted there will be different types of commanders fitting play style or position in the guild.

Commander of scouting will take orders from the Advisor of Espionage and will help scout groups and lone wolfs find enemy troop movements.

Commander of Strategic Movements will command troops and platoons on the battlefield to keeps and resources with strategic tactics.