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I’m Ethan Macfie, better known as Isarii around these parts of the internet. Although I got my start here on Tamriel Foundry, I’ve expanded to writing about more than just TESO, and have collaborated with other fan sites and branched off to my own blog, The Errant Penman. As of this writing I’m engaged as a freelance journalist with MMOGames, where I have the pleasure of sharing my thoughts on the MMO genre at large with the site’s community.

I’m a recovering hardcore gamer who at this point is mostly looking to have fun without taking anything too seriously. I’ve been on the MMO scene for quite awhile, but only picked up The Elder Scrolls games at Oblivion with all the other late-comers.

Offline I live in Portlandia, have a corgi named Doomhowl, cheer with the Timbers Army as an MLS fan, and have a strange weakness for Guinness that transcends my usual snobbishness about macrobrews.

Contact and Social Media:

To get in touch, please send me a PM here or use my official contact form. My social media information can be found in the sidebar of the linked page.

What Makes an Expansion?

What Makes an Expansion?
So The Elder Scrolls Online just announced its first expansion, and naturally it’s already found itself entangled at the center of the game community’s drama du jour. Now as much I love to get into the ol’ whining on the internet, in this case, I find the drama a lot […]

Isarii on Tales of Tamriel, ep. 133

Isarii on Tales of Tamriel, ep. 133
Hype thrusters are set to maximum after The Elder Scrolls Online‘s first expansion was announced earlier this week, so I’m headed back to Tales of Tamriel for what’s certain to be some lively discussion on what we learned about the game’s future. We’ll be […]

ESO: Morrowind Expansion Announced!

ESO: Morrowind Expansion Announced!
Ever since datamining revealed the ambitious scope of The Elder Scrolls Online's Vvardenfell, speculation has run wild as to how content of that size would find its way into the game. Earlier today, we got our answer: The Elder Scrolls Online's first expansion is on its way.