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  • Server:Xbox One
  • Alliance:Aldmeri Dominion
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:hardcore
  • Focus:pve | pvp | rp | crafting
  • Website:Children Of Auriel

We follow Auriel as he has given us many gifts, powerful magic to the Altmer sorcerers, his bow to the Archers, and shield to the Warriors. It is at this time that we must stand to fight for what we believe and with Auriel on our side nobody can stop us. Not the Covenant, not the Pact, not Molag Bal or any other. Deadric Princes. We are going to strive and we are going to survive then rise and then we will reign victorious. We are the Sons and Daughters of the great Auriel.

In this guild we will fight not only in the name of the Dominion and the Queen but for Auriel. In this guild we will not just do one thing we will not just win the war in Cyrodiil, we will not just explore and adventure through all of Tamriel, we will not just be the best crafters in all of Tamriel, we will not just be one thing… WE WILL BE EVERYTHING and with Auriel on our side we are only a few steps away from victory and we will treasure every inch as we make towards our goal because with every inch we’re that much closer to pleasing Auriel.

For the Dominion, For The Queen and for AURIEL… and for sweet rolls if that’s allowed

If (I mean When) we take over all the Sweet Rolls, will only be in the Dominion anyone caught with a sweet roll in other areas will be executed on site of eating a sweet roll (Its cruel but don’t you want all the sweet rolls we will never go hungry we will shower sweet rolls on the poor)



This is the Story that shrouded us into darkness and created a need to save Auriel before we lose him forever


Story by Renrijra-Krin


Back in the ancient days, Khajiit ruled southern Tamriel, man lived in the Akaviri Peninsula, Elves in the Summerset Isles. These ancient beings devoted their worship to the gods in which they believed. The Elves carried forth Auriel, King of Gods. Auriel guided the elves throughout history, and now in the Second Era, Auriel is forgotten. In the current day, orcs and elves walk Nirn, not knowing how the followers of Auriel, King of Gods, gave immense sacrifice to create a deity that once stood tall, but stands slumped. The story of the Children of Auriel begins in the Dawn Era, when the Aedra fought amongst them to ascend to godhood.

In the times of mythic origin, tension rose between Auriel and Lorkhan. Auriel loved the elves, and they were one with Auriel, giving them magical powers, and separating them from mortality. Lorkhan wanted to create the “mortal plain”, in which all were equal. He wanted to create his own plain in which civilization to thrive, and give mortals freedom to do what they please. Auriel resisted to this plan, as he wanted his elves to remain with almost unlimited powers. To create this mortal plain, Lorkhan planned to strip the elves of their immortality, and their deep love to Auriel. Lorkhan’s persuasion was so fierce, Auriel eventually agreed. Giving up their divine power, the Aedra were now weak. The Elves were therefore mortal, but kept a long lifespan. When Auriel realized in his weakest moment, he had created enfeebled slaves. Recuperating from his losses, he taught the elves to suffer with dignity. The elves were known as the Old Ehlfnofey. Years passed as they rebuilt on this new plane of existence. One of hunger, thirst, and death. They rebuilt, and followed Auriel’s word down to the letter, and from that point forward, Lorkhan was hated by all Mer. Auriel and his greatest knight, Trinimac, sought revenge for what Lorkhan turned his beloved Mer into. He descended from the skies to lead his army of Mer against the hordes of Lorkhan.

As the battle commenced, many lives were lost, and soon, Trinimac stood above Lorkhan, and ripped his heart out to end his treachery. Because his Aedric heart was the source of immense power, Auriel cast it into the sea on an arrow from his bow. Lorkhan’s body would then be known to all denizens, Nirn. The plane was divided into islands and land masses from this catastrophic event. Atmora was taken by man. The Yokudans took Yokuda, and the Tsaesci took Akavir. The remaining Old Ehlnofey remained on the Aldmeris, and became the Altmer. But, one day, the island Aldmeris would soon be doomed, and the Altmer ventured east, into Tamriel. Settlements were established along the coastline, starting in the south, and eventually making it east into the lands of the Khajiit and the lands of the Argonians. They were driven back, but still remained dominant over vast marshes, wastelands, and mountains. The elves were beginning the long line of the Merethic Era.

