ESO Enchanting Guide

Welcome to the Tamriel Foundry’s Enchanting Guide! This guide contains the practical information you need for enchanting in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Unlike provisioning and alchemy, enchanting grants you permanent bonuses on your armor, jewelry and weapons. You do have to charge your weapons with soul gems as the effect depletes in combat. Enchanting can give you a boost in most of your stats with some exceptions like crit percentage or crit damage. However, it’s not just adding bonuses. There’s also some special effects like granting a damage shield, dealing unresistable damage, reduction costs, potion boost and more.


This guide has been updated for ESO 2.0 (patch 1.6) and can be considered current as of March, 2015.


Creation & Discovery

You’ll need to combine a potency rune, a essence rune and a aspect rune to create a Glyph. There are a total of 50 runes that you’ll need to discover and translate for the associated achievements. The actual number of runes is 52 but the Lire and Jaedi essence runes aren’t linked to any achievement and don’t have a specific effect. People report different outcomes when using these two essence runes. There are 34 different enchantments or glyphs if we disregard the level and quality. If we take level and quality into account there’s 2380 possible combinations! I’ve created a enchanting simulator with the purpose of exploring all these combinations without needing all the materials in game. Now you don’t have to worry about which runes you might need.

Enchanting Simulator


(select) Glyph of (select)

Level 0 – 0


Craft XP | Extract XP

They keep changing these values and I try to keep them as close as possible to the values in game. If you make a Glyph and the value is different, please send me a message @Vixx containg a screenshot or the Glyph name, Glyph level and Glyph value.

Known Issue: When changing the potency or aspect rune of the three absorb glyphs the recovery value doesn’t update.
Solution: click the essense rune again, after selecting the potency and aspect rune.


Essence Runes

The essence rune is probably the most important part of the Glyph because it decides the enchantment effect. All essence runes can be found in any zone, they aren’t restricted to a location. There are 17 different essence runes, each having a negative and a positive effect depending on the potency rune. There are actually 19 but the Lire and Jaedi essence runes don’t have a specific effect because people report different outcomes when using these two essence runes. There are three armor effects, 14 weapon effects and 17 jewelry effects.

Icon Rune Value Type Name Effect
DekeipaFrost AdditiveSubtractive WeaponJewelry FrostFrost Resistance Deals x Frost DamageAdds x Frost Resistance
DeniStamina AdditiveSubtractive ArmorWeapon StaminaAbsorb Stamina Adds x Max StaminaDeals x Magic Damage and recovers y Stamina
DenimaStamina Regen AdditiveSubtractive JewelryJewelry Stamina RegenReduce Feat Cost Adds x Stamina RecoveryReduce Stamina cost of abilities by x
DeteriArmor AdditiveSubtractive WeaponWeapon HardeningCrushing Grants a x point Damage shield for y secondsReduce targets Armor by x for y seconds
HaokoDisease AdditiveSubtractive WeaponWeapon FoulnessDisease Resist Deals x Disease DamageAdds x Disease Resistance
KaderiShield AdditiveSubtractive JewelryJewelry BashingShielding Increase Bash Damage by xReduce cost of Bash by x and reduce cost of Blocking by y
KuokoPoison AdditiveSubtractive WeaponJewelry PoisonPoison Resist Deals x Poison DamageAdds x Poison Resistance
MakderiSpell Harm AdditiveSubtractive JewelryJewelry Increase Magical HarmDecrease Spell Harm Adds x Spell DamageAdds x Spell Resistance
MakkoMagicka AdditiveSubtractive ArmorWeapon MagickaAbsorb Magicka Adds x Max MagickaDeals x Magic Damage and recovers y Magicka
MakkomaMagicka Regen AdditiveSubtractive JewelryJewelry Magicka RegenReduce Spell Cost Adds x Magicka RecoveryReduce Magicka cost of Spells by x
MeipShock AdditiveSubtractive WeaponJewelry ShockShock Resist Deals x Shock DamageAdds x Shock Resistance
OkoHealth AdditiveSubtractive ArmorWeapon HealthAbsorb Health Adds x Max HealthDeals x Magic Damage and recovers y Health
OkomaHealth Regen AdditiveSubtractive WeaponJewelry Decrease HealthHealth Regen Deals x unresistable DamageAdds x Health Recovery
OkoriPower AdditiveSubtractive WeaponWeapon RageWeakening Increase your Power by x for y secondsReduce target Power by x for y seconds
OruAlchemist AdditiveSubtractive JewelryJewelry Potion BoostPotion Speed Increase Potion effect by xReduce the cooldown of Potions below this items level by x seconds
RakeipaFire AdditiveSubtractive WeaponJewelry FlameFire Resist Deals x Fire DamageAdds x Fire Resistance
TadeiriPhysical Harm AdditiveSubtractive JewelryJewelry Increase Physical HarmDecrease Physical Harm Adds x Weapon DamageAdds x Armor
Lire and Jaedi are two extra Essence runes that exist but are reported to have different outcomes and have no achievement.


