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  • Server:PC North America
  • Alliance:Aldmeri Dominion
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:moderate
  • Focus:pve | pvp | crafting
  • Website:Aldmeri Uprising

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Website link:
(one of the top 5 fastest growing guilds for ESO out of 160+ guilds using enjin as a website host!!!) (150+ members and in a guild alliance with two other guilds who are also ranked in top 5 fast growing guilds!)

Join our fast growing guild filled with experienced players and leaders of all game types. Help us Defend the Dominion against our Enemies as we conquer Cyrodiil or help us fight off Molag Bal as we protect the realm from his diabolical plan to merge the two worlds! If neither of these paths fit you then support your allies through crafting weapons, armor and provisions to aide them in their quest to save our world and bring it peace! Either way we welcome you to join our guild in it’s conquest. We welcome players of all kind so feel free to join our fast growing guild full of great members.

~~Guild Information Document~~

Welcome to Aldmeri Uprising where those who Seek adventure, wealth, and companionship gather to share knowledge, goods, and even a good laugh with other members of the guild. We are a guild formed to fight for the Victory of the Aldmeri Dominion and to claim what’s rightfully ours. We fight to claim the Ruby Throne and to show the other races that the High Elf, Wood Elf, and Khajiit are the rightful rulers of Tamriel and are not to be trifled with. Although through our quest to fulfill this, our guild has opened up to all types of adventurers allowing those who solely focus on professions, dungeon and raids or even all three. Our guild now has many amongst its ranks who not only increase our power on the battlefield but our power and skills through professions and knowledge of the beasts that lay in wait in the darkest corners of dungeons and raids. So we welcome those who fly the Banner of the Aldmeri Dominion to join our guild and fulfill our quest which was once only the Claim the Ruby Throne but now includes our quest to make a place where all the members of Aldmeri Uprising feel like they have a place to call home for “We Stand Above All”

We are a Casual/Hardcore guild who focuses on PvP, PvE and crafting. We welcome players of all skill sets and play styles who are looking for a guild of people with same interests but at the same time people with different interests and skill sets. We are a guild who cares about our members and wanna make an environment that all can enjoy and where the members can be proud to call this guild their home. We wish to Dominate PvP with our PvP Division, Conquer PvE with our PvE Division and Destroy at Crafting and truly standing at the top of ESO by being one of the best guild in the Aldmeri Dominion. Listed below will contain Information from rules, ranks, system of power, goals, and experience as a guild.

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Platform: Pc
Timezone: NA
Guild Current size: 150+ members
Guild Meetings: Saturday 8-9pm Eastern
Officer/Staff meetings: Thursday 8-9pm Eastern
Website Link:
Voice Chat: Teamspeak for coordinated Events, Battles, and progression
PvP Quest: Dominate PvP in Cyrodiil and have Members Claim title of Emperor
PvE Quest: Conqueror PvE when it comes to Quests, Dungeons, raids and end game Content
Crafting Quest: Destroy all when it comes to Supplying Players and maxing out Crafting.
Age Requirement: We accept 15+ years of age and rarely lower than 15 based on maturity.
Activity Requirement: We expect all members to be active on the guild site and game. If one goes inactive for over a week without giving reason for absence, they will be removed to prevent guild inactivity.
Calendar: Check the Calendar Daily for any Scheduled Events such as meetings, Raids, Dungeons, PvP or Events.

~~Guild Rules~~
NO Racism (jokes are allowed as long as a warning is given).
NO Sexism (jokes are allowed as long as a warning is given).
NO Threats to other members of the guild or players of the game.
NO Harassing members of the guild or players of the game.
NO extreme vulgar language. We allow casual swearing. (You may swear but we do not wanna hear every word in the book in 1 sentence.
NO Stealing or doing underhanded things to fellow guild members.
DO NOT Slander or harm the reputation of our guild.
DO NOT spam the chat.
DO NOT start problems with others. If someone calls you out you’re allowed to fight back but be sure to not break any of the rules above.

IF YOU are looking to rank up in the guild be sure to ask officers of the guild for advice but do not ask for promotions.
LEARN the Guild Rules and Rank Structure so its easier for you to avoid getting in trouble or being able to assist new players.
TRY to stand out a bit. Dont be shy or feel intimidated.
IF YOU have any questions, concerns, ideas, or complaints please contact the Seat of the People Council Member.