The elves soon held a strong foothold in Tamriel, and all of the conquest brought wealth and riches to some. The Crystal Tower was built, and became the shining monument it is today. Then, after years of more advancement, Topal the Pilot sailed the Niben and claimed the Eight Islands. He charts the sea lanes, and trades the Islands for the secret of literacy. The Elves now rule almost all of Tamriel. The White-Gold Tower is constructed, and vast economic growth ensues. The elves make their way into Vvardenfell to establish the first High Elven Towers. The Ayleids, a different form of elf, descending from the Nebes, withhold the old magics and teach it to only other Ayleids.

As the Chimer began to grow, so did the Velothia Dissident. Those who did not allow themselves to became he daedra, those who do not like the realm of Mundus. The exodus of the Chimer followed, and Trinimac tried to stop the Dissident, but there were greater powers at work. The daedric prince, Boethiah, led the movement. Mastermind of conspiracy and treachery, Boethiah conspired against Trinimac to destroy him and gain more power over the Dissident. Trinimac, being Auriel’s greatest night, fought for the Mer, and tried to hinder the Chimer where ever he could. Boethiah’s persuasion was growing greater by the day. Boethiah spouted to Trinimac lies about how he would speak to the Chimer through Trinimac’s voice. Trinimac could fight this game of swords, but not this game of words. Auriel tried and pleaded Trinimac not to believe in Boethiah’s senseless words, but he gave in to pressure from the elves being lost to the Dissident. He went into Boethiah’s mouth, and Boethiah spoke through his voice. But, Boethiah was not talking to the Chimer. Boethiah began to persuade the elves following Trinimac that he had lied to them, deceived them, using Trinimac’s voice. Persuasion was almost too easy for those who listened. Boethiah consumed Trinimac, and soon after, those who were persuaded became known as the Changed Ones. Trinimac’s following now consisted almost entirely of these Changed Ones, and through Boethiah, he was corrupted, and changed as well. He was no longer Trinimac, but was transformed into the Daedric lord Malacath. His following, the changed ones therefore would be known to the citizens of Tamriel as Orsimer, or orcs. These orcs were shunned by the Aldmer, and the Ayleids. They established a colony, Orsinium, to protect their beliefs in Malacath.

After a large part of the Elves became the Orsimer, the remaining elves could only hold on to Auriel. As the Dissident was disbanded into bandit factions, another threat to the elves arose. The Atmorans came to Northern Tamriel, and settled in what is modern day Skyrim. After the elves discovered Saarthal, they decided to drive the humans back to Atmora. During the Night of Tears, the humans were driven back. But, then came Ysgramor and his Companions. As the companions tore through the elves, they were split up. Those that retreated were cut down, and those that hid were found and captured. But, one priest of Auriel hid within the very city that they once captured. Saarthal. He hid his family in the city, and hid himself in plain sight. Using powerful magic, he made himself look like a human counterpart. Using this spell, he protected his family, and still hid his family for years, while the elves around Cyrodiil began to lose their great foothold on Tamriel. Finally, recorded time began when King Eplear founded the Camoran Dynasty.

After 200 years, the Aetherium Wars broke out in Skyrim’s Dwemer settlements, and the elven family needed to move, as the Dwemer were threatening the very settlement. Distraught and beginning to grow old, they made their way down to the deserts of Hammerfell. Through the desert, they tried to find their way back to the Isles, but were met with forest and shrub as they continued southward. An old Altmer, he and his family found an elven settlement, and made enough gold selling weapons they had enchanted for the Atmorans in Saarthal. They had grown of great value at Saarthal, because they were the only family who cared for magic. But, using the powerful magic, they changed their appearance every 50 years or so. They presented no last name in Saarthal, so the local Atmorans adopted a name for them. Prolonged use of this powerful spell had permanently effected the family though. Their eyes glowed with extreme intensity and brightness, and the spell also gave them the ability to use the father’s magic from birth. The Atmorans named them as the Dragonwolf family. The Dragonwolf was a fabled creature that held the magical powers of a dragon, and was fierce like a wolf. Since there were no elves in Saarthal in the Atmorans opinion, they were never given a second glance. The family had after all, lived there for 300 years. In this wooded home though, they found comfort teaching the locals about the true story of Auriel and Trinimac, and before long, held a small following. He called this following the Children of Auriel. This family remained secluded in the forests of Valenwood for some time, as the following grew. As the White-Gold Tower fell to Alessia, the Ayleid elves were harder and harder to find. Many of the Children of Auriel had been Ayleid, and they dispersed over time. The family moved on though. As the priest taught his children the way of Auriel, he grew weak. Being very old, he was on his way to becoming one with Auriel. Eventually, the father bore one last son, and died, being one of the last Priests of Auriel. After almost 2000 years, the Children of Auriel remained secluded in the forests of Valenwood, as the world kept going on without them.

