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  • Server:Xbox One
  • Alliance:Ebonheart Pact
  • Type:Public Guild
  • Style:moderate
  • Focus:pve | pvp | rp | trade
  • Website:Accursed Legion

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As a member of the Accursed Legion you will have access to our enlistment programs which are designed to maximize your experience in The Elder Scrolls Online. These programs are divided into PvP, PvE and crafting, three separate parts that are also highly dependent on one another. Just as the Crafting Corps creates weapons, armor and rations for our players, the Legionnaires work to protect our crafters and keep their inventory stocked with ingredients. This is all made possible by the use of our Legion Points program. Members can earn Legion Points to spend on specially crafted items from our Crafting Corps, as well as to earn rank within the guild.

Legion Points

The Legion Points program is the oil that makes our war machine run smoothly. There are a number of ways in which members can earn points. One way to earn them is to send unwanted weapons and armor to special guild leaders called Quartermaster Generals, where in turn you will earn Legion Points based on the color quality of the item.

Another way to earn points is by collecting crafting materials scattered throughout Tamriel. You can find a list of all materials that grant Legion Points and their point values on the website at our Legion Point Store. Once you’ve collected these items, you can turn them in directly to a Quartermaster or mail the items to them in multiples of the quantities those certain items are accepted in, after which you will receive the points on our site. The Quartermasters in charge of each category of items along with the quantities those items are accepted in are also posted on the chart in the Legion Point Store.

Participating in events will also earn you Legion Points. PvP and PvE events will be hosted a few times per week. During PvP events, squad members will be accounted for by their Captains who will relay the information to leadership. Those who participated for the full duration will earn points. Likewise during PvE events, those who complete the event objectives will earn points. Other guild events, such as races, challenges or crafting jobs will be posted on the events calendar and will yield bonuses of their own to be described in each event.

Earned Legion Points can be spent on weapons and armor provided personally by our Crafting Corps. Members can choose the type, style, trait and level they would like for their ordered item. Simply purchase the item you want at the level you want in our Legion Store and our leaders will be notified of your selection. You will be contacted shortly after to confirm the details of your selection, then the item will be crafted for you as soon as possible.

Legionnaires will also use Legion Points to purchase ranks within the guild. As each rank is achieved, members will earn a special bonus specific to the rank purchased. Once a member has reached the rank of Knight, they become eligible for an officer position. Officers are selected by leadership based on skill, availability and whether the position is needed in the guild. The full list of Accursed Legion guild ranks and their descriptions are as follows:

  • GRUNT – Entry level. Prove your worth and earn Legion Points to rank up.
  • SOLDIER – You will be granted 2,000 gold to purchase a guild tabard. The tabard MUST be worn during guild events by any member at or above Solder Rank.
  • WARRIOR – You will be given the opportunity to choose a Werewolf or Vampire bite. You may choose not to accept a curse if you wish.
  • VETERAN – You will now be allowed to sell your items in the Accursed Legion Guild Store in the game.
  • CHAMPION – You will receive a Pink Item of your choice created by the Crafting Corps. You will be contacted after purchase of rank to specify your order.
  • KNIGHT – You will earn the Knight’s Commision; a 10% discount on all items and upgrades in the Legion Points Store on the website.
  • CAPTAIN – You will lead squads, small raid teams, or host Crafting Corps events.
  • GENERAL – You will control multiple squads, large endgame raid teams, or be in charge of inventory distribution and Master Crafter production in the Crafting Corps.
  • COMMANDER – These officers are in charge of the branches of our guild; PvP (CorruptParagon), PvE (STOUTNDRUNK), Crafting Corps (RugerRino), Roleplay (Crom Grimblade).
  • ALPHA DOMINUS – Creator and leader of the Accursed Legion guild and website manager.


While nobody is expected to be a role model citizen, it is important to make sure that everyone gets along at a functioning level. Occasional hazing or ball busting is expected, but remember that not everyone has the same personality or sense of humor. If you have a disagreement with another member it is to be brought up to your Captain. If the issue cannot be settled, you may be moved to another squad. If griefing continues, the offending member may be removed from the guild. If the issue is with your Captain you may report the problem to a General. Griefing by an officer is strictly prohibited and will result in removal from the guild.

The guild often trusts its members with merchandise, especially in the area of the Crafting Corps. Members who take materials or soul gems without returning crafted items or filled gems will be considered stealing from the guild. PvP rations taken at the beginning of events without having participated in the event will also be considered stolen. In either case, the result will be immediate removal from the guild.

We believe in a philosophy of fair game. There is plenty of fun to be had in playing a game the way it was intended. Therefore we expect our members to avoid using any and all cheats or exploits. Anyone found to have used third party exploits such as gold farming, etc. will be removed from the guild.

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is a rated M game, designed for audiences 17 and up. We, as an ESOTU guild, require the same of our members.