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Iron Bank of Bravos

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I wear many hats, and have a lot of fun. I’ve been playing ESO since closed beta days, and am constantly amazed by how far this game has come. I’ve been a fan of the Elder Scrolls Series since Morrowind. You can usually catch me in game on the PC side of things, North America server, @calia1120 is the name.

I’m GM of Iron Bank of Bravos, a trade guild on the NA server, and an officer/pvp raid leader for the AD guild, Dominion Imperial Guard. Both guilds are part of Elder Scrolls Alliance, which is a collective of guilds (and an amazing resource!). I’m also a member of Council of Nirn, a group of guilds and community members that meets regularly with Zenimax to provide feedback.

I also do quite a bit with addons, and you can find my work on ESOUI here. I’m involved with quite a few popular ones:

  • Wykkyd Addons (there are quite a few)
  • Advanced Member Tooltip
  • Thurisaz Guild Info
  • Combat Reticle
  • Rainbow Reticle
  • GodSend Guild Mail Tool


Guide: Switching Between Megaservers

Guide: Switching Between Megaservers
Hello there, it’s Calia once again. Some may know me as the guildmaster of Iron Bank of Bravos, others through some of my add-ons, and some from PvP on the North American PC server. Those familiar with me will know my day job is in IT, and as anyone who works in IT can attest, [ […]]

Poisons – Getting Your Hands Dirty

Poisons – Getting Your Hands Dirty
Hello all, Calia here; wearer of many hats. I play on PC, North America server. I’m guild master for the trade guild Iron Bank of Bravos,  PVP raid leader for Dominion Imperial Guard, and a member of Council of Nirn, a group that meets with Zenimax to provide feedback on ESO. I also have […]