~~Forum Rules and Guidelines~~
These are the rules for participating in the Aldmeri Uprising Community. By electing to post on this site, you implicitly agree to abide by these rules. Ignorance is not a valid excuse. Depending on the severity and frequency with which you are in violation of this code of conduct (breaking/violating these rules) your account is subject to suspension or closure at the sole discretion of our moderators. These guidelines are not intended to be oppressive, nor are we interested in censorship. The following rules are chosen to ensure that our wonderful community in this guild continues to grow and feature engaging discussions amongst each other that we can enjoy and be proud of with few problems. Thank you for joining and participating in our wonderful guild and community.

1. Conditions of Membership
Very generally, the expectation for participation is that you act as a mature, constructive, and respectful member of the community. The recommended age for participation in our community is 14 or older. Age doesn’t matter, maturity does, if you’re a 18 year old but have the maturity of a 9 year old that’s unacceptable. However if you’re 12 but still show maturity you are welcome to participate in our community. We expect our users to maintain one account, duplicate user accounts may be deleted without warning. Do not make an account name designed to resemble another poster, such as a staff member in order to make them look bad. We reserve the right to close an account for certain violations. In general you are encouraged to use your main in-game character name as a username on the Forums.

2. Accept Moderator Decisions
We (Aldmeri Uprising administrators and moderators) reserve the right to ban or suspend any member from the guild and website without warning. We reserve the right to edit, move, or delete any post made on the website without warning or explanation. You will accept all this gladly and with open arms because we do it with love. Don’t even consider bringing up “freedom of speech”, this is a private gaming guild not real life don’t bring up “suing” either. If you get in trouble don’t throw a hissy fit or try to argue it won’t get you anywhere. If you feel that any post violates this code of conduct and wish to report it to a moderator, we encourage the use of the “report post” button at the bottom of a post. Please don’t beg for a moderator’s attention and be patient there job is to overlook everything and make sure everything is running smoothly they will notice it eventually. Only draw a moderator’s attention if its absolutely necessary don’t waste their time, most of them have a busy schedule not only in the guild but in real life too.

3. Posting Expectations
Aldmeri Uprising has pretty big expectations of it’s members. This is a guild that highly encourages discussion, we strongly encourage members to share the reasoning behind the opinions they espouse, rather than simply hurling about hollow one liners. Posts which are devoid of meaningful content may be removed without warning.Flaming, trolling, baiting are prohibited. Even if you strongly hate the content of a post, and detest the individual to whom you’re responding, please exercise restraint and post without personal attacks. You are fully permitted to make comments backing up your opinion, rude facial expressions and socially unacceptable hand gestures as you press “submit”. Your behavior is judged not only in this guild, but throughout the ESO community. Choose the correct subforum for your topic. If it’s a general post, use the general forums. If it’s specific to PvP or PvE… well, you get the idea. Making 2 or more post in a row is prohibited. If you think of something you want to add to your previous post, use the Edit feature. Do not embark on a personal mission to correct the spelling and/or grammar of others. Even if your corrections are valid, such posts will be deleted. Correcting typos or errors is the individual responsibility of the original poster and the moderators of this forum (yes moderators are allowed to edit grammar if they choose to and think it makes a difference). It warms our hearts that you care about your post count and activity. But if we see you posting meaningless crap to boost your count or using the forum for chitchat better suited to private messaging or a chat client, we’ll ask you to stop. Keep it up, and we’ll reset your post count to negative 1000. Yeah, we’re evil like that.

4. Prohibited and Allowed Behavior
We only accept post written in English. Please try to be as fluent as possible and avoid excessive use of slang.
Do not engage in excessive bumping if nobody replies leave it die, but chances are someone will eventually get to you so be patient.
Do not abuse the report feature, it’s there for a reason use it wisely

5. Social
Please do not spam friend request, and/or private messages. Remain friendly and don’t bother fellow guild members. If you cause any disturbance action will be taken.

6. Agreement
Aldmeri Uprising assumes no responsibility for the content of posts made by members or off site websites linked to on these forums. We are not liable for any damage or distress post content may cause to an individual or their property. We assume all members have read these forums rules and automatically agree to their terms and conditions. Users follow any off site links at their own risk. We reserve the right to amend these rules at our discretion and without notification. It is the member’s responsibility to periodically check these rules for changes. Updates to the rules will be denoted in subsequent posts.The date of the most recent addition is listed at the top of this page.

~~Rank Structure~~
Commander – Leader of the guild and is in charge of making sure the guild is ran smoothly and everyone is doing their jobs. Also in charge of running council meetings and making sure the needs of everyone is met.