The Dragon War continued throughout the 1st Era, and the Children of Auriel held fast. As the Bosmer began to integrate with this following in Valenwood, it began to get noticed by elves reporting to the Summerset Isles. Before long, the Empire did too. The Children of Auriel were forced to spread out over Southern Tamriel. Some went back to the Isles, some went to the desert to the east, and some stayed in small Bosmer villages in Valenwood. Auriel was seemingly gone, and the time went onward. Then, a catastrophic event occurred, Reman Cyrodiil III was assassinated after the year 2920. The Children of Auriel had to reband together, with very different faces.

One of the father’s pupils went to Summerset Isles, and started a family that was well-renowned for its skill in Enchanting and Alchemy. The Wyrmsbane family was rather wealthy and could afford a trip to the mainland every here and there, and one son, Errail, came to discover the secrets of the Ayleid magic that was rumored to still exist within the jungles of Valenwood with a group of Altmer. Errail searched for this settlement for a year, then finally came across it while deathly ill with rockjoint. The local priest helped him over-come it, and Errail noticed he was not one of the local Bosmer. While Errail was recovering, he told him of the struggle of Auriel. Inspired, Errail spent years studying Auriel. In Summerset, he only read of Auriel in books, and through magic. But, he knew that this priest was carrying an old tradition on his back. Errail made a permanent stead to study Auriel, and the divine magic blessed with him. As tensions arose in the Isles over whom would be crowned Emperor, he brought his newly born son and his wife, Calinde to Valenwood and taught his son of Alchemy and Enchanting, while teaching him about Auriel.

Tensions were very high As the Second Era commenced. Errail and Carinde were beginning to grow old, and their son, Ardwyn, began to learn the old secrets of the Children of Auriel. He learned there was still a hidden following that stayed in Valenwood, the province of Elsweyr, and some back in Summerset. As war was drawing near, the Aldmeri Dominion came into the village and recruited Ardwyn for mandatory service after the Soulburst. Being one of the only mages not driven mad, he had the alchemy prowess to nurse the mages to sanity. Along the journey, he was stationed with another company of mages, and they began to mingle after the long days at the fort. One soldier in particular intrigued him. This Altmer had strangely man-like features, and searing green eyes. Those green eyes had reminded him of something Errail had told him about. So, one day at the fort, Ardwyn pulled him aside from his normal friends, and spoke to him. This Altmer was only about 30 years old, and didn’t even know Ardwyn. Having been pulled aside, Ardwyn was treated like a complete stranger, but with respect due to his age and skill. He said his name was Tylis, and refused to give a last name. Ardwyn then asked Tylis if his last name was Dragonwolf, and Tylis froze. They quickly struck up a conversation about the history of the following to confirm each others pleads. They then asked to go on temporary leave from the fort, without pay to see family, which was not a lie, to a certain extent. Since Ardwyn was vital, they did not allow him to leave, but Tylis was allowed one week to leave. He tagged along with a wagon to the city of Daggerfall. With a little magic that he had been able to cast since he was born, he easily passed for a Breton. Tylis proceeded to look for what Ardwyn had said his father gave to each of the Children of Auriel. A small bottle, resembling skooma, but contained a special potion that made a small tattoo appear on the back of the hand. He traveled to Daggerfall to find one of the most important apprentices that the Children had was a Breton, who investigated the Children of Auriel to learn about the Ayleids. He was an agent for the Dominion, so finding him would be difficult. Then, as the High King spoke, a sentinel was near him, and looked about the crowd. His eyes darting, he surveyed the public audience during the speech. When he saw Tylis, his eyes locked on those intense green eyes and froze. After the speech, this sentinel walked back into the castle and disappeared. Tylis was sitting in a local tavern when the guards went up to him, and reassured him he was not under arrest, yet. They explained that he might be a witness to a murder case. Tylis was confused, he had only been in Daggerfall for one day, how could he have witnessed a murder?

