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PC North America

Aldmeri Dominion


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  • Server:PC North America
  • Alliance:Aldmeri Dominion
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:moderate
  • Focus:crafting
  • Website:Black Market Wares

Black Market Wares, affectionately known as “BMW” is a cross-faction Trading Community that caters to the mature player who will be active in buying, selling or trading daily.

Why Trade Guilds Are Useful:

  • Most players are used to selling to thousands of players over Auction Houses. In ESO, you will have to capture and maintain a keep if you wish to sell to non-guild members. Or you can join a Trade Guild and sell to players outside your primary guild without the hassle.
  • Many players do not want to charge their guild mates more than the materials cost to create an item and yet they still want to make money. Trade Guilds give you the avenue to sell to other players for full profit.
  • If you are looking for armor and weapons with specific traits that your guild-mates are unable to make, you may find what you are looking for in a Trade Guild where players have specialized in specific professions.

As an esteemed member of Black Market Wares, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Unregulated trading without any fees on our internal Guild Store.
  • A shared Teamspeak server to complete your deals over voice with BMW and other ESO traders.
  • The ability to ‘hawk’ your wares on our guild channel where other traders will be listening.
  • The opportunity for you to sell your crafted goodies since there is no Master Craftsmen Hierarchy in place where only a few players get rich.
  • Encouragement to Craftsmen to pitch the specialty items that they can craft on the spot.
  • The option to hire our members to gather or craft specific items for you.
  • A platform to engage in constructive discussions of trade and crafting “shop talk”.
  • The ability to remain in the guild for as long or as little as you desire. You can shop and run!

BMW Members are encouraged to create a chat tab for BMW. Members may then switch over to BMW’s guild channel where trading will occur without it encroaching on a player’s main chat tab.

BMW’s Guidelines to promote a friendly, prosperous trading environment:

  • Respect all members, their opinions and the price of their wares.
  • Please keep your advertisements/requests spaced ten minutes apart to avoid spamming.
  • Work out your transaction details through private message should a member post a deal in guild chat that you simply must have.

Make your mark as a Trader in Tamriel today! Bring your wares to the Black Market! Click here to apply on our website!