Admin – Admins are basically the Co-Leaders of the guild who help the commander run and monitor all aspects of the guild where council can only run their assigned sections of the guild and need to get permission from the commander before making any changes or additions such as rules or information changes. Admins can act freely on anything from minor – standard but still need permission from the commander before making any drastic or major changes to the guild.

Council – There are Four positions on the council and each seat Takes on a different role. Seat of War, Seat of Trade, Seat of the Adventurer, and Seat of the Adviser

General – The duty of a general is to train his captains and make sure they are properly training their squads for PvP or PvE. The general will be in charge of giving out missions and setting up events that the Council has decided on. The general will be in charge of organizing large scale PvP battles.

Captain – The rank of a Captain has the responsibility to train his squad appropriately depending on what they chose. For PvP squads players will dual to learn their class and the other classes to study strengths and weakness. Players will also practice large scale Battle plans. For PvE players will learn the best rotations and attack patterns when in Dungeons and Raids.

Lieutenant – As a lieutenant its their job to assist training the of the squad members and learning the role of being a leader. Another task is to help the captain with whatever he needs to keep his squad functioning even helping run meetings.

Sergeant – This is an experienced member of the guild who has participated in PvP, PvE, or just having fun and assisting players of the guild and is looking to rank up who also has a good set of leadership skill traits.

Private – To achieve this rank you must learn the rank structure and guild rules. Also showing you have dedication to helping the guild grow and participate in events and active daily both on the guild site, teamspeak and game.

Adventurer – This is someone who just joined the guild and is looking to join a guild with an objective to create and atmosphere of fun, action and adventure including meeting new people and making new friends.

~~Council Seat Information~~
Seat of War – This Seat belongs to the player who we feel is most suited to organize large scale battle plans to help ensure our success on the battlefield whether its defending a small resource camp or storming Cyrodiil Keeps to claim the Ruby Throne. This man will assemble his generals and squad captains including the council to inform them how each squad will execute their mission and what the members will need to do to pull of a Victory.

Seat of Trade – This seat belongs to the player who specializes in professions training and is the one who will assist players regarding profession leveling, money making and helping the ensure the guild wealth grows rather than turns into an empty Coin Pouch. If for some reason the guild is losing wealth and players are having a difficult time leveling professions because this council member is giving invalid or bad information, this member will be removed and the seat will remain empty until a more promising member can take its place.

Seat of the Adventurer- This Seat belongs to the player who is known for his knowledge and skills involving all the Dungeons, and Raids (PvE). This person will be responsible for putting together raids or small dungeon groups to help players complete quests or obtain items. This person does not have to attend but does need to inform the party or raid how to accomplish the task they wish to complete. With this if the player fails to do any of these, they will be removed and the seat will remain empty until a new player can fulfill this role.

Seat of the Adviser – This seat belongs to who the council trusts to be as neutral as possible and is able to give their thoughts on a situation and what they think would be the best course of action. The player who holds this position does not overlook anything directly but they do voice their opinion on what course of action the council should take to fix an issue. This player is also in charge of setteling out of control disputes or issues amongst the players that the officers are unable to handle

~~Council Rules and Government System~~
Before we explain a bit about the council lets make this a bit more clear for all to understand. The council are only permitted to run their assigned sector which means the Seat of War can not tell the crafting members what to do and when to do it. This is out of their jurisdiction and hold power only in the sector they run. The Council members may help members or inform them what may be the best course of action to accomplish something but they can not command you what to do.To obtain the seat of the council we have mentioned that the player must be highly knowledgeable in their field of choice and must have a mature, responsible and leadership skills when it comes to holding a position on the council. IT has been noted that if a member of the council is not fulfilling his role, he will be removed from his position to prevent further issues or mishaps. There is only two ways to obtain position on council and its to progress through all the ranks of the guild. Only when a member has obtained the rank of general may they attempt to take a position on the council. To obtain Seat of the people, or Seat of the adviser, the person will have to be voted in by the players if they think the person is capable of obtaining it and running it properly. If a player is currently holding the position of Seat of Adventurer, Seat of War, or Seat of Trade, they must do the following….