Tylis was escorted by the guards into a sealed room in the castle, and saw that guard sitting on the other end of a wooden table. The guards left and the sentinel just said one word. “Dragonwolf?” Tylis knew that was the Breton known as Takaeus. Takaeus was working for the King as a detective of sorts. He had instantly recognized the Altmer on first glance. As Takaeus left for Valenwood, Tylis went with him. They were on their way to meet Ardwyn at the original village where both the father of the Dragonwolf family had lived, and the one where Errail and Carinde resided. They passed through the Kvatch area, and stopped a caravan for some much needed supplies.

This caravan was one of the many caravans manned by the cat-people of Tamriel, the Khajiit. But, this time, there was just one, tall Khajiit that seemed to take life a little too easily. They mingled with the smiling Khajiit, and decided to stay the night near the desert with him. They had a good time, and decided to get a little of illegal merchandise involved. In addition to the Khajiit selling arms and armor, he wielded no sword, or shield. But, under these arms and armor, held a false panel where 21 bottles of skooma lay. He insisted they call him Renrijra-Krin, from a nickname given to him when he was just a boy. He explained that his true name, Alkiin Ro’lhaki, was too formal. But, this skooma still waited under that false panel, and they brought it out to have a little fun. Tylis was exited, Takaeus was hesitant, and Renrijra was nervous. Takaeus had grabbed the one bottle that Renrijra wished he hadn’t. This skooma bottle glowed a little bit, and bore a strange seal. Before the crowd went bottoms up, Renrijra knocked the bottle out of Takaeus’ hand, and apologized. The potion went all over the ground, and the back of Renrijra’s hand. A black outline traced itself on his orange fur. It was the symbol of Auriel. Tylis and Takaeus quickly stood in awe. There was never a khajiit in the Children of Auriel in the past, why does this Suthay-raht have that fur coloring? Renrijra quickly stood up and explained how he always talked to travelers who passed through Elsweyr, and he learned of Auriel through an elf living with his village. He also explained how he sometimes grabbed a book or two from those travelers. He had always been curious about those tall people with the pointy ears and shiny armor. It turned out that this khajiit had the same knowledge as Ardwyn, Takaeus, or even Tylis.

The strange band now made haste before Tylis’ week ran out, and they made it to the village in Valenwood. They met, and devised a plan to take a foothold in Cyrodiil, and grow the Children of Auriel to what it once was. Its purpose: to make Auriel as known as he was in the days of Trinimac. They recruit and protect all loyal servants of Auriel, while defending the Dominion from threat that would extinguish Auriel forever. After that meeting, the 4 members of the newly formed Council began to stride across all of the Aldmeri Dominion, and make the message of Auriel known. To recognize Boethiah as an evil being, and to persuade Malacath to reunite with Auriel. In the upcoming war of the Alliances, the Children of Auriel will be powerful and tight-knit. The kingdom of Auriel will be revived.



Guild Rules and Guide lines

  1. No matter who it is from myself to the newest member all ideas are accepted
  2. We are one but order is a must and so you must respect and obey your Generals.
  3. It is okay to be in other Guilds as long as you stay active within are community
  4. No racism ( I don’t care what it is about real life not in game i don’t care if u insult orcs)
  5. If you have a problem in the guild message me
  6. We are all about alliances we will unite with any willing alliance in the Dominion
  7. If I do something you don’t like tell me, I wont cry
  8. Try to be active in the guild it isn’t a must but is preferred
  9. Common sense
  10. Follow guide lines and rules ( Following rules is a rule lol)


Rules – If you are a General, Captain or one of the 3 Council Members

  1. This must be your main guild
  2. You must remember you are here to guide, although you lead you do not take it as an advantage for guild prices or as a reason to feel that you are better than any other member.
  3. You can only make huge decisions (not PvP wise or in game decisions), but like alliance terms, when you include either the Guild Leader, or another general and 2 Council Members, or 3 Council Members)
  4. If you you want to make an alliance remember to involve the General that will be affected
  5. Council Members, Generals and Captains must not hold officer positions in another Guild to ensure there is never a conflict of interest.
  6. You are never to try any act of Treason against the DragonWolf family, Auriel, the Queen or the Dominion
  7. you must be active weekly, and do ur work willingly

This guild will partake in all ESO has to offer. We will be focusing on large scale guild activities in PvE Dungeons or Adventure Zones, and PvP activities. There will be positions for PvP and PvE players.





