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Dominoid: A person who works long crazy hours for Domino’s Pizza and loves it.

My name is Shawn but my internet/gaming persona is known as Dominoid which goes back to my days working for Domino’s Pizza which continues in some manner to this day. I live on the seacoast of New Hampshire with my wife and three children ages 3, 9 and 11. I’m a self taught computer programmer that has the blessing and curse of working from home. This affords me ample opportunity to game and occasionally get a little bit of work done. 


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Although I may game a moderate amount of time, I am definitely a casual gamer. I have a positive and rather laid-back outlook on life in general and this carries over into my gaming. I don’t min/max. I don’t really care about trivial bugs or ”broken” stuff all that much. I play games for what they are not what I think they ”should” be. That tends to earn me the term fanboy in some circles, but I’ll take that badge. I can only get so worked up about ones and zeros making their way through a circuit board.

I am one of the main moderators over on /r/ElderScrollsOnline and I am one of a handful of Community Ambassadors selected by ZOS for ”being helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about ESOTU, and typically [going] above and beyond to ensure the community is a welcoming place for everyone”.

I can’t tell you what the best builds are but I can tell you what the announced and unannounced plans are for the Elder Scrolls Online. With regards to announced plans, I read every post made by the devs, read every 3rd party interview they give and watch every ESO Live (even the chat). In short, if they’ve ever wrote it or said it, I probably know about it. With regards to unannounced plans, I am one of a handful of dataminers that scour the game code looking for tidbits of what may be coming. Here is some of my past datamining work. It is this area of expertise that I plan to write articles for here on Tamriel Foundry.



Dark Brotherhood: New Motifs

Dark Brotherhood: New Motifs
With the release of the Dark Brotherhood, we welcome three new crafting motifs to the Elder Scrolls Online universe. We’re currently hard at work putting together a comprehensive guide with information on all of the game’s motifs, but for now, here’s a brief preview […]

Datamining: We’re Going To Vvardenfell

Datamining: We’re Going To Vvardenfell
One of the most exciting things a dataminer can discover are what areas a game might take us to next and even though ZOS has been much better at keeping things out of the Live client, they left a hefty chunk of data in the Dark Brotherhood PTS build that leaves Elder Scrolls fans […]

Datamining: Patch 2.4 Crown Store

Datamining: Patch 2.4 Crown Store
Welcome to the first article in an ongoing series focusing on datamining what items may be coming to the Crown Store in The Elder Scrolls Online. Today is an exciting day for the inaugural article, as The Dark Brotherhood DLC has come to the Public Test Server (PTS), allowing us to […]