~Outclass the member on the council for a time frame of 2-3 weeks proving the general is more capable than the current Member. If the fight for power is close then all members in the guild will vote on who they think should hold the position on council. The majority vote of the players will equal one vote total. The admins Will all vote and the majority who win the vote will be considered one vote. Then the council members will each vote, each vote equaling one for each of them. So in total Admins and players majority vote equals one vote apiece where the council members each equal one vote. Who ever has the favorable amount of votes will obtain the seat on the council. If a member of the council is replaced by the general, the council member who lost his seat on the council takes the role of general. So basically the winner and loser switch roles. If the General is unable to fulfill his role then he will be replaced by the captain. This applies for all ranks from Lieutenant-Council. Although only the position of Council requires a vote by all guild members and leaders. Where the ranks from Lieutenant-General can be decided by council and admins themselves. So basically only when a rank of General fights for power on the council, does it require a guild wide vote that lasts for 1 week. Meaning replacing someone on the Council won’t be an easy task and will require a lot of work to be achieved. No underhanded tricks will be allowed or proved when going through the ranks. This is highly frowned upon and can result in demotion or kick from the guild.

~~Guild Site Staff Teams~~
Administrators – The Members of the Admin team are essentially the Founders or highly trusted members of the guild who have been around for a very long time and have access the Admin Panel, and help run the entire guild as a whole both in-game and on the website. The Council members can only run certain sections of the guild and are limited to what they can do and still may only do things with permission from the commander directly and a meeting with the commander and admins. The Admins however hold equal power to the commander but still need his approval to make any major changes to the guild or website but are allowed to act freely on minor or standard tasks and issues.

Moderators – Moderators are members of the guild who have applied for this position to help monitor and control the forums ensuring rules are being enforced and the site is kept organized and clean. Moderators also have the responsibility to inform and direct members to the appropriate threads or posts containing the information they wish to post or comment on. They are expected to be very knowledgeable when it comes to guild and forum rules, and must act accordingly.

Recruitment Team – These individuals are in charge of bringing new recruits to the guild to help expand its size, skills, and player environment. These people are expected to only bring in dedicated and mature individuals who would make a good addition to the guild. They are also in charge of showing new members around and providing them with all the necessary and needed information to make it easier for them to quickly fit in.

Media/Design Team – The Media/Art team is responsible of making videos and all forms of artwork above the Status of “Good”. I’m sure you’re well aware that no one wants to look or watch anything short of “Good” because no one enjoys something that they title “Decent”. As a member of this team they will be making different types of videos such as Informative Videos, Montages, or Advertisement Videos. As artists or Designers they will be making things such as Banners, Signatures, Backgrounds, Headers, and my personal favorite Artwork. Yes when I say artwork I mean like drawings of characters, scenery, fantasy drawings etc etc. This team is for those who wish to show off their skills, give players their own banners, signatures or artwork and even making the guild and site seem more appealing to the eye of those who come by to check us out.

~~Guild Section and Divisions~~
Sectors- The guild is set up into three Sectors. Each Sector represents a part of the guild that the guild focuses on. First you have the PvP Sector, then you have the PvE Sector and finally you have the Crafting Sector Each of these sectors are ran and overlooked by each of the appropriate Council Seats. Seat of War overlooks the PvP sectors, Seat of the Adventurer overlooks the PvE Sector, and finally The Seat of Trade overlooks the Crafting Sector.

Divisions- In each Sector (except Crafting) Their are Two Divisions. Each Division has two distinct and dedicated Squads that have its own player focused types. For PvP We have the PvP Infantry Division. This Division is made up by two squads called The Hardcore PvP Squad and Casual PvP Squad. For PvE its called the PvE Infantry Division which is made up of two squads called Hardcore PvE Squad and Casual PvE Squad. These Divisions contain majority of the Guild Members. The Second Division is what we call the Elite Division. This exists in both PvE and PvP Sectors. These Divisions each have two squads that contain the best members at PvE or PvP> Each of these squads has its own purpose and missions.

Squads- In each Division you have two squads which we stated earlier. In PvP we have the Hardcore PvP and Casual PvP squads. The way we define our players is by one simple question when we ask them what squad do they chose. We ask the “What do you spend majority of your time doing. For Example if you Spend 80%+ of your time doing PvP or PvE you would be listed in the Hardcore Squad. if you spend about 60% of your time in PvP then you’re put in the casual squad. The casual squad means you enjoy doing both PvE and PvP but you prioritize one over the other slightly more. This is basically to allow players to know what game type you focus on and enjoy most so its easier for the members to find their fellow gamers that enjoy the same aspects of the game.

Crafting Squad/Division- For Crafting we have only One Division with Two Squads. The Squads basically are Hardcore and Casual Squads. This allows people to find out if someone focuses purely on Crafting or if they do crafting and PvE or PvP on the side for fun or even to kill time.