ESO in Game Rank – Leader

First Son of Auriel (Guild Leader and Founder – (Tylis DragonWolf)

ESO in Game Rank – Officers

The Tri Council (known as The Council of Auriel)

This position is Second in Command and will work to grow and strengthen the Guild and advise the First Son. The Council has 3 Members. (Ardwyn, Takaeus, Renrijra-Krin)

Generals (All Generals are of Equal Rank)

Minyaheru (Min-Ya-Ru) – General of Dominionic Affairs (PVE) (Dilond ShadowWalker)

Tatyaheru (Tat-Ya-Ru) – General of Cyrodiilic Affairs (PVP) (Yukron-the-Royal)

Nelyaheru (Nel-Ya-Ru) – General of Secret Associations – Work behind Enemy Lines (Legendary Lex)

Elentrino (El-En-Trin-O)- General of High Espionage (Steal, Assassination, and Spying) (Homie from 713)

ESO in Game Rank – Members

Captains report to Generals and Council (All Generals will work with Captains. If specifically stated that there is a direct General then you will work with that General, however, you will still receive tasks and jobs from all)

Captains (All Captains are of equal Rank)

Arnaráto (Arnar-A-To) – Royal Champion – Captain of Honor (Teaches New Guild Members). Will have a program to ensure Tirno’s (New Guild Members) are welcomed, receive proper introductions, questions answered and receive any training they need. (Avandi)

Tararáto (Tara-Ray-To)– High Champion – Captain of the Blade (Teaches PvP and PvE Tactics). Responsible to take Tirno’s (New Members) on PvP and PvE raids, and promote them to Gilvaethor when ready.

Aráto – High Champion – Captain of Armor and Weapon Smithing – responsible for Guild’s wares and raw smithing material (Dovahkiin1997)

Cáno – High Champion – Captain of the Arcane (Arch Mage Mystic Sorcerer who oversees all matters regarding Magic, Enchanting, Alchemy, and Provisioning) (Augusteen – reports to Ardwyn)

Military Positions

Elendur (El-En-Dur) – Lieutenants – Report to Specific Captain/General – unknown number or duties, probably will vary at the start as we allocate duties based on needs – Lead teams of Arquendi (Open)

Arquendi (R-Q-Wen-Di) – Sergeants – Report to Specific Lieutenant/Captain – unknown number or duties, probably will vary at the start as we allocate duties based on needs- Lead teams of Gilvaethor (Open)

Gilvaethor – Guard of The Stars –Regular Soldier

Special Ranks

Knight of Auriel – (Most trusted 5 Aredhel in the guild, highest achievable title after General – must not hold a military position) (Get special treatment be one of the first Knights to see what you get)

Aredhel – Noble – (Showing highest honor, respect, proven in Battle and they place the Dominion and Guild above self) – will possibly and hopefully have many

Lore Master (Renrijra-Krin)

Guild Graphics (Dilond ShadowWalker)

ESO in Game Rank – Recruit

Tirno- New Recruit



Guild Alliance With The Poisoned Blade and Elven Redemption

1- discount at buying each others wares (bulk items or crafted items) (This is minimally to completely ignored in the case of rare items or UN-creatable items)

2- Merchants placed in both guilds in order to be part of other guilds store. (Max number of 25 not including members legitimately active in both guilds)

3- military support can be called upon for help ( In the case one guild helps another take a fort the other must help the other capture territory)

4- help guard each others areas as if our own (When a fort is under attack any PvP units available and not in any vital mission or raid will assist)

5- Work on missions and contracts for each other and team up when required and splitting gain equally (Gain will be split by taking what ever the mission was to retrieve example- 50 iron found 10 people 7 from guild 1 and 3 from guild 2 guild 1 gets 50 divided 10 meaning 5 so each member in guild gets 5 so guild 1 gets 35 and 2 gets 15)

6- Free trade of secret info (sky shard locations etc…) (SOME good Plans or tactics in order to help each other)

7- For Members of both guilds when working together generals from either guild can command members from either guild depending on mission in PvE they listen to their general above alliance general and in PvP they listen to whoever it is in charge so if guild 1 is taking a fort and guild 2 comes to help guild 2 members should listed to guild 1st general.



Guild Alliance with HuntersXGatherers


Our end

– We will give them escorts in PvP and PvE

– Help them get website built or anything else digital they need

Their End

– Give us discounts on items for material (Scale will come in to place later)

– Give us locations of rare items, animals ect…

– Teach crafters ways to lvl ect