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  • My real name is Wendy, and I come from Belgium. I’m french speaker and dreaming to move in Norway with my boyfriend.
  • I’m not a pro gamer. I’m a bit clumsy. I enjoy wandering arround, challenging myself, testing new stuff and mostly having fun with friends. I’m an enthusiast dreamer and I love to share this with you! 
  • I’ve a passion for MMOS. I started with Anarchy Online in 2003. Played World ofWarcraft for 7 years mainly as healerS, Aion, Rift, Age of Conan, SWTOR, Tera, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Wildstar, ArcheAge, finalFantasy XIV, BlackDesert
  • I’m editing and publish videos for The Elder Scrolls Online and other games, and streaming regularly
  • Founder of the multigaming Community Whitestar, moderator on and COmmunity manager for Saga of Lucima

ESO News with Elloa: 08 June, 2016

ESO News with Elloa: 08 June, 2016
ESO News with Elloa is a series designed to inform you about the latest changes to ESO announced by ZeniMax through patch notes, interviews, “Road Ahead” articles, ESO Live streams and more. I try to gather as much information as possible and summarize it in a concise monthly […]

Elloa’s ESO Dark Brotherhood Review

Elloa’s ESO Dark Brotherhood Review
Ever since the release of The Elder Scrolls Online, players have been waiting for The Dark Brotherhood quest line to make its way to the game. Rejoice and sharpen your daggers, because the Brotherhood has finally made an appearance after the DLC launched on PC and Mac earlier this […]

ESO News with Elloa: 05 May, 2016

ESO News with Elloa: 05 May, 2016
I am very excited to announce a new partnership between Tamriel Foundry and the wonderful Elloa, a long-time pillar of the Elder Scrolls Online community who regularly streams as a member of the Whitestar Community and produces ESO video series on YouTube. We are big fans of her enthusiasm […]