Potency Runes

There are 14 additive and 14 subtractive runes which can be found chronologically all the way up to Craglorn. They decide the level and also which effect the essence rune will give depending on the potency rune being additive or subtractive. To use higher level potency runes you must invest the Potency Improvement (0/9) passive.


Icon Rune Level Potency Prefix
JoraAdd 1-10 Level 1 Trifling
PoradeDevelop 5-15 Level 1 Inferior
JeraIncrease 10-20 Level 2 Petty
JejoraRaise 15-25 Level 2 Slight
OdraGain 20-30 Level 3 Minor
PojoraSupplement 25-35 Level 3 Lesser
EdoraBoost 30-40 Level 4 Moderate
JaeraAdvance 35-45 Level 4 Average
PoraAugment 40-50 Level 5 Strong
DenaraStrengthen VR1-3 Level 5 Major
ReraExaggerate VR3-5 Level 6 Greater
DeradoEmpower VR5-7 Level 7 Grand
RekuraMagnify VR7-9 Level 8 Splendid
KuraIntensity VR10-14 Level 9 Monumental


Icon Rune Level Potency Prefix
JodeReduce 1-10 Level 1 Trifling
NotadeSubtract 5-15 Level 1 Inferior
OdeShrink 10-20 Level 2 Petty
TadeDecrease 15-25 Level 2 Slight
JaydeDeduct 20-30 Level 3 Minor
EdodeLower 25-35 Level 3 Lesser
PojodeDiminish 30-40 Level 4 Moderate
RekudeWeaken 35-45 Level 4 Average
HadeLessen 40-50 Level 5 Strong
IdodeImpair VR1-3 Level 5 Major
PodeRemove VR3-5 Level 6 Greater
KedekoDrain VR5-7 Level 7 Grand
RedeDeprive VR7-9 Level 8 Splendid
KudeNegate VR10-14 Level 9 Monumental


Aspect Runes

The aspect runes decide the quality/color of the Glyph. The quality of the aspect rune isn’t bound to any zone like the essence runes which means you can find all colors in all zones. I recommend saving up the Kuta (Gold) runes as they are only useful for end-game gear. The difference in quality between low to mid-level gear isn’t worth it.

Icon Rune Aspect Crafing Exp Multiplier Extract Exp Multiplier
TaBase Level 1 (Base crafting value) × 1 (Base extracting value) × 1
JejotaFine Level 1 (Base crafting value) × 2 (Base extracting value) × 2
DenataSuperior Level 2 (Base crafting value) × 3.33 (Base extracting value) × 3.33
RekutaArtifact Level 3 (Base crafting value) × 6 (Base extracting value) × 6
KutaLegendary Level 4 (Base crafting value) × 16 (Base extracting value) × 8



Potency Improvement is the most important passive if you want to level enchanting. Without it you can’t make higher level glyphs so put your skill points into that first. I really recommend the Hireling passive is pretty convenient. I’ve never had to look for Kuta (Gold) runes because you receive them at a steady pace. The Aspect Improvement is only necessary for end-game and Runestone Extraction is entirely optional. I don’t recommend putting any points in Keen Eye. Unlike other materials, runestones glow and are relatively big.

Icon Passive Name Effect
Aspect Improvement Allows the use of [QUALITY] (Color) Aspect Runestones.
Potency Improvement Allows the use of [ADDITIVE] and [SUBTRACTIVE] Potency Runestones to make Glyphs of [LEVEL].
Keen Eye: Rune Stones Reagents in the world will be easier to see when you are 20/30/40 meters or closer.
Hireling When you go offline, a hireling will find Runestones for you. Your hireling has a good chance of finding rarer Runestones. Your hireling refreshes every 12 hours.
Runestone Extraction Increase the change of extracting Runestones by 5/7/10%. Runestone extraction comes in handy when you craft/deconstruct epic/legendary glyphs.