Foundry Tactical Combat

FTC adds a variety of useful combat information.

FTC adds a variety of useful combat information.

Foundry Tactical Combat is a user interface enhancement for The Elder Scrolls Online designed to give players access to relevant combat data in an easy to process framework which allows them to respond quickly and effectively to evolving combat situations. The multiple components of the FTC addon are designed to restore certain information to the game interface which many gamers may feel is missing from the default minimalistic UI.

The addon is still in active development by Atropos, and will continue to evolve and improve during the coming months. If you are a fan of the addon keep an eye on this page to ensure you always have the latest version!


Download The Foundry Tactical Combat Addon

Foundry Tactical Combat was last updated on March 13, 2016 to version 0.72.


FTC Components

Foundry Tactical Combat has six primary components which are each optionally configurable. All UI elements added by FTC can be disabled or repositioned to suit your preferences. Additionally, Foundry Tactical Combat is fully localized for French and German client versions!

Unit Frames – FTC Unit Frames refers to the display of attribute bars and other information pertaining to yourself, your target, and your group members. The FTC frames are designed to be lightweight and informative. The frames show numerical values for your resources and damage shielding, as well as visual indicators for active HoT and DoT effects, your target’s exceute threshold, and more. The unit frames can have a rich set of aesthetic customization options allowing you to achieve the exact look that fits your UI style.

Active Buff Tracking – The Buff Tracking component of FTC displays a configurable list of icons representing the known buff and debuff effects that are currently affecting your character. The ESO addon API does not provide this information for buffs with durations shorter than 30 seconds, but FTC uses an intelligent combination of detection mechanisms to carefully approximate your inventory of active effects. This knowledge can help you make more informed combat decisions, improve your resource management, and optimize your ability rotation. Effects are categorized into five distinct groups:

  • Player Buffs – Beneficial effects initiated by the player.
  • Player Debuffs – Harmful effects that are affecting the player.
  • Long Buffs – Permanent passives, toggles, or other long-duration buffs which are not immediately relevant in combat.
  • Target Buffs – Beneficial effects affecting your target.
  • Target Debuffs – Harmful effects applied to your target.

Combat Log – Foundry Tactical Combat incorporates a text-based combat log which records a history of combat events so that you can review the details of recent encounters. The combat log by default alternates visibility with the ESO chat tab, but can be detached and positioned wherever you desire on-screen. An optional keybinding can be used to quickly toggle the visibility of the combat log.

Scrolling Combat Text – The FTC Scrolling Combat Text component enables real-time display of damage and healing values as they occur in combat as well as a helpful Combat Alerts component that warns your character immediately when significant combat events occur. FTC’s combat text displays the name and icon (when possible) for known sources of damage as well as useful indicators for damage avoidance through shielding, blocking, or dodging. The display style and format of scrolling combat text events can be customized in the settings menu.

Damage Statistics – The Damage Statistics component adds analytical tools to help you examine and improve your combat performance. While in-combat a small DPS meter tracks the length of your current encounter, your cumulative damage-per-second, and your cumulative healing-per-second throughout the fight. After combat has concluded, you can open a full Damage Report which details the composition of your damage and healing by target. These statitics can be linked to your party members in chat using a configurable keybinding or by clicking on the chat icons in the damage report.

Advanced Hotbar – The Advanced Hotbar component improves the default ESO action bar by adding some additional information that is useful in combat. Your current Ultimate pool and your percentage towards the next Ultimate activation is displayed as well as a visual glow indicator behind the ultimate itself which indicates that you are currently generating additional Ultimate in combat. The Advanced Hotbar component also adds an explicit potion cooldown timer so you can know exactly when you will be able to use your next consumable item.

All the UI elements added by FTC can be configured and re-positioned.

All the UI elements added by FTC can be configured and re-positioned.


Installation Instructions

To install Foundry Tactical Combat follow these steps. FTC is also supported by Minion, an automated ESO addon management utility.

  1. Download to a location of your choosing.
  2. Extract the .zip archive into your ESO addons folder found in My Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/Addons/ for Windows users, or Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/Addons. for OS X.
  3. You should now have a folder inside Addons named “FoundryTacticalCombat” which contains the addon files.
  4. Launch The Elder Scrolls Online. FTC should be automatically enabled. If not, go to the Add-Ons section of the game menu and make sure that the box beside Foundry Tactical Combat is checked.
  5. Access the FTC configuration settings by navigating in-game to Settings -> Add-Ons -> FTC, or by simply typing “/ftc” into chat.
The FTC Settings Menu makes it easy to configure  the addon.

The FTC Settings Menu makes it easy to configure the addon.

Thank you all for supporting the Foundry Tactical Combat addon. If you encounter any bugs, have suggestions for future versions, or have any other feedback please do not hesitate to message @Atropos. Happy gaming!