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    Celestial Serpent Slain!

    Entropy Rising is excited to have defeated the Celestial Serpent in Sanctum Ophidia, ESO‘s third trial and the culmination of the Craglorn storyline.

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    Entropy Rising Guild Charter

    Read the Entropy Rising guild charter for full details regarding our guild vision, rules, recruitment policies, and membership requirements. This comprehensive document is the best way to learn more about the guild.

  3. about-er

    Apply to Join Entropy Rising

    If you think that you possess the exceptional qualities we look for in our guild members, consider applying to join. You can fill out an application to join Entropy Rising here.


About Entropy Rising

  • Alliance:Aldmeri Dominion
  • Region/Platform:North America - PC
  • Playstyle:Hardcore PvE/PvP
  • Members:27
  • Recruitment: Closed
  • More Info: Guild Charter

We are not currently soliciting further applications, recruitment is conducted on an invite-only basis until further notice. You may still apply if you wish and we will hold your application until recruitment is reopened.

Introducing Entropy Rising

Introducing Entropy Rising
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